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Sergio Mendes · 15:05 26 May 2017
Christmas time is London at night it is just an amazing sight. It is very impressive the way we see the World. And everyone see it in a different way. This is how I... The post Christmas Tim… Read More
Cats, Jax, And The P… · 12:10 26 May 2017
Surprise. Turns out M bought brother J a ticket to fly to CA too. He had never flown before, so I'm sure it was quite the experience. Yesterday, Sharky got off work at 2 and came home, ate… Read More
Jill Of All Trades · 11:33 26 May 2017
Here we go a ramblin' yet again.  I've been gone from the blog because I've been BUSY!  Between getting a new computer at the office and lots of hours logged with online tech assis… Read More
To Our Favorite Farmer Chick
Northview Diary · 11:09 26 May 2017
You know, the young lady who has an incubator in the dining room and lambs and ducks and turkeys and chickens and guinea hens and quail and a calf etc. in the old heifer barn.Happy Birthday! Read More
Codziennik · 10:53 26 May 2017
Jeśli jest we mnie jakieś dobro i jakaś łagodność, jeśli miewam do czegoś lub kogoś cierpliwość i serce to jest to tylko Jej zas&#… Read More
Mi Jardín A Fondo
B A La Moda · 10:12 26 May 2017
¡Hola! ¿Qué tal estamos chicas? Espero que todo vaya bien. Yo con muchas ganas de viernes y de compartir con vosotras el vídeo de la semana. Hoy os enseño e… Read More
Hindi Sms Shayari - … · 09:54 26 May 2017
Mid Ocean Mein Hai Boat, Sahara Koi Nahi, Hum Baithe All Alone, Hamara Koi Nahi…. Kisi Waqt O,Selfish Priy, Ek Loving Nazar Kar Di Hoti, Thodi Mohabbat Thodi Sympathy, Ka… Read More
Gym Locator Pokemon Go
Guillermo Casanova · 09:26 26 May 2017
Pokemon go uses real world sites as locations for pokestops and gyms where players can battle their collect items however a lot of fans don t one questions trainers may ask often is where t… Read More
Spinning A Yarn Of … · 08:45 26 May 2017
Dissident Voice’s Sunday Poetry section. DV is a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice.   Broken Lives  In the stillness of the old house my fingers… Read More
The Swimming Pool Phases
Goofballs World · 07:58 26 May 2017
Phase 1:  the illusionIt was a lovely day out, but it wasn't very hot yet in the shade (and wind) in our backyard."Get a few buckets with warm water and put it in their pool shell so th… Read More
I Am Zoe Watson · 05:00 26 May 2017
Welcome! Thanks for visiting the #FanDayFriday Link Party!  If this is your first time visiting the link party and want more information on how they [...] The post #fandayfriday link pa… Read More
Una Larga Mañana
Mi Boina · 05:00 26 May 2017
Acuarela sobre papel por Enrique Amaya (México) * Una larga mañana, como una serpiente que introduciéndose en las entrañas del cuerpo, mordisqueara las ví… Read More
El Eros (1)
Un Alma Navegante · 04:57 26 May 2017
El Amor es un arte también puse en fb , suelo postear frases en mi muro que se me ocurren a diario, algunas las guardo en cuadernos , otras las armo tipo frases con diseño.Y pe… Read More
Floral Dress Outfit Post
Hello Anna Jo · 04:20 26 May 2017
I've been going through my closet, and I came across a dress I haven't worn for over a year already. It was a gift from my sister all the way from UK, so I realized it was time that I should… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:52 26 May 2017
So, I'm not well yet, but I feel a lot better today.  I actually got out of the house too! My friend asked if I wanted to go to dinner at Western Sizzlin.  I did, so we did!  … Read More
Placebo Effect · 02:05 26 May 2017
"Presence"Therein the darknesssits a shadow,a ghostly relicrefusing to be forgotten,waiting patientlyas the night hoursfall upon me,it relishesthe sweetest kinds of miseriesof mine,pressing… Read More
Field Negro · 01:27 26 May 2017
Watching Donald trump push aside that other world leader to get to the front of the line today made me feel embarrassed for him, his family, and our country. Talk about  the"ugly A… Read More
Pixel Parade 2017
Confessions Of A Dum… · 21:28 25 May 2017
Hi there. I'm 9-months-old, you can call me the Frizz or Frizzy or Frizzleliscious. I enjoy discussing the advantages of biomass energy, I think unicorns are real, bacon fanatic, not a fan o… Read More
We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1!
S. Weasel · 20:50 25 May 2017
w00t! I just finished Week 2 of my course with a 100% on the quiz (eh, it was seven multiple choice questions and I take cracking good notes). After which, they shared some extra reading&he… Read More
Lake Garda, So Hard To Leave.
Deb Ludford · 20:30 25 May 2017
We instantly like Italy, all the roads are downhill, … yes? After climbing out of Innsbruck towards the Brenner Pass we part with €9 at the Toll Booth, seemingly for a tin of pep… Read More
Long Cottage Weekend
[ Unsung ] · 18:35 25 May 2017
Delicious Mythology Pilsner For the long weekend, we ventured back up to the bdot’s sister’s cottage. Since the last visit, a few short weeks ago, work has been done on the deck… Read More
Ordinary Words · 16:13 25 May 2017
Hey there everyone!!I know I’m awesome. I possess many talents, have developed many skills, and have done a tremendous amount of personal growth through various therapies and programs… Read More
Bigjohn · 15:33 25 May 2017
Every right minded person throughout the world must feel for the families of those killed and for those who were injured in the Manchester bomb outrage this week: and people have the ri… Read More
Vacation Vibes
Babblings Of A Mommy · 15:27 25 May 2017
My family and I are exactly 4 weeks away from jet-setting to our tropical beach vacay!!! Ah… I can feel the ocean breeze already! As you can imagine, it’s hard to go around busi… Read More
Navy Wife Life · 15:22 25 May 2017
I always find my way back to this blog that I keep neglecting. I don't mean to neglect it, I just get distracted and busy! The last time I posted, I was the mother of 6. I am now a mother of… Read More
#MooglyCAL2017: Afghan Block #11
Moogly · 15:00 25 May 2017
How are we almost half way through the 2017 CAL already? Almost, but not quite yet… Today we’re enjoying the 11th block of the 2017 Moogly Crochet Along – courtes… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 14:31 25 May 2017
Many childless couples go to Obando, Bulacan to ask for the intercession of San Pascual Baylon and Santa Clara to have children. They dance on the streets during the town fiesta in May while… Read More
My Take On Life · 13:44 25 May 2017
Since starting the blog just over a year ago, you may have seen that Liverpool has featured in a few of my posts. I live really close to Liverpool and I love the city so I make the short jou… Read More
Leiden365 | Will, Fa… · 11:33 25 May 2017
Iedere week vijf euro betalen. Zomaar opeens, gemakkelijk via de telefoon rekening. Zonder dat je er iets voor hoeft te doen. Zelfs niet eens toestemming geven. Zo ging het met onze telefoon… Read More
Scribble Your Heart Away!
Feelings · 10:29 25 May 2017
The Creative Women's JournalI gaze at his picture and wish he would just leap out of it into my arms - my son, Chikoo. The laptop sits in front of me, on the table; the keys waiting to be ta… Read More
Chop Suey #13
Saltshaker · 13:10 23 May 2017
Chop Suey continues! And probably a last restaurant round-up prior to heading out on a mini-vacation to NYC and Boston this coming weekend. Boken, Julian Alvarez 1391, Palermo –… Read More