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The Curmudgeon · 19:10 24 Apr 2017
Not all members of the Not Awfully Bright Party are opposed to recycling, it appears. While others dredged up some of the Milibeing's policies from two years ago (with circumstances changing… Read More
True Life Experience · 17:17 24 Apr 2017
In a School Girl Ms.J endured cerebral pain extremely and crying and advised to her educator, the instructor answers take rest in an unfilled classroom and observing their school woman atten… Read More
Doe Market
Goofballs World · 16:57 24 Apr 2017
We live nearby a gorgeous historic Abbey site that I love to visit. It's the location where we got married and where our children got baptised.Apart of an active abbey with a few remaining m… Read More
KL 2017 Mini Malaysia
Chow Times · 14:00 24 Apr 2017
My sister and I went for an overnight trip to Melaka. We stopped for tea at Ayer Keroh Restoran Jejantas, one of the few that exists in Malaysia. It’s a bridge across a highway that h… Read More
Weekend Picture Catchup
Tilting At Windmills · 14:00 24 Apr 2017
His Eminence playing peekaboo in the grassTon of RVs by the Plex- something going on this weekend!First Jacks of the seasonMore evidence of an event- enough signage that even the idiots arou… Read More
Hindi Sms Shayari - … · 12:21 24 Apr 2017
Kuch To Duniya Ki Inayaat Ne Dil Tod Diya Kuch Teri Mohabbat Ne Dil Tod Diya Hum To Samjhe The Ke Barsat Me Barsegi Sharaab Aayi Barsaat To Barsaat Ne Dil Tod Diya Dil To Rota Rahe Aur Aankh… Read More
What A Wonderful.....
Northview Diary · 11:42 24 Apr 2017
The Boss of Bowmaker PondHe has a nest way out on a little cattail island in the poolBut if you step out of your car up in the parking area he will swim over, clamber outand give a good dose… Read More
Beautiful Thoughts O… · 10:58 24 Apr 2017
Once upon a time lived a spider in a cornfield. A big spider with a beautiful nest goes around between corn stems. It becomes fat by eating all the insects that trapped on its web. It really… Read More
Giant Geraniums
The 7Msn Ranch · 10:00 24 Apr 2017
 I don't know why my geraniums continue to thrive indoors. It's time to move them back outside, but I'd miss them too much. What's not to love about giant, joyful, crazy red f… Read More
Tales From A Caffein… · 08:13 24 Apr 2017
I have a sweet tooth. I always have. I occasionally give in to it but if I had a choice between savoury or sweet, sweet would win every time.I keep my sweet tooth in check by never drinking… Read More
Gunler Gecerkern · 07:14 24 Apr 2017
İletişim araçlarının en eskilerinden bir tanesi olan radyo, hayatımıza çok uzun yıllar önce girmiş ve hala insanları günl… Read More
Caso Lezo
Mi Boina · 05:00 24 Apr 2017
La penúltima trama corrupta, la última todavía está por llegar, es la del Canal de Isabel II de Madrid, llamada caso Lezo. Es la última que jueces y polic… Read More
El Cuarto Intento · 02:24 24 Apr 2017
extraña melodía,casualidad de un tonto día.un segundo, un pedido...una imagen, un simple destello...¿cambia el mundo por un hecho?¿se transforma todo, por… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:16 24 Apr 2017
Ugh! It has been raining since yesterday afternoon and it's not going to be done until sometime on Tuesday!  My roof has a lot of issues, so at the moment, I have out two buckets to cat… Read More
Field Negro · 02:03 24 Apr 2017
 I know that Donald trump is new to this public service thing, and if he wasn't such a jerk I suppose I would let some of the dumb stuff that he does slide. Sadly for him… Read More
Clean Eating Marinara Sauce
Dear Crissy · 23:26 23 Apr 2017
I usually have a few jars of store-bought pasta sauce in the pantry, but, I’ve really been loving this clean eating marinara sauce recipe. It’s a quick alternative to premade sau… Read More
The Breadbin · 22:39 23 Apr 2017
Not a happy time around the Breadbin.The bariatric surgery Eva had three and a half years ago continues to provide us with surprises, none of them pleasant.You may recall that ever… Read More
Land Shopping Again
New Universe | It's … · 21:05 23 Apr 2017
The Size of an AcreToday I went land shopping in the country again.  Still looking for that elusive piece of the American Dream that is good enough to live on for the rest of my life. T… Read More
Wave Of The Weavers At IRW 17
R4Review · 20:33 23 Apr 2017
It seems that the Indian Runway Week has decided to prove the quote ‘bigger and better’. Each year they add new jewels to the already existing treasure of designers and their cra… Read More
The Sarai · 18:00 23 Apr 2017
Temperatures have shot up to 43 deg C during daytime. Nights are still somewhat bearable, between 23 to 27 deg C. People have begun to prefer the pavement outdoors for that open space and sl… Read More
Why Caravan Holidays Are So Good
Deb Ludford · 18:00 23 Apr 2017
Caravans are becoming a more popular choice of holiday due to it getting harder and harder to find cheap holidays be it abroad or here at home. Whether you have the funds to choose a top of… Read More
Das Ist Mein Blog · 16:51 23 Apr 2017
Das Komitee zur Vergabe des Deutschen Science-Fiction-Preises freut sich, die Preisträger des DSFP 2017 bekanntzugeben. Für den DSFP 2017 sind alle im Original in deutscher Sprache… Read More
Despertares · 16:28 23 Apr 2017
¿Sabían ustedes que el consumo prolongado de gofio reduce el riesgo de padecer enfermedades cardiovasculares?Pues si no lo sabían, ya lo saben...El gofio es un cereal qu… Read More
Hugo Com H · 15:09 23 Apr 2017
Você sabe o que é safadeza ??  O título até pode ser deselegante, mas lamentavelmente é o reflexo de um país chamado Brasil, que neste momento v… Read More
Carta Da Itália · 12:29 23 Apr 2017
Dois mecânicos conversavam ontem, sábado, 22 de abril, num bar de Cremona, Itália.▬ Seria legal se voltássemos a ter um rei. ▬ Tá maluco…… Read More
Curvy With Curls · 10:56 23 Apr 2017
Three months…I haven’t written a blog post in three months. I guess I can attribute that to good mental health as I don’t seem to feel motivated or as if I need an emotion… Read More
Codziennik · 07:32 23 Apr 2017
Na gitarze nie gram, na warsztatach nie byłem – ale koncertu Tribute to Tadeusz Nalepa nie mogłem sobie odpuścić. Pokazał się Marek Surzyn, któ… Read More
Isnandi Journal · 01:09 23 Apr 2017
Kreativitas manusia memang luar biasa ya. Pertama lihat display diatas gak kebayang kalau itu ternyata terbuat dari botol plastik… betul botol plastik. Keren banget kan Read More
Gail At Large | A Ca… · 22:55 22 Apr 2017
My father-in-law celebrated a milestone birthday, while my mother-in-law fed the clan to the gills at Mother-in-Law Restaurante, as is her custom. It started out as lunch, but it stretched… Read More
Melanie's Life Onlin… · 22:34 22 Apr 2017
I paid off $43,000 of debt in the last 12 months.  Call me crazy, but I’m more proud of that than anything else I’ve accomplished in this life.  In perspective, it&rsqu… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 18:44 22 Apr 2017
April 10, 2017 We were walking towards the St. Andrews Cathedral when we noticed a cute door with a sign “museum and garden free entrance”. We could not pass up on this chance so… Read More