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Is America Achieving Gun Nirvana?
2022-09-29 00:50
The typical gun owner in America has long been a white conservative. But the times, they are changing.In recent years, liberals, females and minorities have been purchasing guns in incr… Read More
Riddle Me This: What Rooms Do Ghosts Avoid?
2022-09-27 23:30
The answer to the above headline is "The Living Room" of course!Yea, I know. It's corny. But riddles are fun if you like mental challenges. And who doesn't? (Answer - Trump supporters).Here… Read More
Everybody Is Waiting For Something
2022-09-25 23:52
The world's optimists are waiting for a global kumbaya heralding universal Peace. Americans are waiting for Trump to be held accountable for his numerous crimes and attempt to over… Read More
I'm Waiting For The Healing To Begin
2022-09-24 23:34
America is like a wounded animal trying to tell a human where it hurts without sucess.Our society is suffering the torture of a thousand cuts dividing us into hostile tribes. Hate, ange… Read More
Life Is Unprecedented: Get Over It!
2022-09-10 00:22
I'm tired of hearing how everything is unprecedented lately.News flash! Life is unprecedented.Something new happens every day.Listening to political pundits of all stripes breathlessly descr… Read More
Trump Cults 'Big Lie' Meets Super Joe
2022-09-05 23:43
Who was that man speaking?It was the President of the United States.So, what's happened to soft talking Joe, the grandfatherly figure? He's gone. At least for now. His replacement… Read More
I'm Still Waiting For...
2022-09-04 23:29
I'm still waiting for...... the return of reality to our society. Where alternate universes no longer exist alongside facts.... the Los Angeles Lakers to become contenders again.... Ted… Read More
Who Else Is Sick Of Hearing Rumors Of War?
2022-09-02 23:47
Republican lawmakers are spreading rumors of war if our former president is indicted... for any of his crimes.American military strategists research rumors of war around the world, weighing… Read More
What Was Your Most Embarrassing Moment?
2022-09-01 23:28
Let's all just get real and admit we've had humiliating and embarrassing moments in our lives where we wished we were invisible.I read an article about the parents of one ten-year… Read More
Searching For Laughter In A Grim World
2022-08-31 18:48
It's harder than ever to laugh about something during these grim times of social unrest and increasing climate disasters. That's a given.The Search for LaughterReader's Digest features a mon… Read More
2022-08-24 23:43
I really want to know. At what point do we quit going after one another in our society like feral beasts?Being polarized on ideologies is one thing - the hateful rhetoric and violence t… Read More
Protest Art Is Liberty's Ally
2022-08-23 23:45
It's almost impossible to establish a history for protest art because many variations can be found throughout the world since the dawn of time.Many cases of protest art can be found in the e… Read More
Hooray For The Underdog!
2022-08-22 23:47
I've always been fascinated by underdogs.  And I'm not alone.Everyone loves underdogs.Some of my favorite underdog stories are in sports. There's a certain magic watching a plucky… Read More
When Lightning Strikes!
2022-08-18 23:36
It's said you are four times more likely to get a perfect score on your SAT than getting struck by lightning and dying.The National Weather Service reassuringly reports that there are roughl… Read More
Oh Baby! Where Did You Get That Name?
2022-08-15 23:19
Remember when rock star Frank Zappa named his oldest daughter Moon Unit? Her siblings were named Dweezil and Diva Muffin.What kind of parent would do that to a kid?The answer is a lot o… Read More
2022-08-11 13:10
In the course of my continued introspection about life lightning struck and this question - If You Were a Car, What Kind Would It Be? - appeared on a billboard in my mind's eye.Aft… Read More
About Precious Time In Our Lives
2022-08-08 23:24
Overheard; "There's not enough time in the day."And "Time is moving faster as I grow older."Then I read that, "Scientists recorded June 29th as the shortest day on Earth since… Read More
2022-08-04 17:47
Today we're going to brush up on wise guys in American history.The term wise guy to mean a smart aleck came into use in the later 1800s in America. The modern definition - since 1970 - means… Read More
RNC Previews New Program: Fake News Hour
2022-07-30 13:27
Welcome to the Republican National Committee Alternative Reality Media Club. Today's launch of Fake News Hour is expected to become a viral hit for extremists throughout the country.In… Read More
Trump Cult Album Released As Fundraiser
2022-07-18 13:29
With Donald Trump the grift never ends because of the need for platoons of lawyers to defend him in over a dozen lawsuits is constant.In the latest MAGA world merchandizing gimmick there's a… Read More
SNAP! It's All-American Pet Photo Day!
2022-07-11 13:36
Get out your camera!Its All-American Pet Photo Day. Today is a day solely dedicated to appreciating our lovable pets who make life better every single day.While our pets almos… Read More
Where In The World Is Waldo/Gaetz?
2022-07-10 13:18
In case you never heard of the Where's Waldo series it features a fictional character who travels all over the world.In the real-world Matt Gaetz has been flittering arou… Read More
2022-07-05 13:33
Today's challenge: tell me where it's safe to go in America?I would really like to know where we can go without becoming a "soft target?"Churches aren't the safe sanctuaries they were w… Read More
Today Is 'I Forgot Day' In Case You Forgot
2022-07-02 13:11
Don't feel bad if you forgot today is "I Forgot Day."This day is for you and me. There are no recriminations for not recalling what happened years ago, or hours ago.As a 71-year-old man… Read More
Dissecting 'The Good Old Days'
2022-06-27 13:20
How many times have you heard conversations about "The Good Old Days?"I lost count decades ago.(Photo: When I was a one-year-old. Good times) The Racial ComponentChances are if you live… Read More

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