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2011-02-21 00:08
Don’t forget to update your readers, bookmarks and what-have-yous…Healthy Exposures has moved! New Reader feed: feed:// Read More
2011-02-15 23:58
Hey guys!! So, remember that top-secret mission I’ve alluded to briefly?! Well…clicky here to see more about this: Awww yeah. Oh, and Almond Joy Butter. Seriously, you don&rsquo&hell…Read More
More Blueberry Love
2011-02-14 23:51
Did everyone incorporate lots of red into their days today? …I didn’t. Unless you count “red” bananas. I had to run to the co-op and Hannaford after my failed shoppi… Read More
WINNERS! (and Blueberry Yogurt Pancakes)
2011-02-13 23:17
I think my butt hurts from sitting on it so much today. Usually if I say that, I’m half kidding, knowing I didn’t just sit all. day. long. But that’s really the extent of w… Read More
Drunk On Brownies
2011-02-12 23:59
It’s a heat wave! I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the deep-freeze of January and February. It reached 30* today, and isn’t supposed to be below 2… Read More
2011-02-11 23:35
I am loving reading everyone’s requests for winning the baked goods! Seems like the lemon poppyseed cookies and birdseed bars are in high demand ;) Keep on piling in those entries! ***… Read More
It’s Time Forrr…a Giveaway!
2011-02-11 13:51
I almost titled this “what starts with a “g” and rhymes with “iveaway,” but I figured being normal for once and just saying “giveaway” would capture… Read More
2011-02-10 23:14
You can take one look at my breakfast and know something was up: Strawberry-Banana So Delicious yogurt with protein powder, banana, chia seeds and a bran muffin. What’s cool and soothi… Read More
Seitan Sausages
2011-02-09 23:56
I had better not be getting sick. My boss has been sick for the past…well, it seems like he’s always sick…but really sick for the past two weeks. I’ve been feeling… Read More
Note To Self…
2011-02-08 23:26
This morning, hardly awake: First thought – DKM. Dropkick Murphys. YES! That was it! go back to sleep. Second thought – Bran muffins. I want some bran muffins. go back to sleep… Read More

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