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Doggy Tidbits has dog training, dog stories, dog recipes, dog jokes, and lot of fun dog information. Doggy Tidbits is a fun site for the whole family who loves puppies and dogs.
Breeds Of Hypoallergenic Dogs
2022-12-30 01:13
When looking for a hypoallergenic dog, you will have to decide on a breed of dog and also how the dog will fit into your lifestyle. Many hypoallergenic dogs are small or medium breed dogs. T… Read More
Welsh Terrier
2022-11-13 16:09
 Information about Welsh Terrier DogsWelsh terrier dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs. However, this native breed of Wales soon rose to become show dogs. Breeders attempted to ou… Read More
2022-11-08 01:40
The Loyal Working Companion Dog: American Pit Bull TerrierThis breed of dog, also fondly called as APBT, is known for its loyalty and intelligence. The dogs with this breed make excellent co… Read More
2022-10-31 17:39
The Blue Kerry terrier pet dog is one of the most mysterious breeds of terriers. This is because of the fact that even though the breed has been known by the Irish for at leas 150 years, nob… Read More
Training Your Terrier
2022-09-24 17:50
 Training Your Terrier Dog: A Terrier Anti-Terror BasicsIt is essential to have a dog that knows how to follow the right rules and how to live around your house. To achieve this, dog tr… Read More
Terrier Dogs: Various Types
2022-09-22 21:26
Whatever your dog preference is, you are sure to find terrier dogs among the candidates for a pal. You’ll get energy you want with little grooming and added wit.Basically bred for hunt… Read More
Silky Terrier As Pet
2022-09-19 21:21
 Some Facts about Silky Terrier Pet DogsDogs have always been man’s best friend. Nowadays, however, human-canine relations have been rather strained mainly because of apartment li… Read More
Jack Russell Terrier: The Happy Terrier
2022-09-01 19:14
We basically want to find companions who would give us most of the benefits we think we need. Well, if you are looking for a dog that is somewhat a one-in-package pal, you might find Jack Ru… Read More
West Highland White Terrier
2022-08-19 20:39
At around 1700s, the Isle of Skye and other highlands in Scotland were already producing lots of small terriers. Scottish breeds were separated into two: the Skye terriers and the Dandie Din… Read More
Scottish Terrier:  Stylish And Reserved
2022-08-18 21:47
The Stylish and Reserved Dog: Scottish Terrier The Scottish terriers, also known as Scotties, are short-legged British terriers.  They are one among other go-to-ground and wire-coa… Read More
Wheaten Terrier
2022-08-16 19:29
The Playful and Versatile Dog: Wheaten TerrierLike most terriers, the Wheaten terriers, or simply called as Wheatens, were originally bred as hunters. Therefore, their physique naturally evo… Read More
Boston Terrier Dog
2022-08-03 19:08
 Boston “Bull” Terrier Dog      The Boston terrier is a well-muscled and compact breed. This is not really surprising since the Boston terrier was first… Read More
2022-07-27 19:06
If you are thinking of getting a Cairn terrier pet dog, then you need to know some information about it first. Why? Well, knowing the right information about anything will help you in the lo… Read More
Yorkie Or Yorkshire Terrier
2022-07-11 22:45
 Height: between 8 and 9 inches Weight:  between 3 and 7 poundsTemperament:  • they are territorial and like their privacy to be respected• they are intell… Read More
2022-04-20 21:14
Possibly one of the most annoying action to your neighbors about your dog is your dog's barking. If he displaces everything in your home, then that does not have an effect on your neighbors… Read More
2022-04-19 19:56
If you are looking to train your dog you might consider using the ‘clicker training’ method, which has recently become popular amongst dog trainers all over the country. In this… Read More
Training Poodles And Other Dogs
2022-04-18 19:57
 Every dog owner must take up dog training to know and handle a dog better. Appreciating a well-mannered dog is something that all can do, training is what makes things difficult. Now… Read More
2022-02-26 20:39
The Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, originated from Scotland but bred in England. They were molded to hunt rats, but nowadays they are popular as pets. In fact, their variety was one of the… Read More
2021-11-09 21:13
Those of you who want a Golden Retriever but aren’t ready to go through the trials and tribulations of a puppy, should look into adopting an older Golden.  Older Golden Retrievers… Read More
Golden Retriever  Wonderful Characteristics
2021-09-05 20:32
Golden Retrievers have been bred over the years to be friendly towards people.  They make great guide dogs for the blind, friends for younger children, and even assistants for those wh… Read More
Buying A Golden RetrieverPuppy
2021-09-03 18:07
We all know that Golden Retrievers are beautiful, obedient, and make great family pets and hunting dogs.  Goldens also make great guide dogs for the blind, narcotic detection dogs, and… Read More
2020-12-28 18:31
2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 1/2 cup nonfat dry milk powder 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 egg -- beaten Flavoring: Meat drippings, broth or water from canned tuna (enough to… Read More
2020-10-22 20:03
  Cheesy Dog Biscuits 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 1 1/4 cups grated cheddar cheese 1/4 pound margarine -- corn oil 1 clove garlic -- crushed 1 pinch salt … Read More

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