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With Autumn Came Changes

I fell in love with Autumn. Unexpectedly, the season I used to dread, took over my heart. Moreover, it changed me.

Oh, the overwhelming beauty of early Autumn. As trees were changing Colors and slowly losing their leaves, I would be walking around and silently repeating to myself how beautiful everything looks. To this day I feel bad for not taking enough of pictures while I still had a chance.

I guess because I was so mesmerized by the vibrant Autumn, I became more fond of warm colors, and especially different shades of yellow, mustard yellow to be exact. At the moment I’m just admiring this color form a distance because I have never liked or wore it before. But from time to time, in the back of my head, I’m secretly dreaming about mustard yellow accessories for home. Or even a cheeky clothing item!
For quite some time now I’ve been wanting to play around more with colors in my make up. I don’t usually wear eyeshadow, but after long debates with myself, I decided to take a plunge and finally purchase some.

One evening after work I stopped by the NYX cosmetics store. I’ve heard their eyeshadows are good for the price so I thought, why not. I went in with clear confidence I won’t be buying anything this time. I was wrong. Some ten minutes later, I was walking out of the store with eyeshadow palette in my hand.

The most shocking thing of all was not my spontaneous decision to buy eyeshadow that same day (which, I must note, usually never happens) but the colors I’ve chosen. Usually, when in doubt, I always go for the safe option – neutrals, but not this time!

I’ll be honest, I was kind of scared to look at the palette when I got home. Oranges and burgundies are not the colors usually found in my makeup. Not to mention all the shimmers. I tried to calm myself thinking warm tones suit me far more than cool ones, plus a little bit of shimmer never killed nobody. “It will be fine”, I thought. And I was.

Weeks have passed, and I’m loving it. Who would have thought I’d say I love eyeshadow, needless to say, orange one!

These days you are more likely to see me enjoying a cup of tea rather than coffee. Even though I still drink coffee out of habit, I don’t feel like having more than one cup a day. And that, for someone who used to drink at least 2-4 cups, is a big change. I can’t say what caused it but I don’t mind it. In fact, I truly enjoy discovering new tea flavours.

My current favorite is rooibos. Rich in color, rooibos is caffeine free and has slightly sweet and nutty flavor. It makes a perfect tea for chilly autumn evenings. To be frank, sometimes it’s hard to say, whether I enjoy the taste or the color of it more.

If it’s not rooibos that I’m having, it’s probably peppermint tea. And of course, every once in a while season appropriate – Chai tea with a drop of milk makes an honorable appearance.

Have you ever picked Autumn leaves and dried them in between book pages? I remember doing that almost every year in primary school. Well, I’m back to my old habits, kind of.

I love flowers but my heart aches when I have to throw them away in few days time. That’s why recently I’ve started drying them. Dried flowers look gorgeous in any vase, and help the memories last longer. I saved a few roses from my birthday earlier this year and I have a few more in my closet that I got from my significant other on my one year in Riga anniversary.

If you want flowers to retain the shape, hang them upside down. And to avoid them losing the color, keep them away from the daylight. After a week or two, you should have beautifully preserved flowers ready to stay around for longer.

This Autumn has been so different from what I’m used to. For once, I feel at ease with days getting colder and gloomier. And when dark days get too difficult to handle, I can always call it a day and have my hot drinks in the candlelight, covered up in a blanket because it’s season appropriate.

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With Autumn Came Changes


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