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Find your best protein powder

When talking about the Protein powder, you always think of fitness, of bodybuilding, growth of muscle mass, power; strength, dietary supplement and health in general. This means that the protein is an essential nutrient for all, for athletes and for those who want to enter in the world of bodybuilding. But taking the protein powder does not occur easily;  we must choose the best protein among different protein supplements depending on your needs and goals. What are the different criteria to choose your protein? 

find your best protein powder

Choose the right protein powder for proper functioning of body metabolism:

The metabolism is a major phenomenon that should not be overlooked especially for sportsmen. The choice of a good quality of protein powder promotes a good functioning and development of this occurrence. In people who do a lot of physical training, it happens that their muscle fibers are sometimes damaged by excessive and abusive physical training. This temporary phenomenon is called catabolism. Why “temporary “? Because muscle pain will not last long; it is just an invalid trauchoose the best protein among different protein supplements depending on your needs and goals. What are the different criteria to choose your protein?ma. For that, the protein repair and restore damaged muscle fibers during catabolism. So, thanks to the taking of necessary protein, these muscle fibers are restored and back to normal. This is called: anabolism which always depends on the quality of the protein powder chosen by the athletes. And so on, the adept person of bodybuilding resumes training activity and exercises. This cycle calls finally metabolism, which is the combination of these two phenomena: catabolism and anabolism. Moreover, the protein plays major roles for the improvement of body and muscle repair. So, a good choice of protein powder of its efficiency and quality is very important for the body’s metabolism.


How to choose your best protein powder according to its assimilation and its origin?

For a good development of muscle cells, it is better to choose your protein powder such as whey protein according to its assimilation and its origin. These two criteria are also required for proper digestion and health of the sportsman:

 Assimilation: the choice depends on this criterion. You have to know if the whey protein is easily to digest for the body because almost of good quality can be swallowed easily.

Origin: In this criterion, it is essential to know well the source of the milk used. Is the milk comes from a cow that eat healthy foods without pesticides? Then, check if the temperature for the treatment of wheys is low or high. It is necessary that the temperature for all whey treatments is for low temperature.


 Choose from several varieties of protein powder:

There are several variants of powder plant and animal protein in the world. So, to have a good choice, It is necessary to know the different characteristics of each type of protein that is suitable according to your health and your pace of fitness.

The animal protein powder variants:

The protein casein: this is one of the cow’s milk components and resistant in the body before digestion, which is ideal between meals and for those who do not eat at night. Casein promotes slowly which is able to create muscle fibers: it is a slow assimilation. This anabolism phenomenon promotes and encourages the weight loss because the person eats less than usual.

find your best protein powder

-The whey protein: this concentrated protein is much faster and lighter to digest; we’re talking about rapid assimilation. It is a component of milk that is very rich in protein. This whey protein for weight training is among the best powder, which is rich in acids. It helps the muscles to increase very quickly in less than 15 minutes.

The Isolate protein: The protein is digested quickly because it is without lactose and trouble on digestion. If you have trouble for digesting food, we suggest you to take the protein isolate. It is fat-free and carbohydrate-free. It also stimulates the body anabolism after muscles trainings or fitness session.

the Vegetable protein powder variants:

The Soy protein: this protein is recommended for vegetarians who do not eat meat and milk. It comes from the dried soybean meal without lipid. This is very important for health because it is natural, organic and no cholesterol. It has a neutral taste therefore can be mixed with other foods. It is rich in vitamins and minerals but low in calories.

The Rice protein: this protein is organic, with a natural flavor, a pleasant and neutral taste. It is rich in vegetable fiber, amino acids and lysine which are very favorable for our body.

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Find your best protein powder


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