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People are naturally powerful, loving, and playful. These days none of us get to live with a complete identity! Parents aren't strong enough now to accept powerful children. They prefer obedience. Denied their identity, kids lose instincts, connection, and their power as well. That same struggle echoes into the world stage in many ways, including democracy versus dictatorship!
2022-08-06 22:29
Creativity requires imagination. That requires connection with our instincts, our inner life, and the world around us. In other words, our identity. Spectacular imagination requires good… Read More
2022-07-03 02:30
The sad truth is our accepted ways of raising infants and children causes damage. We unintentionally cause them to disconnect from their own identity, in an effort to reduce the hurt they… Read More
2022-06-14 14:10
Confidence comes as fear dissipates. We all had infinite confidence when we started out. The fear is in revealing personal qualities that we feel are inadequate. We believe these are unac… Read More
2022-06-12 15:47
We have lost our willingness, and our ability, to allow ourselves, and others, to live our own identity! The cost is a planet full of troubled, hurting, competitive, isolated, and desper… Read More
2022-06-01 16:09
Any conflict in our lives takes it’s toll. That’s what happened to our self-esteem. What’s the source of conflict? It’s not about fighting over things we want… Read More
2022-05-31 13:52
Self-care happens naturally. Instinct, feelings, needs, and interests all work together, causing us to pursue our goals which naturally include taking care of ourselves. The reason we… Read More
2022-05-27 12:23
Anybody allowed to live from their own identity, like all other life does, would never wonder about self-improvement. That only happens when we are already compromised, and struggling wit… Read More
2022-03-27 15:56
Most of us have accepted our world, the way it is. No matter how bad things get, we go on assuming it’s all inevitable, and quite normal. We blame some basic weaknesses, in mank… Read More
2022-03-09 23:05
This post is a repeat of “We can stop wars, right now”, but presented in a more positive manner. It seemed that it might be easier to read. We need to support the natural iden… Read More
2022-03-09 17:57
The critical thing to do, is to stop placing hurt into every person. That puts us back into our best and most trusting and loving condition, and the entire planet benefits with each succe… Read More
2022-02-02 17:57
With your permission, I will attempt to shed some light on this issue. Our planet is full of life. Just about all of it goes along with a complete lack of self doubt, and feeling power… Read More
2022-01-01 17:30
Our environment is not a healthy one for the young. Just about every person has issues, before they get through childhood. We may all have issues, and we may have work to do, but we never… Read More
2021-12-27 07:29
A truly healthy person, in full contact with their feelings, would be playing, loving, and enjoying all life has to offer. They would be exploring whatever appeals at the moment. These peopl… Read More
2021-12-16 12:37
We are well on the way though, aren’t we! Infants, children and all life are powered through their identity. Every life, absolutely every life, is powered from within, in every p… Read More

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