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How To Destress Your Busy Life

how to destressStress can be extremely detrimental for anyone, but study after study has shown that Stress affects women more profoundly than men.

It doesn’t just invade your thoughts, replacing positivity with negativity. It can be physically harmful. While a little bit of stress can be good, too much for too long is extremely dangerous.

As women professionals it’s essential that we learn how to destress!

Here is a great place to start.  I used these four techniques to banish chronic stress from my busy life, without having to give up the things that I  really love to do:

How to Destress: Break Free from Stress

Getting rid of the stress in your life requires you to be active. You have to first, want to ease the stress and second, be willing to take the steps required to ease it. Many people find themselves addicted to the drama that comes along with being eternally stressed out. Don’t be fooled—this is not how you should live your life.

It’s time to get rid of the toxic people and circumstances in your life. If there are situations that you have put yourself in that do nothing but breed stress, if nothing good come from them, it is time to stop participating in those situations.

Cutting people out of your life may feel harsh, but in the end, you will be happier for it. Do not let toxic circumstances ruin your life. You also need to turn off technology. Technology allows the media to bombard you with negative messages about how you are not enough, will never be enough. This is simply not true.

You can eliminate these influences from your life by cutting ties with technology. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to throw out your devices—just use them wisely.

It’s also time to simplify your life.

Live within your means, spend less, buy less, give things away or throw them out if you do not absolutely need them. Clutter spawns more clutter. Learn to say no, both to yourself and to other people. Don’t let other people control your life.

How to Destress: Embrace Solitude

Those looking to learn how to destress should start with learning to embrace solitude. Being constantly surrounded by people, whether they are actually physically around you or are on your devices, can be exhausting and will only feed into your stress.

Instead, spend some time in nature. Read a book that will bring you joy. Start journaling (this can help you unload your thoughts on to paper so you do not have to carry them in your head). Learn to pray and meditate daily. These are just a few of a long list of stress management activities  that you can start using today to distress your busy life.

Do some things alone. Many people are actually afraid to be alone with their thoughts, as this means they will have to confront the difficult situations and emotions they might be experiencing. Face those fears, deal with them, and then grow.

How to Destress: Cultivate Habits that Bust Stress

It is not enough just to deal with stress as it arrives. Learning how to destress starts with breaking the routine of stress, but it does not end there. Once you have actively eliminated stress-triggers  from your world, you can start to build habits that will prevent stress from ever being allowed to overwhelm your life.

These habits include exercising, eating clean, getting plenty of rest, making time in your schedule for fun, and monitoring your self-talk (the voices in your head that are both positive and negative).

Building these habits takes time.

Exercising, especially, is one that many people avoid because it is time-consuming and people who are not already in shape may feel as though there are no exercises they can do. Even just walking around the block is a great way to get started.

Especially focus on having fun and getting plenty of sleep—these are two things that very few people get enough of. If you have to, put them on your to-do list or schedule.

How to Destress: Live a Harmonious Life

My friend  had a difficult childhood, but she grew up to have a great husband that loved her and three kids that adored her. Yet, she continued to hold on to a grudge against her step-mother, that made her unhappy, despite the fact that she never saw the woman again after she got married.

Only when she let go of those past hurts did she actually feel free and happy again.

Living a harmonious life is a big part of learning how to destress. This means being a peace maker in your own life, cultivating a habit of gratitude, and being ready to forgive.

Instead of holding on to grudges and slights and looking for opportunities to take offense (all of which cause stress), live in harmony with the people and the world around you.

Let me help you on your journey to destress your busy life and face the complex challenges in your life without losing steam.

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How To Destress Your Busy Life


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