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2023-11-10 08:55
National air carrier Air New Zealand has recently announced that it is expanding its efforts in conservation by becoming the principal sponsor for the Conservation Dogs Programme. This prog… Read More
We Have To Talk… About Qualifications
2023-10-13 00:11
I have wanted to write this post for some time; but events over the last month have prompted me that I can no longer wait. We need to talk about qualifications, because they are not al… Read More
2023-09-14 07:23
In honor of Service Dog Awareness Month, Purina Dog Chow is joining forces with actor and singer Anthony Ramos to celebrate the finalists of this year’s Dog Chow Visible Impact Award… Read More
Reflections On Pet Central’s Liquidation
2023-08-10 07:34
Earlier this week, the liquidators were called in to oversee the final days of Pet Central, a South Island-based pet retail chain. I hate to hear when retail staff lose their jobs; they… Read More
The Greyhound ‘supplementary Report’
2023-06-30 07:16
In May, a smaller report from NZ’s Racing Integrity Board (RIB) was released. The Supplementary Report (dated March 2023) was written at the request of the Minister of Racing. Wher… Read More
2023-06-25 21:06
There are many creative thinkers in the pet industry. The latest is a prototype Roomba® vacuum cleaner that will dispense treats. Dubbed the Tasty Reward Emission Apparatus Thingy (T… Read More
2023-05-14 02:09
14 May 2023 is Mother’s Day. On this Mother’s Day, I have been giving some thought to the role of us, the Dog Moms. I know that there are people who dislike the terms &ldqu&hell…Read More
Legendary Sled Dog Balto’s DNA
2023-04-29 07:17
The genome of the 1920s Siberian husky Balto suggests that greater genetic diversity and less inbreeding contribute to better health. Balto with Gunnar Kaasen, his musher in the 1925 Seru… Read More
The Dogs Of Graceland
2023-03-31 00:37
On holiday in Tennessee, I visited Graceland yesterday. Another tick off my bucket list. Whenever I travel, I (of course) look for things about dogs. According to Graceland’s off… Read More
The Paws Off Act Of 2023
2023-03-28 01:16
On 30 January 2023, the Paws Off Act of 2023 was introduced in the House of Representatives. The bill would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to require foods containing th… Read More
A Response From The Minister For Racing
2023-03-15 02:11
Following up on my previous post, the Minister for Racing, Kieran McAnulty, has responded about his report to Cabinet and release of the Racing Integrity Board report: “The ongoing… Read More
The Petition To Ban Greyhound Racing In NZ
2023-03-12 22:30
Towards the end of each calendar year, it seems that the NZ Government releases a lot of reports before staff take holidays for Christmas and the summer season. Unfortunately, this also mea… Read More
2023-02-19 07:28
I see a lot of social media posts about pet insurance. Most ask for recommendations on insurers, whether pet insurance is worthwhile, and which policy is ‘best.’ Since every… Read More
My Friend Spot
2023-01-24 07:11
Spot, who was very special to me, passed away on 10 January 2023 after a short illness. I am sure many would say that Spot is not a particularly original name for a dog, but it suited him… Read More
2023-01-05 07:38
With a recession this year almost guaranteed, and consumers experiencing rising costs daily, I have promised readers of my newsletter my recommendations on money saving tips for dog care. I… Read More
2022-12-27 05:26
Today is the anniversary of Izzy’s passing; I have been dreading the approaching holiday season knowing that this time in 2021, her health was failing and our time together was running… Read More
Pets Belong With Families Act
2022-11-18 19:49
Across the USA, demand for public housing is increasing because of the rapid rise in the cost of living. Unfortunately, housing authorities can impose restrictions on families that require… Read More
2022-11-12 05:12
This is Sox on Tuesday morning. He was scheduled to go to the vet for a fasting blood test and could not have his breakfast. I didn’t think it was fair to eat breakfast when he could… Read More
Why Petting A Dog Is Good For Your Brain
2022-10-17 19:23
A new study measured the effects of petting a dog on human brain activity. Dogs have previously been shown to reduce stress, but the neurological mechanisms haven’t been studied… Read More
Chopper’s Case
2022-07-25 08:59
Earlier this month, owner Helen Fraser was found not guilty of a single charge – owning a dog that caused serious injury. Now that the initial flurry of social and traditional media c… Read More
Sox’s Yoda
2022-07-18 08:09
Sox is on a journey to be an experienced pet greyhound, with added company responsibilities for The Balanced Dog such as teaching massage workshops and presenting at events. Sox is an only… Read More
Bergie’s Blog
2022-06-20 08:04
One week ago today, our special friend Bergie passed away. I say ‘our’ because Bergie was special to Izzy and any dog that captured her heart would have always been special… Read More
2022-05-10 20:29
Sox is gradually coming up to speed with all the coats, food, treats, toys and accessories he needs for pet life. This week, I added his ID tag which I chose because it featured a greyhound… Read More
2022-04-16 06:32
This is an important question for someone like me, with a mobile practice. Let me start by saying that I have never been a ‘car person.’ I don’t notice makes and models… Read More
The Conversation
2022-03-29 04:12
“Hey, Sox. We need to talk.” ‘bout what? “About where this relationship is heading” Whaddya mean? “Well, you came here to stay… Read More
They’re On Loan, Make The Most Of It
2022-03-07 20:06
Rosie, my special needs foster dog, went to her forever home on the 18th of February. She provided me with canine companionship in the weeks following Izzy’s death and, although I was… Read More
Let Me Tell You About Rosie
2022-01-17 07:22
Rosie is my foster dog; she arrived one month ago exactly, on 17 December 2021. Rosie is an affectionate black greyhound who has had three unsuccessful adoption placements. You see… Read More
The Most Filmed Dog Breeds
2022-01-04 18:49
Have you ever noticed that the rectangular film frame is less suited to the human body shape than to the four-legged format of the dog? That’s right: cinema was made for dogs. But s… Read More
The Hardest Goodbye
2022-01-02 04:29
Over the last few days I have thought a lot about what to write about Izzy, my best friend who joined my life in October 2014 and sadly had to leave it on 27 December 2021. When I first m… Read More
Most Dog Breeds Highly Inbred
2021-12-06 06:12
Dog breeds are often recognized for distinctive traits — the short legs of a dachshund, wrinkled face of a pug, spotted coat of a Dalmatian. Unfortunately, the genetics that give vario… Read More
2021-11-17 19:41
Ed, a Bull Terrier, loves his regular massage sessions. Ed responds to massage much like a person does, so we decided to cover him in a blanket and take a video. I have launched this vid… Read More
Metal Dog Tags Reduce Plastic Waste
2021-11-08 07:23
A Wellington dog donning a new, longer lasting metal dog tag. Photo credit: Wellington City CouncilEach year in New Zealand, there is an annual renewal process for our dog’s regis… Read More
Furry Destroyers?
2021-08-22 01:04
Note from DoggyMom: Not all statistics are created equal. This study relied upon comments in pet forums and other social media. It fails to recognise, for example, that the Labrador Retr… Read More
2021-08-09 08:37
Things have been so busy this year that I have had to start scheduling time off so I can attend to my own business and have special time with Izzy. Today, we started the day at the vet fo… Read More
Buddhism For Pet Lovers
2021-07-18 19:37
Within the last seven weeks, I have seen several dogs in my practice reach end of life. This is never an easy time, as I work in the energy field of a dog that is leaving while supporting t… Read More
2021-07-07 21:31
The Balanced Dog is a fully mobile practice. Working in home gives me much better information than if I practiced in a clinic setting. Clinics are not a normal environment for a dog and so… Read More

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