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Cute Former O.C. Star Tries Avant-Garde On For Size It wasn’t so long ago that any Rachel Bilson related news — Looks, she’s walking her dog!  — would have snagged bond font headlines, Louboutin Bootsbut lately her star seems to have fallen to the depths of Mischa Barton’s pathetic blog posts for attention.  So you may be surprised to learn that the former O.C. star is engaged to another former hot Hollywood property, Hayden Christensen.  You know, the guy who starred in the Star Wars prequels and ruined one of the greatest movie sagas of all time.  Christian BootsThanks, bro.   Frankly, we were shocked that he put a ring on it since we would have bet money that his preference was more of the Brokeback Mountain variety. But since he’s not exactly being flooded with scripts, we can kind of understand why Hayden would ask his sweetie to parade around looking like Chewbacca’s love child to remind people that he used to have a career.  Cheesy, but desperate times.  And a sandwich board saying “Please Hire Hayden” would have been kind of hard to walk in.  Replica Christian Louboutin BootsBecause Rachel couldn’t possibly have looked at all the options in her closet and just randomly decided, “yes, this dress that looks like spare Muppet parts is PERFECT!,” right?  RIGHT!?  Even Tina Knowles, who wouldn’t know good taste if it came right up to her and introduced itself, would be like, “Honey, no.”   Which is a shame because from the knees down, Rachel looks quite sane.  Especially the shoes, like these Report Signature t-straps.  Lord, if this outfit is what she throws on for daily wear, her wedding dress is going to be a doozy.  Maybe  something like a straight jacket with fringe number from Gareth Pugh.  In white, of course.  Gotta keep some things traditional. And, not to start any rumors or anything, but Rachel looks a bit . . . wide in the stomach area, no? By ShoeMinx Fashionista Paige Muller
2013-03-13 17:58
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Rachel Bilson’s Fancy Footwork in Fashion-Forward Fringe -


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