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2022-09-27 11:58
I owneda tenor guitaroncefor three months. Four stringsover six seemed a novelty, a downgrade back then. It tickledsomething in meto think of masteringthe antique. Soon enough I ga… Read More
2022-09-26 12:52
wooden matches in cellophane-sealed packsthree boxes to a package found when I pried opena cabinet drawer on the back porchunopened for years wrenched it openwith brute force anda… Read More
2022-09-25 10:43
“I always keep some whiskey handy in case I see a snake…which I also keep handy.”― W. C. Fields It’s a philosophy I can get behind —carry the d… Read More
2022-09-24 10:17
…congratulations, you’ve done it,expanding, blowing out your walls, creating space, going higher. Crestingabove your previous high water mark. A new pinnacle,a re… Read More
2022-09-22 01:50
I get a good part of my monthly income thru Patreon. Subscribers get access to exclusive content, special events, and rewards based on level of support. Tomorrow night I’m running… Read More
2022-09-21 11:55
this body is fighting i say dieit says no keeps wanting it saysnoeat insteaddrink some water it says ask for kiss for fuck or for the sake of argumentask for life for seeing i… Read More
2022-09-19 11:11
More than once I’ve thought abouta man in his recliner watching football, and told myself that it should have been me.  I should have continued my career,such as it was, and… Read More
2022-09-17 15:56
there were three minutes in my twenty-second yearwhen I think I had a decent ass that might have been second glanced by anyone half-seeking such a thing or such a me if they’… Read More
2022-09-16 11:27
There is littleto love here: wreck of a house,rotten driveway,neglected garden ladenwith young vegetablesthat will not ripen in timeto beat this fall’s killing frost; everyone who live… Read More
2022-09-13 14:13
Let’s get on down to the Liquor Martbefore we start our good oldAmerican Halloween. Paint our facesred from inside with Fireball Whiskey. Prepare to dance the drunken staggerof ou… Read More
2022-09-12 15:34
Blueor red but both are  white as well as well as  white as hell: each built fromshaded interpretation,then elucidation of rationale for first mistakesredoubled in each subsequent… Read More
2022-09-10 17:17
First of allin the best storiesthere must be a dog,a noble hound. There must also be a cat —scruffy and streetwise withmystery surrounding it.And in many there will be a bird, of… Read More
2022-09-09 11:48
1.The queen dies. The ancient white storm eclipsescolors on the horizon. Who will come rejoicingfrom behind those clouds to see the coronationof the new monarch,  to come holding up the… Read More
2022-09-08 12:21
The only dice I usecome in pairs, have six sides,are cubes, and a bad rollcould get me killed. The only dungeon I know has no secret doors or prisonersother than me and the only wa… Read More
2022-09-06 12:44
It is shortbut intense.A deepprod lingeringjust long enough to increase your wonderat how little you really know about whatyou are capable of feeling. When it happensthe air y… Read More
2022-09-04 12:00
Riding aroundold groundsaying “that’s wherewe used to” and “I rememberpulling over right thereso we could” and “all the timeswhen we’d stop thereb… Read More
2022-09-03 10:49
At this end of your lifeyou should take the cups you are offered and pour a little out of eachfor all your much regrettedlost relationships, all of your ruptured lifelongconversati… Read More
2022-09-02 12:36
The peoplecackling madlywhile they point and jeerat what the vulgar old pigand its brood stolemiss the sharp suitedemboldened criminalsbusy stealing so much more. The peopleso insistent on&n&hell…Read More
2022-08-31 11:53
I often spend my time herein darkness because too often I am compelledto it but then again  I have never been goodat doing what I’m forced to do or tortured intodoing, s… Read More
2022-08-29 22:46
A complete rewrite of a twenty year old poem.  She sits with her hands twisting in her lap like kittens in a basket. Her voice is just as furry when she says, “I sw… Read More
2022-08-27 09:46
Afterthe lack of rain come the fires Then after the fires come the wars The water runs outand thencomes the judgement The eyes ofsurvivorsDull from starving Still alive enough… Read More
2022-08-25 22:32
I don’t knowwhere the spaceships are.They’ve been promised so many times and yet they’ve never shown upin any provable way.Now and then a sighting suggests w… Read More
2022-08-24 12:42
involuntarily, as I woke up with “Keep Yourself Alive”in my ear for noobvious reason. I hear (like it was yesterday,like it was the first time again)the chug of Brian’… Read More
2022-08-23 22:21
Ask the Colonial style furnitureon which I’m sitting.It will tell youI’m a heavyweight but compared to the ledgethat juts into the basement of this ragged, saggy house… Read More
2022-08-23 13:03
I don’t feel that thisis how I should feel. I feel like a weight benchhas appeared before mein the street where I am standing in front of PhiladelphiaCity Hall. I don’t… Read More
2022-08-21 12:52
You’ve likely noticed a pretty significant drop in my output of late, and I’d like to explain why. First off, I’m spending a great deal of time and energy in caring for my… Read More
2022-08-20 11:19
Trying to understand how things happen.Silence is the whiteboard upon which the teacher writes with a smallstick of light. The words glow blue-blackup there before us all. Each minute of cla… Read More
2022-08-16 16:49
If any lines are addressed to“you” it is likelythat I’m talkingto myself unless I’m thinking of a specific “you” in which caseit’s not lik… Read More
2022-08-16 09:54
This is a very old poem, also a Duende Project track from our “americanized” album from 2007. Link to the recording below the poem. August 16, 1977:it was pissing rain the nightE… Read More
2022-08-13 11:39
Buy the tickets,then dig from your pocketthe lucky quarter mintedthe year you were born.Rub the gray parts, tradeany winning tickets in for new ones, repeat until you win no more. Havin… Read More
2022-08-12 17:59
A gardener lies on his back in the late fall stubble in his suburban garden. He looks up and begs God for healing. His hair’s dirt-full from lolling around out there for so long… Read More
2022-08-11 00:36
To be lostin a pocketlike a key oran urgently needed coinand know thatsomeone’s tryingto find you To be right therebetween their fingersand have them impossibly fumble youback int… Read More
2022-08-10 12:12
back when my summer days started late back when late morningsI’d leave the houseto go into fern-laden woodson the other sideof the railroad trackssometimes (most times)a… Read More
2022-08-09 10:53
Who needs a reasonto be nakedin their own summer bed? A heat wave ought to be enoughto make you happyto choose the exposurebut here you go again, rationalizing, telling yourself th… Read More
2022-08-07 02:41
leave what creates alone. tend to its home but not to it exceptto stay out of its wayand listen to it. you may at first mistake its voicefor that of an illness or a deity… Read More
2022-08-05 12:57
The elders have told usthe moon is not fully at home in the sky. Whenever it vanishes it is because it sinks to its true home under the waters.  Ever since I learned this… Read More
2022-08-03 12:28
you were saucy once upon a time in love with all the damned objects tingling if you heardanyone mention Satan forbidding the term“adulting” from your discourse except in complain… Read More
2022-08-02 11:35
I’d like to see the world becomeas bright as cornand as sweet As shiny asa sword fallento the ground when dropped by the soldierrunning to embracetheir child I’d like to tas… Read More
2022-08-02 10:45
behold the mad construction of these politicians’ hairstyles  sculpted to holda hard crest like a cruel dragon or cold raptor or left loosely spectacular as wild as some… Read More
2022-07-31 12:23
o my peoplehear me when i say do not fall in love witha poet. a poet will learn nothing of you unlessit directs them back to the cosmos and thenyou will be left to wonder if they are in fact… Read More
2022-07-30 11:08
NOTE: I would just like to apologize for my absence for the last few days.  I’ve been a little under the weather and simultaneously very busy.  Not a good combination for a w… Read More
2022-07-27 11:49
We have not discussed this but you should know that there are specific ways in which I can be easily moved to impulse; for example, let’s say you tell me somet… Read More
2022-07-26 17:35
Letter found under the newspaperlining the bottomof an old box: illegible mostly, faded from ageand attic heat; ink gone brownand paper gone crisp and the only clear writingabove t… Read More
2022-07-26 00:43
breakingmy accustomed morning cupinto piecesso I may never drink from it again not by accident but with serious intentionsand careful attentionto avoid jettisoning sharp ceramic flakess… Read More
2022-07-23 13:09
You have been born into a palace.  Carved into the walls of the palace is an equationthat is itself a palace  all its own, a palacemade of directions to enter a farther palacebeyo… Read More
2022-07-22 12:26
those who proclaim that all bodies are beautifulall the timehave seemingly never assessedthe truth of their own grossness upon wakingor the gross processes which followrising grossly fr… Read More
2022-07-21 10:55
Try to start,it says, from something outside of yourself. Find a way intothe edge of the pictureonce you understand how you fit, fill inan empty place, tell uswhat you see and… Read More
2022-07-20 19:37
Hard, too hard:the punch down once again.  If we mean to stop this,we must punch up  and not with wordsalone, not with boycottsor shame.  Punching uprequirespunching. The… Read More
2022-07-20 11:22
— for The Klute I’m alone with my furniture early onThe forecast heat of the day ahead already barging through my windows even with the shades down Screw July I say as… Read More
2022-07-19 23:02
suppose the junkie on the medianwith the cardboard sign and the leg tattoosscreams out that they love youas you drive away from the brief encounterwhere you passed a dollar into their handan… Read More
2022-07-19 11:25
In the street, small birds pickat something leftfrom someone’s lunch. There are similar birds on feeders here and in the neighbor’s yard. I wish I had mo… Read More
2022-07-17 11:42
If I had diedyounger — say, in 1977 as I once thought I would; on the 19th of Decemberas I once was sure I would;at 7:19 in the evening as a hard, solid dream at 13 convinced me I… Read More
2022-07-14 11:51
Consider the underbrusharound your homeThe tangle that should be cutto save the trees in case of fireBeen growing for years Rome wasn’t built, etc.This took ages to grow this… Read More
2022-07-13 11:33
They show us pictures of spaceto remind us that our problemsamount to nothing at alleven as the problems are killing us. They show us pictures of space to make us wonder at how far we c… Read More
2022-07-12 13:00
When the surrender cameso many were surprisedthat they had even been at war that the mandatory celebrations sounded like thousands of shuffling feet moving in a continent-wide circle wh… Read More
2022-07-10 11:52
Somewherenearby — mockingbird!Police siren hedge clipperlow whistle meow bird though unseen well heard  Even black cat and calicopick their heads upout of sleepand seek… Read More
2022-07-10 11:00
We (I don’t knowthat word anymore) Are (or that one as all I knowof being is “were”) Infinite (but only ifWe limit others and who is this “We” and who… Read More
2022-07-08 12:09
Wake upbathroomcats fedcoffee onwritecoffee or bathroom cats fedcoffee ongardenwritecoffee or wake up crack opencoffee onbathroomcats fedshatterassess damagestopcoffeewrite or writ… Read More
2022-07-08 00:04
That man talks like he ate a fake newspaperIs shitting outa correction but afterwardcan’t get himself quite clean As if he swallowslawsuits for the mobthe way other men eat swords… Read More
2022-07-07 10:43
Edging closerto a borderthan you thoughtyou would or could. Fear insiderising slowlyabout how it might be necessary or even excitingto make this moveyou swore you could never make… Read More
2022-07-05 11:23
Daylight tingedwith dusk sliding up and over  Accustomed birds beginning to disappear All dayI have fought a roiling and a burning within The end of the sunis a reliefNig… Read More
2022-07-04 11:32
Revised from November 2021. To write the American poem, start from a nature image. Pretend you are the colonizer’s god;purple the mountains up then chew the scenery until the… Read More
2022-07-03 11:04
When its Work is donea brain will try to dance Even if it hears nothing and has not for some time Even if it knows nothing of what is current among other dancers Even if… Read More
2022-06-30 11:27
Unseen bird thumpingagainst glassthen flying awayunhurt  Bursts of clackingas downy woodpeckershammer their beaksinto bricks of seed Fanfare of chirpsand wings flapping asnext door&rsqu&hell…Read More
2022-06-28 11:17
This is a poem made to be poured like120 grains of gunpowderinto your musket barrel as the advancing linesof the enemy king’ssoldiers come within range ofthe deadly aimyou are sure you… Read More
2022-06-26 11:27
This is a poemto be etched on a knife. It does not dealin wide scale acts.The Statue of Liberty will not be made to vanishthis way — this is insteadmade for close-up menace. This poem… Read More
2022-06-25 14:39
“i don’t want to see a poem unless it’s wrapped around a brick.”  Madeleine Roux, on Twitter, following the Roe v. Wade reversal.  This is a poem to be wrap… Read More
2022-06-22 11:39
My legacywill not be oneof honor and fame,I know. No easy rest for mein the knowledge of a lasting memory what I’ve done.I suspect insteadthat there will befor only a few yea… Read More
2022-06-20 11:32
Somewhat broken.Frayed. So-called irreparable.Dinged up and flagged for obsolescence.Reduced,made ready to goto highest bidder.You know us. You think you know us. Been hereund… Read More
2022-06-19 12:29
From ageand diabetes and itsattendant conditionsas well as a long termmood disorderand who knows what else,I’ve fallen into a human sortof slow rust,almost. I daily soak myse… Read More
2022-06-18 12:20
“Hi, kids,” is how I greet the catsthis morningwhile threading my waybetween their passive-aggressive body thrustsagainst my legs as I try to get to the bathroombefore feedi… Read More
2022-06-17 11:14
stop playing musical chairswith people who are told beforehandwhen the music will stop so they arealways ahead of you in getting toa seat.  stopplaying double dutchwith people… Read More
2022-06-14 14:16
As a child,I loved a star,a particular star. Did not knowits name, justwhere it hungin the sky all spring and how it movedover time and I would look for itthere, thenover there. No… Read More
2022-06-13 11:52
If I am chosenor doomed to this then let me be itfully Let me make and slingthe necessary fists for those who will not raise their own to strike back at their tormentors Let me roil the… Read More
2022-06-12 11:58
They so smugand stinky with attitude unearned powerinability to think beyond their own Stench Worry up the peoplesaying there will becivil unrest oh no if and if and if… Read More
2022-06-10 12:27
To prevent being robbed in a push in, secure your AC unit with screws and window locks if you are close enough to the ground that a would-be thief could get to you. To pr… Read More
2022-06-08 11:02
The city, gracious andgrievous at once, stares at the plates,rocks back and forthwith longing, with ravenous tradition to feed; that today will call itselfa melting pot with all it… Read More
2022-06-06 19:01
Overcome today with the understandingthat if there is a meaning to the universeI’m merely a period closing one routine sentence in the owner’s manual, and if I’d been… Read More
2022-06-06 11:57
We have seen them, and met you;this is why we build ramparts. Some of you stand outside, calling outthat it will be fine. We will stay where it’s safe, thank you.You would likely… Read More
2022-06-04 12:09
I’m not somered apple manfor you to factor into whatever you’ve planned Don’t imagine I can be heldin one hand for your consumption Don’t imagine that after you… Read More
2022-06-03 13:08
after a few daysplace my rotten corpsesomewhere in the edificeof whatever institutionbrought me to my end — a church,town hall, police station, august tower of indu… Read More
2022-06-02 11:58
no one wants to diginto the closet where we keep the boxfull of the directions once usedfor installing this society that explain that when you no longerhave roaming bands of the na… Read More
2022-06-01 11:20
Say that phrase no one will admit they love.Say it as if you are proud to say it: I don’t care.  Say it with your whole body as you turn away from today. Say it symphonically… Read More
2022-05-30 10:37
I’ve pretty much stopped writing at the moment. Kinda like a light switch turned off — or on, perhaps. Like, oh, look. This isn’t really necessary. Feels pretty good, I mu… Read More
2022-05-27 11:15
I’m going to breakthat wall with this trumpet,even if I can just crack itthen let this coming hard weatherdo its part; I’ll gladlyplay solo as it comes hurtlingdown on itself and… Read More
2022-05-26 20:21
It has stopped now.No going forward.It’s going to end right herewhere it has stalled. Gently, gently,we call to it. If you’regoing to fail, do itgently; fade, don’t explode… Read More
2022-05-26 11:47
When those bodieshit the floor, fallinginsensitively intoour lives via our screens, poking once again atour entitled senseof safety (how darethese children diebefore we have a chan… Read More
2022-05-25 00:18
Don’t write a poem when you’re high.The words might be marked with hard labor.You might forget how to make it look easyand the struggle will be real for the reader,not just for y… Read More
2022-05-24 11:24
As soon as I heard that they’d set my father’s headstoneI went to see it with my carelessly curated stack of memories and imagined momentsthat should have happened… Read More
2022-05-24 00:58
On the way home,north on the highway;falling sun on my left,dim sundog in the cloudsto the right. Pillarsbetween which I rolluntil I see the sundogdead ahead.The sun itselfhas moved farther… Read More
2022-05-23 12:09
You cross your fingers and tell yourself that if you are luckyyou will not be asked to open your bagsfor inspection. You totetoo much of the forbiddento be comfortable with thatif it ha… Read More
2022-05-22 10:00
the prieststake the kids into their darkness basementsbathroomsrectoriesresidential schools all the houses of affirmationof their darkness the kids come outor do not shine again&nb&hell…Read More
2022-05-21 14:46
It’s not like we’re unaware.We all sense where it’s goingbut the safest way for some to thriveis to pretend that there’s no knowing. It’s been this way for quit… Read More
2022-05-20 10:32
A fat old man sits and writes at a little tablein his living room for a few hoursnearly every single day:  most Sundays, most holidays, even on his annual birthday, which he a… Read More
2022-05-19 13:04
Revised.  Original post, 2007. Ein Jeder Engel Ist Schrecklich (Every angel is terrifying). — Rilke Close a door, open a door.Write a letter, burn a letter.Endings are a… Read More
2022-05-18 12:40
Heat’s off. Sun’s way up.Just planted tomatoes and eggplantsare looking right and upright, for a change. Trash bagged and on the curb.Recycling bins full but intact.&nb&hell…Read More
2022-05-17 23:17
The brand name of a new psychiatric medicationfloats in the commercial airover a valley on the TV I think I recognizefrom a long ago trip to the Enchanted Circle of New Mexico. Under that&n&hell…Read More

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