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A.edward Watkins · 14:00 10 Dec 2023
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Dark Matter | You've… · 11:33 10 Dec 2023
Original title “Collateral Damage.”  Written during the war in Nicaragua, so…1980s, sometime.  This poem was published in 2003, in 100 Poets Against the War (fro… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 17:51 09 Dec 2023
Victims of their own success kiss  their fuck you shot. invariably one such is you, repellant renewable. The line scan sails for satisfying sativa instead of gauss feed. Ball blobs ep… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 17:18 09 Dec 2023
It rained all day, but my skin was soothed by the soft kiss of the skies. I ran to the roses, holding them close to my chest as the wind rushed round our embrace. It was fruitles… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 12:57 09 Dec 2023
aslant cut Ambo rise cogent force by haves limb loose there’s a clock on these things necks drive. Tiffio con salver bore. indicate to the reader a decision less often faced. deepe… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 09:30 09 Dec 2023
Freddy was a cockroach in the cornerI took him down with the toe of my bootIt was that kind of barI left him crinkly-dead on the floorThe evidence of blunt and violent cleansing right there… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 00:23 09 Dec 2023
Upon the televised wallssprays of war flavored blood. On the window, a mist of brain drawn forthby someone’s convictions. There’s no one reachingfor gentleness. It is t… Read More
Liminal World
Poetry Bites · 01:24 08 Dec 2023
There are places that I have never visited and yet for awhile have lived there.  This is one of those blessed places.  Or is it spaces?    Read More
A.edward Watkins · 21:07 07 Dec 2023
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Jennifer Juan – Las … · 07:24 07 Dec 2023
I sold all my tools, tired of fixing, and aching from the obligations of every stray and sullen problem that became mine for no reason. Selfish was a state of mind, but one I str… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 19:36 06 Dec 2023
sly charms bluing slow wander wobbly time reach heart. headdress pintip awareness gear enboxment south the bodies will strip some leads. front rubs transuranic curtain calls for formal l… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 19:25 06 Dec 2023
My kiss was cryptic, only for my beloved, nervous but not without enthusiasm, every one, more hungry than the last, yearning and burning in a way I had never imagined possible… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 21:36 05 Dec 2023
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A.edward Watkins · 20:01 04 Dec 2023
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A.edward Watkins · 16:43 04 Dec 2023
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A.edward Watkins · 13:53 04 Dec 2023
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A.edward Watkins · 13:42 04 Dec 2023
choice least worse choice least worse worsens least choice impossible matter whenof whole are extract parts per se do industrious danger is as she menus. aewatkins(c)2023 Read More
Canción De Amor | Un… · 13:29 04 Dec 2023
Queridos hermanos, no crean a cualquier espíritu, sino sométanlo a prueba para ver si es de Dios, porque han salido por el mundo muchos falsos profetas. En esto pueden discerni… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 20:31 03 Dec 2023
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A.edward Watkins · 20:25 03 Dec 2023
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A.edward Watkins · 13:17 03 Dec 2023
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Jennifer Juan – Las … · 23:05 02 Dec 2023
Copper and carmine combine in the fireplace, dancing to the familiar song of the season. The wind whistles as the witching hour begins, and good fortune trickles down onto the sheet… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 19:05 02 Dec 2023
off go of kind before edge on laxity law jaw crusters across twistd angles shake position damage seems chess tri d’s milk proxy puppets par hood step stank actual points vid emp crum… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 18:59 02 Dec 2023
stay to here wants real a damn cheek  pinkass shoe face their amendments gig so much sun in character skid for rank’s take ring bells ions collide palaceous. aewatkins(c)2023 Read More
A.edward Watkins · 15:08 02 Dec 2023
Pig eons were measly favours sink flow mind my slips only the fungal actions benefit any cabochon come contact. these instruments fight back against this material> some Salieri kissup… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 12:44 02 Dec 2023
What you claimed to feelwas empathy. What you truly feltwas irritation.  How dare the news intrudewith bombs and othered miseryupon that safety you’ve been building?  You do… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 23:06 01 Dec 2023
\ top pinion thuds wordball jang Michee’s pigeons the west summon axe swords plunge east dunja slam worth any where’s an at it smash can those initiation rites squatfiler… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 22:19 01 Dec 2023
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Canción De Amor | Un… · 10:58 01 Dec 2023
Este es el mensaje que han oído desde el principio: que nos amemos los unos a los otros. No seamos como Caín que, por ser del maligno, asesinó a su hermano. ¿Y po… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 20:20 30 Nov 2023
qubit bluejay trial in tie root forms plural when lumpd to another hit misses needs dough fast on a Jupiter thursday. so She likes the spoons tip sound for lowbone light nog split 7s girt… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 14:58 30 Nov 2023
bullets boots bread nonness dips dim pull plika thrue two spinors spun wobb seek seize bash a push excitons exhaust fresh elegant gangst galley. the lake effect of who lynches wails elec… Read More
Canción De Amor | Un… · 10:46 29 Nov 2023
Queridos hijos, esta es la hora final y así como ustedes oyeron que el anticristo vendría, muchos son los anticristos que han surgido ya. Por eso nos damos cuenta de que esta e… Read More
Stolen Smiles
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 09:03 29 Nov 2023
I watched her from the alley way, chuckling as she fiddled awkwardly with the buttons of her silly little coat. Her legs shook in the cold, cold wind, and her eyes darted around the dark, de… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 15:01 28 Nov 2023
  vast west wreck float same eunuch made gofer topic variations pocket tries shielded particulars fear salts sweet to bend  mown defence mode garden  ensures flush copie… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 10:46 28 Nov 2023
Suppose you gotell that man in the red Toyotawho is driving around the neighborhoodjumping outand handing a quarter to each person he seestelling them with huge grinsthat it is for good luck… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 07:21 28 Nov 2023
The city is a collection of jewels, shining out across the dark night, glittering as I gaze from the window sill, watching the sky for starlight, and a sign of the sweetheart who… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 01:15 28 Nov 2023
By your roadside,your very own, the oneoutside your house. You are waitingto be let back inside.  Here they come,leaving your doors openas if no one lives there. Someone’sbagged a… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 13:56 27 Nov 2023
the secret facts would make nazis blush. a shot at gets that one than big Manhattan security redact pre pub bio print side comms to clamp. magnetco grown impress stiffer on a bomb drop. a… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 23:39 26 Nov 2023
The branches that birthed her, the body that walks the earth, a beating heart and a broken brain, rebuilt as the train slows to a stop and lightning fills the sky. The world is f… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 13:07 26 Nov 2023
Alternative outputis when bombs hit earthand open up and flowerscover all. Or, alternatively,when olive trees come to full ripeness in the timeit would have taken to butcherchildren’s… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 22:51 25 Nov 2023
I built a palace from my darkness, dwelling within it, sharing secrets with my solitude, wondering about the wonder of being loved, and if it was worth demolishing my home to tru… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 21:39 25 Nov 2023
Be but faith based nebbish chill home & dry red in patristic bouncy ballfollow culture celebrates psy ops a purple bronze endures the borus maximus pallid palter fubar vile handwink gr… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 19:02 25 Nov 2023
I’m not sure I recallwhat it looked like orhow it sounded. I think it used to havemusic with it, but nowI’m not as sure of that asI once was.   It hada grand texture and a p… Read More