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A.edward Watkins · 21:07 06 May 2021
. Each tomorrow eats the scripts for dreamers so humped at t image error sloth bitten save as full afters where thumb reunites have mindcrack cold neglect an amorphous solid strokes  … Read More
Join My Patreon Team
Caitlin Cacciatore · 20:17 06 May 2021
Dearest Readers, I recently joined Patreon. There, I will be posting exclusive content, including poems that are not yet available online or in print, story snippets, novel excerpts… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 20:05 06 May 2021
If you are in the UK, you have just under one hour to vote if you haven’t. Make your voice heard and get down to your polling station! If you are in the queue by 10PM, you will stil… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 09:48 06 May 2021
I knew a broken shellwith a name and a shape,a solid being somehow more or less invisible to people on the street where they lived.Some said they had terrible history,some said they cracked… Read More
Find Appropriate Ana… · 02:16 06 May 2021
Get it into this, which is basically a slot on a NANO Mini GPS Tracker will be a problem. But not like that. So we’ll make this Mini GPS Tracker smaller to fit it here. So let&rsq… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 10:56 05 May 2021
To see yourself. To see another.To reach out to touch when invited. To be touched in return at your own invitation.To strip another, then play.To be stripped by another, then played with.To… Read More
The Usual Place
Http://kestrilsrhyth… · 22:14 04 May 2021
The creek at Peace Valley ParkMeet me at our usual place.You know, the one we found together.The sun is bright enoughtoday to paint glitter on the creek.Let’s both bring our lunch… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 18:23 04 May 2021
I am persistently pessimistic,a poisoned little poet,and my tears are as blue as I will make you feel, if you spend long enough in my orbit.Nobody understands me, but Morrissey, but I hate h… Read More
A Coat For A Monkey · 15:19 04 May 2021
Le Soleil You are interested in the Tarot. You do not know very clearly why. You are vaguely aware that it contains elements which could help you grasp a number of truths about yo… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 10:39 04 May 2021
Advice so frequently givenit’s almost an instinct: Don’t go to bed angry. But what if we’ve been hearing it wrong,forgetting a comma and a capital letter: Don’t g… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 17:07 03 May 2021
The clinic at my old universityis a parking lot full of hope and fear. One odd man in a boonie hatpacing, obviously talking to himself or to someone on an unseen phone;from here it see… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 18:59 02 May 2021
Really . none one will be the next thing same meniscal twist broadbent \ chubby checkers’ mutual   to sweetened Claw     a thung carries the this – wash i… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 11:30 02 May 2021
She stares right through the hill I hide behind,right past the smoke and mirrors that keep me safe,and she smiles,as if she is pleased to see me,just as I am,with no pretence, no playing pre… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 11:01 01 May 2021
Overhead, one bird of prey.Most likely redtail but surely a hawksurmised from shape and behavior,but in truth its identity for me is uncertainfrom this angle. Not a vulture,of course; th… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 16:38 30 Apr 2021
Postmod creeps circus side bengy boss rate faith clips its deema   every plough turn necess sows a listen lost>more quantum transit  sloppy haste blurp inevitables blind to co… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 11:41 30 Apr 2021
In his head, loud had always meant final and had been the soundof closing. It briefly surprised him to find that his staggering in silenceafter the loud was closer to the mark. The… Read More