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A.edward Watkins · 12:36 20 Jun 2018
\ at gunpoint madame night forced to disrobe by another dayz nude impersonals / / as usual there will be no lessonplan for this weekz navigation across dreamtimes / here on a similar shaky… Read More
Book Calendar · 10:18 20 Jun 2018
Daily Thoughts 06/20/2018I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.Web BitsGraphically Speaking Spotlight on Graphic Novels… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 08:55 20 Jun 2018
My first kiss, was a tragedy. Not Greek, or Shakespearean, just us. I shook, inside your guilty grasp, not your niece, but just as nice as Catherine. You tell me twice, you can’t belie… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 02:28 20 Jun 2018
If it’s possible at all to be super excited about a few hand-washed clothes dripping over a broken door and some discarded corrugated iron, then yeah, I’m super excited. And actu… Read More
Poéfrika · 18:51 19 Jun 2018
in union we created god.—rustum kozainwe are peopleyeswith ordinary liveswhomlife takes by the handonordinary dayslike mary and joseph beforewhowere born to bear godandenjoyed sleeping… Read More
Book Calendar · 11:38 19 Jun 2018
Daily Thoughts 06/19/2018I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.Web BitsALA 2018 Spotlight: Watch Your Language… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 11:00 19 Jun 2018
“Race isa social construct,” he said, and I jabbed him gentlyin the face. My fist was real. When real policeshowed up wavingreal guns and badges, I indicatedthat as whatever… Read More
The Stars Are Waning
Poetry Bites · 03:15 19 Jun 2018
but not the fragrance of the jasmine.  In fact the allure is waxing for bee & hummingbird.  A galaxy of poems ready to be experienced.  Inspiration for many a meal.   Read More
A.edward Watkins · 21:01 18 Jun 2018
compassion closed take alternate routes for hugs and kisses feelings freeze at lower elevations  of concern aewatkins(c)2018 Read More
Book Calendar · 13:04 18 Jun 2018
Daily Thoughts 06/18/2018I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.Web BitsThe Importance of School Librarians… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 04:39 18 Jun 2018
freight 5 surprise kitten sportgirl road fans & then the final beatnik allowd to live reveals their true identity aewatkins(c)2018 Read More
A.edward Watkins · 01:41 18 Jun 2018
\ laughs joy atme \ her gladdensbright if ever feltreal were only nanodaggers organs intimate of fleshcushion stungsteel aewatkins(c)2018 Read More
AIA 21 - Meditação
Obsessivos · 01:34 18 Jun 2018
A INICIAÇÃO DE AGATHA(Os eventos desta história ocorrem antes do livro OBSESSIVOS: A Revelação Final)Capitulo 21Meditação“Harmonize a s… Read More
Daily Thoughts 06/17/2018
Book Calendar · 00:58 18 Jun 2018
New School Library, Carlos Anderson, Published by WPA, 1935-1943Daily Thoughts 06/17/2018I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.I read a little bit more of The Perfectionist… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 23:56 17 Jun 2018
wilderd in the pickit of an itz of its that to ver need be at neutral transform point mid entrance the escarpment slopes gentle upon angry lineaments traverse a face vacant ashen accepts t… Read More
Lekker Lezen · 20:26 17 Jun 2018
Titel: Wind! 101 gedichtenAuteur: Adriaan van GeelUitgever: Adriaan van GeelISBN: 978 94 634 5353 1 Ik werd benaderd door iemand die zich afvroeg of ik misschien “Wind! 101 gedichten&r… Read More
Bars, Bees & Hunger
Poetry Bites · 18:04 17 Jun 2018
Space between bars are like open windows to a bee.  Seems a slim meal but sometimes it's what you don't see --herbs in a sauce; all the words removed from a line of poetry.Absence is a… Read More
Atraso Sobre Rodas
Pretextos-Elr · 12:57 17 Jun 2018
(Imagem: Pinterest)O silêncio da madrugada é interrompido por um som como o do voo de um zangão. Vai aumentando até lembrar o de um monomotor em baixa altitude, ma… Read More
A Brief History Of IKEA
Flash-365 · 14:09 15 Jun 2018
Hi Guys, The Drabble, a magazine that publishes stories that are less than 100 words, just published a very short story I wrote a while back titled “A Brief History of IKEA” abou… Read More
Hard Voices | For Th… · 10:05 15 Jun 2018
First, she forgot her earrings. It was a small orb-shaped ornament the size of a giant bean. She didn’t have to remove it. But Nosa was on the eighteen-yard box and goal was on target… Read More
Beneath The Rainbow · 02:44 15 Jun 2018
Poet and Author Nick Sweet reminds us of days gone by in this fast paced poem. I miss those jocks of yesteryear, those wonderful deejaysContinue readingBlast From The Past Read More
A Land Of Plenty
Incunabuli · 01:18 15 Jun 2018
There was a bump in the road. The stagecoach jumped, rocked on ironclad wheels. Inside, Ewan lolled, snapped awake. He straightened from his dozy slump, rubbed his eyes."Morning" said a… Read More