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Little Things You Do
Chasing Thought's · 21:31 17 Feb 2018
Sometimes it is not about that I want nothing less than stars and moon from your side. Sometimes it is just those small things which you do for me makes me feel loved. Be it your concern abo… Read More
Caitlin Cacciatore · 19:43 17 Feb 2018
I saw you, yesterday, Holding a rose as our lives converged For one fleeting moment; And I knew it was not for me, But imagined it was, There in the tunnels, Where the clouds of our breath… Read More
Book Calendar · 09:54 17 Feb 2018
Daily Thoughts 02/17/2018I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.Web BitsUseful Hacks for Making the Library Your "Home" Office… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 02:51 17 Feb 2018
Here stands the glass. Here standsthe question: is ithalf full or half empty? Of course we know,intellectually,that it’s full, always. Whatever that clearliquid is, it stops whe… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 23:45 16 Feb 2018
diminishing bright fuschia, hot pink, piggy pink, baby pink, champagne © 2018 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Conjure I’m part of Post A Day 2018 Location: Lapaz, Iloilo City(Philip… Read More
Looking For Alaska
Aurora Batty's Books · 19:58 16 Feb 2018
I finished looking for Alaska s while back but I wanted to hold off publishing my review because is inspired me to create and I wanted to share both the review and art at the same time. Eve… Read More
Her Last Lie
Aurora Batty's Books · 19:01 16 Feb 2018
I wish I could say Her Last Lie by Amanda Brittany was the best but maybe I’m little jaded. It wasn’t bad, I’m not saying that, and when I finished it I was truly impresse… Read More
De Rekruut – Gregg Hurwitz
Lekker Lezen · 17:25 16 Feb 2018
Titel: De rekruutAuteur: Gregg HurwitzUitgever: A.W. BrunaISBN: 978 94 005 0883 5 Ben je er klaar voor? Mensen in nood helpen, dat is de missie van voormalig geheim agent Evan Smoak. Hi… Read More
Today Or Never
Its All About..."us" · 16:21 16 Feb 2018
A mistake can never be only his or her,its important to understand the condition here.Requirement is change the mentality,rather than playing blame game of cruelty.Girls are independent for… Read More
Canción De Amor | Un… · 14:15 16 Feb 2018
Había un hombre de los Fariseos, llamado Nicodemo, prominente entre los Judíos. Este vino a Jesús de noche y Le dijo: “Rabí, sabemos que has venido de… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 11:56 16 Feb 2018
worn like a costume Teddy Bear © 2018 Melinda J. Irvine Daily Post: Costume I’m part of Post A Day 2018 Location: Estancia, Iloilo (Philipppines) The post Old Ensemble appeared fi… Read More
Rr Silone's Home Pag… · 11:52 16 Feb 2018
If you've been following this blog, you'll see there are some changes in the publication of my books.Rock and Roll Love Story is the two volume set, both The River and The Ocean together. Th… Read More
Book Calendar · 10:40 16 Feb 2018
Daily Thoughts 02/16/2018I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.Web BitsCorporate Committee for Library Investment Issues Statement in Response to White House 2019 Budget Pr… Read More
Http://kestrilsrhyth… · 19:55 15 Feb 2018
I’ve known where he goes. How could his longing be a secret? Especially when I see the hunger in his eyes when someone says your name. At last he understands how his desire can be his… Read More
Daily Thoughts 02/15/2018
Book Calendar · 18:56 15 Feb 2018
Maria, Helen Schjerfbeck, 1906Daily Thoughts 02/15/2018I checked the Twitter and Facebook for the library this morning.I read some more for my class online, Winning Support and Influencing C… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 14:21 15 Feb 2018
Hola Amigos, I hope you had a lovely valentine’s day! You can find the video for “I Died” from Notes To My Muse below. I made a couple of small changes to the previously pu… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 09:07 15 Feb 2018
New York knows you. Small stem, to tepid titan, coaxing the clouds, from the sky, and the stars to the sidewalk. They gather, gasping at your glow, as you break free, and breathe, for the fi… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 22:09 14 Feb 2018
Our beloved Maxine lost one of her kittens to a mean Ginger Tom. He got into the nest and dragged out her smallest baby. Little Pat only lived two days. Even though we’ve moved her and… Read More
Book Calendar · 18:41 14 Feb 2018
Daily Thoughts 02/14/2018I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.On the way to work, I read some more of Why Comics?  Hillary Chute covers the best comics in different c… Read More
Melinda J. Irvine · 11:50 14 Feb 2018
Buying a fresh green coconut in the public market is a Philippine delight. I carry my little glass jug with green top through a maze of bamboo stalls and muddy footprints to a pile of coconu… Read More
Its All About..."us" · 11:01 14 Feb 2018
Relationship is love for each other,but with love many things bother.Understanding one's feelings isn't easy,sometimes small things result to fight making us crazy.It also includes time for… Read More
Water-Neon · 16:06 13 Feb 2018
Una tarde, de esas que hacen trizas el díacon su olorcito a distancia,a viaje por fronteras pobladas de animales, algunos de los cuales me hablan y estiran la pata,de esas tardes que… Read More
How To Live Right
Steps: A Daily Journ… · 21:55 11 Feb 2018
These days, life seems so complicated. Challenging, often overwhelming, sometimes paralyzing.    More than ever before, modern times are besieged by clutter. A debilitating torrent… Read More