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Check Out Some Amazing Technology Facts Which Will Make You Wonder About It

We are living in an age, where Technology plays a leading role. In fact, every aspects of our life are being influenced by technology; or better be said our lives revolve around technology. We all know that the Internet plays an active role in all aspects of our life, starting right from efficient work operations to management, and even maintaining social networking connections.

It can be assumed that, Internet is loved by every individuals. Technology and Internet are interrelated to each other. In fact with the amazing technological advancements, nothing is deemed impossible these days. With every passing day, technological improvement and advancement are taking place. That being said, here in this blog we present to you some interesting, quirky, unknown, amazing, and some rarely known facts, that might surprise you.

These facts will simply make you wonder about it. So, let’s not waste any more time and simply dive into the facts and have a look into it.

The average Computer user blinks 7 times a minute, less than half the normal rate of 20.

Did you knew this fact? Well, most of you will say no. Do you often get teary-eyed from staring at the computer screen for too long, or face the onset of migraines from staring your eyes too hard? Heavy computer users, can easily get an explanation from this fact. A human being basically blink approx. 3 times less than that what is normal. Blinking is helpful as it helps to relax the eye muscles that mainly helps to focus and also lubricate the eyes. When this action gets reduced, then the above action/ fact takes place. So, start blinking your eyes quite often, while staring at your screens.

Did you know that the e-mail has been already around much before than the world wide web arrived?

Email, in fact is anything that transmits electronic documents. Technically speaking, a fax machine is a type of electronic transmission, so it falls under the term E-Mail, and fax machines have been around longer than the Internet. Likewise, at the early onset of E-Mail, the structure that we are familiar with today was basically a online messaging administration, so both parties/sides needed to be signed into a PC at the same time. Presently, with servers and better innovation, the sending and receiving of E-Mail messages has changed, and we relate E-Mails to this strategy.

Bill Gates’s house was designed using a Macintosh Computer.

Yes you heard or read it right, and you are not daydreaming the fact. Bill Gates, the wealthiest person of the world, an American business mogul, a well renowned philanthropist and the founder of multi-billion software company Microsoft, designed his house or rather private mansion using Macintosh.

Bill Gates’ company has one great competitor in the face of Apple Inc., which marketed the Macintosh computers back in the early dawn of personal computer electronics.We all know of the fact that, Mac computers are superior to PC’s in the design, creativity, and processing methods.

So, it’s not a surprise, rather we can sense the irony from the fact that the wealthiest men in the world using their competitors products.

Inside original Macintosh case you will find 47 signatures for each member of Apple’s Macintosh division.

Thinking of making your imprint ever in history. This is a comparative move to what extravagance and exquisite car and motor producers do. With each engine that is hand made, the engine makers’ name is put on a plaque on the motor. Doing a snappy hunt on eBay, doesn’t yield too numerous particular results with regards to the estimation of these vintage and extraordinary PCs.

Did you know that in and around 1964, the first Computer mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart and it was made of wood?

Yes, this fact is quite deceptive. As the whole mouse wasn’t made of wood, however only the casing was made of wood. May be because of the fact that, he didn’t wanted to design a plastic mould as it might not take off. It might appear funny, but since its invention the mouse hasn’t changed much. Essentially went from a one button clicker to a more common 2 button clicker and scroll wheel.

On an average work day, a typist’s fingers travel 12.6 mile.

Yes you heard me right. Whether it’s 12.6 miles or 20.2 kilometers

12.6 miles or 20.2 kilometers? That’s a long distance for each day to travel. Discussing about working out, then if just the activity that your fingers do is taken into account then, we would decipher that it amounts to an equivalent run or gym sessions. Assuming this is the case, the greater part of office individuals would be lean, mean battling machines!

Alaska is the only state that can be typed on a row of Keys on a QUERTY Keyword.

Have you ever wondered why in the world the keys of a keyboard/ console are arranged in the way in which they are organized? It actually goes back to the 1860’s, as the typewriters then had the same arrangement, and throughout the decades as PCs advanced, it didn’t bode well to change them. So, the keyboards you utilize depend on innovation of the 1860’s. Additionally, as there were mechanical typewriters, if every one of the keys were consecutively alongside each other, the mechanical typewriters used to stick, so they chose to

Every month, domain names are being registered at a rate of more than one million!

Sound a bit surprising, but it’s a true fact. If you have a perfect business plan, then you go on a brainstorming name hunting process and once you find it you go to GoDaddy for registering it, but alas…the domain name is not available. Then you go on thinking of some other names, but unfortunately the same message pops up. This is because of the fact that domains are getting registered at a bersek speed and crazy rate. One might get the .info domain, but what really matters is the .com.

All big business houses, i.e., HP, Google, Microsoft, Apple – had one thing in common. All started from a garage.

Every big businesses, had to start out from somewhere, isn’t it? Some well known business houses started off with some humble beginnings – basic equipments, few employees, and a garage space.

Similarly, what are the things that one can find common between HP, Google, Microsoft, and Apple? Apart from the fact that they are all IT companies, the other thing that’s common between them they all started from garages.

Well, who haven’t heard of YouTube. Most probably, everyone The domain name was registered on 14th February 2005.

It has been 11 years, since the YouTube started, and over the years it has grown much with many more features. Almost every people from across the globe are using YouTube and having a respective account. Users at least spent one-two hours per day watching the various updates of the subscribed channels. It has now become one of the popular video sharing platform. Even big corporates are using this platform to promote their products.

Did you know that, the popular Social Networking website, MySpace has over 110 million registered users. Instead of a social networking site, if it was a country, then it would have been the tenth largest, just after Mexico.

The Dvorak keyboard is much more efficient than the QWERTY keyboard.

In fact this keyboard is 20 times faster, than the qwerty keyboard. The qwerty layout was around the year 1860, while the more efficient layout came around 1936.

Did you know that computer programming is currently one of the fastest growing co occupations.

If you are in your early 20’s or 30’s then you will probably remember your computer classes that was held in your high school? If you do a reality check, then you will see it’s not the same nowadays. Computer classes now uses tablets, laptops; and teaches codes and programming language at high school grade.

Well, it’s a fact that our generation are moving towards online based systems, and in fact everything – starting from basic knowledge to booking tickets all are taking onlime.

Did you know that, the first banner advertising was used in 1994.

It is expected that by the year 2012, there will be approximately 17 billion devices connected to the Internet.

All Facebook lovers will be in a shock by hearing this fact. Facebook pays atleast $500 if you can find a way to hack the site.


Well, weren’t the above mentioned facts quite amazing and interesting?
Feel, free to share any more cool and amazing tech facts that we might have missed.

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Check Out Some Amazing Technology Facts Which Will Make You Wonder About It


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