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Milestones: Our Pediatricians Perspective (& a freebie!)

I love celebrating my kids Milestones. Just last week we accomplished a huge milestone! My oldest started Kindergarten. That’s a pretty huge milestone if you ask me. Every morning she’s excited to get ready for school. That alone makes my heart smile daily.


Haley’s grandma captured this picture when they picked her up. This was her first day of Kindergarten. Which I believe is a huge milestone. I shared the picture on Facebook. In under 24 hours it had 100+ shares! Haley’s daddy is a police officer. She has a natural draw to them. So thankful for Officer Burns and her compassion to Haley.

Thinking about it, we have celebrated quite a few milestones lately. My youngest just hit the 10 month mark. So, as you can imagine, he has hit many milestones in the past ten months. Every day I watch him develop. It is amazing the things that they learn.

With Haley I lived off milestone charts. Then I realized something. She was hitting milestones way before it said she should. That’s when the light bulb finally went off in my head. Every child is different. They are all going to hit milestones at different times.

Dray has shown me that they may all hit different milestones at different times. By 6 months old, Haley could pull herself up into a standing position. At 10 months old, Dray still can’t do that. Haley was also crawling at 6 months. Dray still is not crawling. He can get on his knees. But, he just won’t go.

The biggest difference I see in Dray and Haley are the eating “milestones.” Haley could woof down fruits and waffles at 7 months. But, she was so tiny. Dray is our chunky man. He weighs almost 24 pounds. He will not eat solid food though. Nope. He can’t do it.

We just had his 9 month check up last week. We were a little late on that. I discussed all my “issues” with his doctor. I explained about the not pulling up, the feeding, and the crawling. Of course, she kept it real with me. That’s my favorite thing about her. She keeps it real.

Keep in mind, this doctor isn’t one to just “dismiss” stuff. She went above and beyond for Haley. When others said she was ignoring me. When they said she was daydreaming. She made sure we were able to get an EEG just to ease my mind. At 2 years old, they diagnosed Haley with left and right temporal lobe epilepsy. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

She made quite a few good points when it comes to milestones. All I was doing was basing Dray’s growth on what I saw with Haley. Well, Haley was just a little ahead of the game. They will all reach milestones at different times. That’s one great thing about the human race. We’re all a little different.

Children Milestones Truths a Wise Doctor Told Me

  • They all grow and develop at different rates. Have I stressed that enough, yet? 😉 So what if Princess Sofia is speaking two languages at only 8 months old. There’s no cute pictures that go with that. You’ve got the cute pictures! Because your darling child just smeared spaghetti all over him. He’ll try to learn another language, one day.
  • Just because he doesn’t like solid foods doesn’t mean something is wrong. He’s a healthy weight. She even put it to me like this: “Drinking a bottle is easier.” Which makes total sense. I told her about him “gagging” when anything solid went in his mouth. She said it’s more than likely a texture thing. Because, well, his daddy is texture picky, too! Of course this is something that will have to resolve. But, right now, she said don’t stress it.
  • Cruising usually happens after 10 months old. Haley was cruising around furniture so early. So, of course, Dray won’t even stand up by himself. I go straight to “something is wrong.” But, he’s not even at the mark when most start standing up. They don’t even assess walking until 15 months. We’ve still got time. He will get there.
  • Follow your gut instinct always. Even if your milestone concern seems silly, still voice it. That’s what they get paid for. To help you and ensure you and your family are healthy. Believe me, they have heard sillier questions than the ones you’re asking.

Now, I’m not saying throw all milestone charts out the window. They are great references to have. Plus, they are great for jotting down your little ones milestones. What I’m saying is, not all children will be walking at 10 months old. Not all children will join the crawling derby by 6 months old. Shoot, Haley for the most part went from crawling for about a week straight to cruising the furniture. Then she never looked back.

Analyzing children milestones is not fun. But, celebrating them is. That’s why I love the milestone and monthly stickers available now! I love them so much I created a few different monthly and milestone printables. They were so much fun to create. Plus, I still have 2 months I can use them with Dray.

Of course, I wanted to share these printables with ya’ll! Plus, who doesn’t like cute graphics and freebies?! I know I do. So, what’s all in this free printable?!

  • (1) Set of Chalkboard Monthly + Milestones Printables
  • Antique Monthly Printables Preview
  • Candy Monthly Printables Preview
  • Chevron Monthly Printables Preview
  • Colorful Monthly Printables Preview
  • Floral Monthly Printables Preview
  • Safari Monthly Printables Preview

These would be great if you have a little one or if you’re expecting. You can even pass them along to someone you know who is expecting. Milestone stickers are just so much fun.

milestone printables

Get Your Free Monthly + Milestone Printables!

Getting the freebie is easy. Just provide me with your e-mail address below. I’ll send ya an e-mail on how to download this freebie.

You can shoot me an e-mail, or add a comment below, if you have any questions about the printables. Or if ya just want to chat! I’d love to talk about the milestones your little ones are reaching!

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Milestones: Our Pediatricians Perspective (& a freebie!)


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