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This is the home of the Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff internet comedy show. Do you like to laugh, or be mildly entertained? Try us!
2023-03-31 23:00
“There are bad movies, there are worse moves, there are unspeakable movies and then there are movies that are so bad that they don’t really rise to the level of being a movie.&rd&hell…Read More
2023-03-20 12:44
This week I look at the film Bombshell (1933). This classic was directed by Victor Fleming and stars Jean Harlow, Lee Tracy, Frank Morgan, Franchot Tone, Pat O’Brien, Una Merkel, a… Read More
2022-07-05 10:04
This episode of Celluloid Days is all about, Tremors, from 1990. This American monster horror comedy film was directed by Ron Underwood and stars Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Mic… Read More
2022-02-13 16:23
I saw Sirry Steffen in the film The Crawling Hand (1963) and I wondered, Who is she? After a lot of research, I learned a lot about this woman whose real name was Sigríður Gei… Read More
2021-11-27 14:18
Kitty Genovese Two stories in this episode. The main story is the brutal murder of 28-year-old Kitty Genovese, who was stabbed in New York City on her way home from work. It is a murder r… Read More
2021-11-27 02:25
Scotty Becket There once was a talented 4-year-old that became a star in the movies. He could sing and act and looked cute as a button. But as he grew into adulthood, he has issues with r… Read More
2021-09-26 14:15
In this episode, I have three stories of incredible women. Story one is about Susanna M. Salter, the first Mayor in the USA, the second, Helen Hulick, a lady who defied a court order for her… Read More
2021-07-09 12:43
It’s Friday, so I created and added some more GIFs for your pleasure. These are for you to use and you would like. Making them is just something I do when I am bored. You’ll f… Read More
Fight Over Keg Of Beer, Chicago 1916
2021-05-14 11:33
FIGHT OVER KEG OF BEER. Two Men Stabbed in Disagreement Over Who Should Pay for Liquor. As a social beer drinker, the term “I’ve got this one,” is an important phrase… Read More
Pearl Hart, The Woman Bandit, May 30, 1899
2021-05-10 11:39
On May 30, 1899, Pearl Hart, a small lady, and a man named Joe Boot robbed a stagecoach that traveled between Globe and Florence, Arizona. However, they were caught about five days later. Be… Read More
2021-04-11 16:00
In my mission to document and review my 25 favorite movies for viewing over and over, I talk about the 1998 classic, Run Lola Run. It was written and directed by Tom Tykwer. It stars Fran… Read More
The Jailer, Coleman Francis 1957
2021-04-06 11:32
In 1957, a series of short films were made called The Book of Acts Series. Each episode was about 18 minutes long. It was a 10-part series that dramatizes the Acts of the Apostles. They… Read More
The Choppers – 1961
2021-04-02 13:07
That day when I walked out of the chief’s office at City Hall I didn’t feel so good. You see, I’m a  reporter. Jim Bradford is my name. I broadcast on radio and televi… Read More
Coleman Francis As The Jailer – 1957
2021-03-31 09:51
In 1957, a series of short, 18 minutes or so, films were made called The Book of Acts Series. It was a 10-part series that dramatizes the Acts of the Apostles. In one episode called &ldq… Read More
“Is That All It Cost? Asks Ruth Gordon
2021-03-29 09:30
In the year 1927, Ruth Gordon was in her most successful play, Saturday’s Children. It was also the year her husband, Gregory Kelly, passed away from a heart condition. Through all th… Read More
The Day Ruth Gordon Broke Both Her Legs!
2021-03-28 11:53
This is a short video I put together after much research about the early days of Ruth Gordon and what led to her having her legs broken. Ruth Gordon was an amazing person! You can… Read More
2021-03-26 11:39
Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is where Phil Tucker started. OK, so Phil’s directing career never really took off. The same year as Robot Monster, he made Dance Hall Racket… Read More
Edward D. Woods Casual Company – 1948
2021-03-25 10:17
Tag ‘Casual Company’ as Ho-Hum ProductionBy HENRY ARNSTEN The Valley TimesOctober 26, 1946 There should be a Be-Kind-to-Plays-week so that dramas like “Casual Company… Read More
Ruth Gordon In “Over Twenty One”
2021-03-22 11:26
A 1944 ad for Ruth Gordon’s over 21 In 1942, the wonderful Ruth Gordon wrote and starred in the play Over 21. This was Ruth’s play she had written. Apparently, the title came… Read More
What Did Curtis Coleman Do?
2021-03-19 09:26
I FORBID ANYONE from giving work of shelter to my grandson, Curtis Coleman. Mr. Francis Field, Lumberton, N.C. A-5-6-7-p SO, I found this while searching through all newspapers. This… Read More
Coleman Francis – Beast Of Yucca Flats
2021-03-17 09:20
SCREEN : DRAMA : MUSIC by Jerry Pam, Editor Valley Times TODAY Tue., Dec. 27, 1960 Valley Residents Cast in Picture Six San Fernando Valley residents have been cast in leading a… Read More
2021-03-14 16:03
In episode 219 and today I bring you the story of the Amazing Ruth Gordon. Most know were from the films she was in in the late 60s and 1970s. The thing is, Ruthie had an over 50-year actin… Read More
2021-03-14 15:59
Began something new, called 25 Groovy Flicks! In the first episode, I talk about Darren Aronofsky’s Pi. This is one of these films I watch again and again. That is why it is groovy!… Read More
2021-03-14 15:55
In episode 218 and today I bring you the story of the Amazing Texas Guinan, a woman born in 1884 that was a stage and film star but really became known as a highly popular nightclub hostess… Read More
2021-03-14 15:51
I came across Yvette Vickers with the films Attack of the 50-foot Woman, Reform School Girl, and Attack of the Giant Leeches. I became fascinated. I began my research and this video is what… Read More
2021-03-14 15:42
A tribute to the one and only Mamie Van Doren, who had a 50-year acting career, both on the stage and screen, has written books and recorded music. She won Ms. Palm Springs in 1949 and thing… Read More
2021-03-14 15:36
In episode 216 of the podcast, I talk about The legend of the death of Paul McCartney. Yes, there are people even today that believe the man died back in 1966 or 1967. They say he was replac… Read More
2021-01-17 14:36
Today I have the story of a day in which dozens of dangerous, man-eating animals, including a polar bear, a panther, a Numidian lion, several hyenas, a rhinoceros, and a Bengal tiger, that e… Read More
2021-01-17 14:33
I’m still on vacation! So, in this episode, Nancy and Gordon Frye talk about their Favorite Historical Films! We could do a deep dive on any of these six films, but we want to give… Read More
2021-01-17 14:25
While I took the month of December off, Nancy and Gordon Frye filled in for me. In this episode, they chat about questionable elections in United States history. Links to the sources… Read More
2020-11-29 12:07
Once upon a time, most of the world was a mystery to the majority of Americans. In the late 19th century, most of what was known of how the rest of the world looked came from a popular devic… Read More
2020-11-15 13:50
This is the story of a young, pretty woman in the latter half of the nineteenth century who oddly had no desire to get married, have kids, or run a household. She wanted to have a career of… Read More
2020-11-01 12:26
You never know who you can trust, be it, nurse, landlord, mother, or wife! On this special Halloween edition of CWJ I present two true stories of Serial killer. First, in 1880, Catherine and… Read More
2020-10-18 14:19
This episode is the second part of the story of Daniel Sickle, a very unusual man that lived in the ninetieth century. Dan was disgraced for forgiving his wife for having an affair, so he th… Read More
2020-10-04 13:33
This episode is the first part of the story of Daniel Sickle, a very unusual man that lived in the ninetieth century. In 1859 he shot and killed a man in front of the White House in Washingt… Read More
2020-09-27 14:39
She Shoulda Said No came out in 1949, and it was another in a long line of “anti-Marijuana” exploitation films in the vane of Reefer Madness and Marihuana. It is the tale of an i… Read More

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