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Tediado · 19:07 18 Oct 2018
O presente trabalho é sobre a obra O Príncipe, do filosofo, diplomata, poeta e músico do período Renascentista. Sua obra foge dos princípios do politicamen… Read More
Studente (Non) Per N… · 17:56 18 Oct 2018
Penso sempre di averne viste di tutti i colori in questi anni di scuola, e invece ogni tanto mi tocca ricredermi perché capita qualcosa di nuovo.Questa mattina, un professore stava co… Read More
Don't Mess With October
The Daily Droid · 14:22 18 Oct 2018
Here it is more than half over and I didn't know until today that October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month." (Thanks a lot, Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center, for your informative email.) I… Read More
Head Rambles | The R… · 13:14 18 Oct 2018
I decided to phone Sky yesterday. There was no particular reason other than my annoyance at paying for a service that provides a cart load of stuff that is useless to me.  Herself rarel… Read More
Le Filastrocche Di V… · 12:56 18 Oct 2018
Con un battito d’ali in Amazzoniapuò indurre un tifone nel Giapponepare che non sia affatto una fandoniama effetto di contorta causazione l’artefice farfalla, se sfarfalla… Read More
Neurocaffeine · 08:07 18 Oct 2018
I discorsi che iniziano con “Quando ero giovane…” sono superflui, inutili, privi di importanza, portatori di cose insignificanti e poco buone almeno quanto quelli che iniz… Read More
Funny Animal Photos
Funny Animal Photos · 08:09 17 Oct 2018
▶the funniest animal photos for the year. load of Funny photos. The place to find them on the internet. Cats, dogs, horses, giraffes, pigs, chicken, badgers, beavers, skunk, parrots, m… Read More
“Fracking Hell!”
Funny Books Blog · 10:44 16 Oct 2018
Fracking has been carried out all over the world with no ill effects so far; So far is the operative phrase. The scientific bods say drilling bloody great holes in the ground shoving pipes… Read More
Frilly Grandpa Shark
"oh, Dakuwaqa!" - Th… · 08:02 15 Oct 2018
The Frilled Shark is considered by many to be a living fossil - it looks like it should be extinct and acts like it should be extinct but it's not! Because sharks are resilient that way.&nbs… Read More
One Track Heart
No, Seriously... · 01:33 15 Oct 2018
I love my father, but man is that Old Man stubborn. In his mind he is a young man and his body should be able to do what he wants it to do. But he is getting older and he really shouldn&rsqu… Read More
The Frictionary · 15:35 14 Oct 2018
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:7106. Fashion is inhabited art. (Paul Berger-Gross)7107. Woman always wants to change man. Man always wants to change women. (Anne Roumanoff)7… Read More
Literal Language.
Ms. S · 16:02 13 Oct 2018
MsS. Can i eat something? Papa: No, we cannot eat in the train. Look at the sign. Its says no eating or drinking. MsS.: It shows only no burger n no drinks. So i can eat everything else. Wel… Read More
Oh My That's A Big Bear
A Few Clowns Short · 15:49 12 Oct 2018
No, not a bear rug but a big bear on a rug. The bear took up most of the room. bear on rugAfter a confusing descent involving staircases and elevators, we traveled deep into the lobby of a G… Read More