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Predator Press · 22:07 11 Dec 2017
LOBO -Predator Press I won't pretend to have invented the "SCRAM" bag, intended for impromptu vacations or unexpected travel. After three failed marriages, I keep one chambered at all times… Read More
Life Through The Len… · 19:25 11 Dec 2017
SOURCE: playing football with your childhood friends. The wind playfully whips through the trees above and sends leaves spiraling… Read More
A Trans Rant
The Daily Droid · 16:04 11 Dec 2017
I was just reading a movie review in today's Wall Street Journal that described the female lead as "an actor of great talent." That got me scratching my head wondering why she couldn't be ca… Read More
El Bachural Online · 14:11 11 Dec 2017
“Si algo sabemos los escritores es que las palabras pueden llegar a cansarse y a enfermarse, como se cansan y se enferman los hombres o los caballos. Hay palabras que a fuerza de ser r… Read More
Blog Viiish · 13:48 11 Dec 2017
Cara, uma vez eu vi isso acontecer (não nessa proporção) na minha frente! É que eu me assustei quando rolou e fui socorrer a pessoa, mas se fo… Read More
Natural Beauty Of Th… · 12:45 11 Dec 2017
For the most part, it is icy and calm in Graz. Graz is a city with a critical precipitation. Indeed, even in the driest month there is a great deal of rain. As indicated by Köppen and G… Read More
Did You Know It? · 08:31 11 Dec 2017
Snowflakes are fun to look at, but there are a few interesting facts that you might not know about them. The flakes that you see in the sky aren’t the only kind of snow. Sleet is a sma… Read More
Sparks & Awww Mondays
Comedy Plus · 08:10 11 Dec 2017
Annie of McGuffy's Reader is hosting Sparks, an inspirational and positive thought for the week link-up, every Monday. "The negative energy in the world has become thick and oppressive. So… Read More
The Frictionary · 17:52 10 Dec 2017
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6666. Love is life accelerated.* (Jacques Chardonne)* That's why it doesn't live long.6667.Life is a long lesson in humility. This becomes mor… Read More
Beauty Bae · 14:55 10 Dec 2017
At the beginning of the year, I mentioned the best ways to pedicure from the comfort of your own home… Lush have the best mask for the feet, and I’m here to blog about it in det… Read More
Ms. S · 12:03 10 Dec 2017
Today evening- Ms.S. dips a biscuit in my chai. Acts strange. Drops biscuits on the side of my mug, Plonks to the side. Husband and I have been staring for the past 7 seconds, ja… Read More
The Earmuffs
Imagination Strikes · 12:18 09 Dec 2017
Danny “the promising kid” was never to forget that day at the bicycle sheds. It was snowing and his mother appeared out of nowhere, holding a pair of earmuffs. “Danny! What… Read More
Winston's Random Mus… · 06:51 08 Dec 2017
Giving Xmas presents is like shitting. It takes some effort for people to get it out in a day or a few. And once it leaves you, you don't talk about it at all, to anyone, ever, unless peop… Read More
Three Dogs And A Ferret
Funny Animal Photos · 15:26 07 Dec 2017
▶A team of friendly animals ready for a selfie. What a happy group. funny animal photos ✿2 Three ferrets dog Dogs pet cats cat Ferret small play repair crafts Three christmas s… Read More
Do You Hear What I Hear
A Few Clowns Short · 18:08 06 Dec 2017
Do you hear what I hearReally? Unless you are standing next to me how could you hear the same thing? no one wants to hear or smell thisOf course hearing and listening are different. Listeni… Read More