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Things that made me laugh today, and some that have intrigued me.
Nuclear Weapon Secrets In The Bathroom
2023-06-10 08:12
Donald Trump took classified documents including information on nuclear weapons in the US and secret plans to attack a foreign country, according to a 49-page federal indictment unsealed Fri… Read More
2023-06-10 07:58
Croatian studio BOIR has cherished the time-honored tradition of salt harvesting with their invention SAL⊥ —a culinary adventure contained within a sleek, wooden case. &nbsp&helli…Read More
The NeoLucida Plus
2023-06-09 08:46
The all-new NeoLucida Plus is an optical drawing aid that lets you trace directly from real life.  See video    Read More
Sunbathers, Alain Le Garsmeur
2023-06-09 06:25
An exhibition of the work of Alain le Garsmeur forms part of this year’s Belfast Photo festival. Le Garsmeur’s documentary images captured both the extraordinary and the mu… Read More
World Ocean Day
2023-06-08 11:37
Artists from around the world have been using detritus from beaches and waterways to respond to the plight of the marine environment. Here you can see more of their work.  Read More
Forever Chemicals
2023-06-08 11:23
Children whose mothers are exposed to toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” during pregnancy run an increased risk of low birth weight as well as obesity and high body mass index later… Read More
Canada Fire Smoke Drifts South
2023-06-08 11:15
Tens of millions of people in the US were under air quality alerts on Wednesday, as smoke from Canadian wildfires drifted south, turning the sky in some of the country’s biggest citie… Read More
Who Cut The Cheese?
2023-06-07 15:59
Photographer Belinda Richards captures the unique personalities of animals through her soulful—and often funny—pet portrait photography.   Read More
Hairpins By Sakae
2023-06-07 15:44
Continuing a millennia-old Japenese tradition of kanzashi, Tokyo-based artist Sakae constructs intricately detailed hairpins from wire and resin.  Read More
Kherson, Ukraine
2023-06-07 15:12
Rescuers evacuate local residents from a flooded area after a breach at the Nova Kakhovka dam. Photograph: Reuters via  Read More
Water Gushes Through Damaged Ukrainian Dam
2023-06-06 11:01
Ukraine has accused Russian forces of blowing up a dam in the Kherson region - though Moscow denies this. As water gushes through the breach at the dam site, here's everything you need to… Read More
American Gothic, Alicia Bruce
2023-06-06 09:55
Alicia Bruce‘s book, I Burn But I Am Not Consumed (Daylight Books, June 27, 2023), is a visually immersive experience that documents through photographs, narratives, and images of eph… Read More
2023-06-06 09:47
For the partners of chronic snorers, sleep can prove elusive, no matter how many foam earplugs you test out – but sleeping separately may seem like a last resort for a relationship… Read More
Japan's Ultimate Lesson In Gratitude
2023-06-05 11:55
Despite enduring 150 years of oppression, the Indigenous Ainu people still retain a strong sense of appreciation for the world – and travellers can now experience this in person.&nbsp&helli…Read More
Poster Of The Week
2023-06-02 10:40
If you're planning a roadtrip this summer, you should consider visiting Roswell, New Mexico. Just in time for your summer planning, Roadside America has updated its guide to "the glowing or… Read More
Crash Testing A Ford Panel Van
2023-06-02 10:32
What we have here is someone driving into a huge morningstar, a medieval weapon that resembles a wrecking ball with spikes. You have to wonder why. The van seems pretty tough against it at… Read More
2023-06-02 10:14
The US air force has denied it has conducted an AI simulation in which a drone decided to “kill” its operator to prevent it from interfering with its efforts to achieve its missi… Read More
Fire, Fabrice Monteiro
2023-06-01 10:39
Agbogbloshie, in the heart of Accra, Ghana, hosts one of the largest electronic waste dumps in Africa. In this area, the poorest classes of Accra have been spending years dismantling, r… Read More
How Was Your Dream, Thaddé Comar
2023-06-01 10:32
The exhibition of the five nominees for the AOYF Human Rights Photography Award 2023 has come to a close at the Centre de la Photographie Genève.  Take a look back at the e… Read More
When Squirrels Attack
2023-05-30 13:46
Not this squirrel. Photo: Rosario Duva  On Monday morning, thousands of residents of the Silicon Valley city of Santa Clara were left without electricity. It seems squirrels were… Read More
Why We Sometimes Feel Invisible Others
2023-05-29 08:58
As Luke Robertson slogged further into his solo South Pole trek, he had more episodes of "felt presence".  Ben Alderson-Day, an associate professor of psychology at Durham Universi… Read More
Coral Guards, Jason DeCaires Taylor
2023-05-27 17:48
A new cast of hybrid characters continues Jason deCaires Taylor’s effort to revitalize the Great Barrier Reef. Recently installed off the coast of Townsville, Australia, as part of th… Read More
Stars Could Be Invisible Within 20 Years
2023-05-27 17:14
Summer’s advent had again revealed a curse of modern times: light pollution. The increased use of light-emitting diodes (LED) and other forms of lighting are now brightening the nigh… Read More
2023-05-26 08:22
The derivatives of position named snap, crackle, and pop? That time physicists compared the compression properties of Cocoa Puffs vs. Rice Krispies? Cereal has been a toy for physics experi… Read More
Neuralink Approved For In-human Study
2023-05-26 08:02
Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain-implant company, said on Thursday it had received a green light from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to kickstart its first in-human clinical stu… Read More
2023-05-25 16:43
Boris Bućan, one of Croatia's greatest 20th century artists, best known for his 70s-80s billboard posters for the Croatian National Theater, has died aged 77. His most iconic work, held… Read More
2023-05-25 16:22
As its name suggests, the ongoing series plays with the relationship between presence and absence, layering optical illusions, embedded imagery, and other narrative cues within a single wo… Read More
2023-05-25 16:11
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lefki Savvidou (@lefki_savvidou) Read More
Top 10 Cops In Fiction, Alan Parks
2023-05-24 11:40
Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse (right) with Roger Allam as DI Fred Thursday.  Cops. Good ones, bad ones, corrupt ones, ones with hunches, ones that fight the system, ones that drin… Read More
Holy Cow!
2023-05-24 09:01
  A runaway cow was spotted sprinting down Interstate 75 in Holly, Michigan on Sunday before it was wrangled and returned to greener pastures. Michigan State Police shared a clip… Read More
Asteroid City, Wes Anderson
2023-05-24 08:35
To say that he’s done it again – yet again – is going to mean something different to fans and non-fans. But I have to say the first category is the only place to be f… Read More
Juglans Nigra, Jonas Frei
2023-05-23 16:12
Frei is a naturalist, illustrator, and landscape architect whose interest in botany has taken him to gardens, arboretums, and parks throughout Europe and North America. He recently spent tim… Read More
The Pet I’ll Never Forget, Emine Saner
2023-05-22 11:04
Ruby lived indoors, and I often let her run free throughout my flat in London. She came when called, and she could jump from the floor to the sofa, where she’d sit on me for ages and… Read More
2023-05-20 15:16
The world is firmly divided into two camps—those whose nose can detect when rain is on the way and those who think that capability is utter nonsense. While not everyone can smell… Read More
Masked Man
2023-05-20 09:16
Photo by Sara Maria Bern - Ancien carnaval of Mezzojuso – Mastro Campo mask. Sicily via  Read More
“Caligula- The Ultimate Cut” At Cannes
2023-05-19 16:59
Thomas Negovan wondered if his quest to restore and repair the famously mangled, pornified all-star 1979 production of Caligula was pointless and insane. Then the Cannes Film Festival tol… Read More
2023-05-19 16:42
The kiss’ allure is a matter of ongoing psychological and physiological research. Some suggest kissing helps humans size up potential mates. When going in for a smooch, one might encou… Read More
Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure
2023-05-19 10:19
Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure is an intimate look at the brilliant artist, who was lost too soon. Curated by Basquiat's sisters, it includes intimate immersive environments that paint… Read More

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