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Chez Lo · 14:29 24 Apr 2018
de Sylvain TessonChroniques - 345 pagesEditions des Equateurs - octobre 2012Editions poche Pocket - mai 2014Géographie de l'instant réunit les notes et billets d'humeur parus d… Read More
Hot Sauce Reviews · 14:28 24 Apr 2018
Gringo (2018)Main cast: David Oyelowo (Harold Soyinka), Joel Edgerton (Richard Rusk), Charlize Theron (Elaine Markinson), Amanda Seyfried (Sunny), Thandie Newton (Bonnie Soyinka), Sharlto Co… Read More
The Strange Sensations.
Johnmckenzie · 11:16 24 Apr 2018
          I was hoping to download some recent photies - a main purpose for this blog - and, of course, Windows 10 is effing me around as usual and I only managed to… Read More
The Ghost Time
Don In His Den As Ra… · 10:12 24 Apr 2018
What to chase in the daily rush of living? Nothing but to be chased by the rush itself An immortal soul pondering over the universe is but a desire of the civilization that comes to stand st… Read More
Write For Money (or Not)
Alexandra Peel · 09:12 24 Apr 2018
Okay, heads up people, this is going to be a short one – I have a tonne of editing to do, illustrations to make, and a cover to design – so, for your delectation I have compiled… Read More
The Trolley-Cam
Baldock Bard | Verse… · 06:37 24 Apr 2018
While shopping over the weekend I came across a couple arguing. I wondered if such a thing as a Trolley-Cam existed, would people start putting ‘shocking shopping moments’ on Twi… Read More
Pen And Paper · 14:39 23 Apr 2018
BELFAST CENTRAL by A.K.AMHERST.Belfast 1993: A nocturnal ambulance service at the Belfast Central Station almost turns deadly for the young paramedic Ryan. In the crosshairs of the IRA, he i… Read More
World Book Day
Elkenarra · 14:28 23 Apr 2018
Happy World Book Day everybody! I bring with me an old friend published in 1949 —The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell— which is not a novel but a work of comparative… Read More
Thought Patterns – R… · 00:35 23 Apr 2018
I was going to write another article of mindmapping resources but meh, too much work. But here’s the short of it: I’ve demoed a LOT of mindmap programs and some are super simple… Read More
Patti's Pages · 19:14 22 Apr 2018
After having struggled through several books lately that were challenging in either length or format, I enjoyed reading something light and lively for a change.  Harriet’s bagel-b… Read More
Diverse Corners Of My Heart
The Diary Review · 12:59 22 Apr 2018
‘It is an other thing that I desire, to know mine owne hart better, where I know that much is to be gotten in understaunding of it, and to be acquainted with the diverse corners of it… Read More
Ciclos, Reciclos
Error 404 (Not Found… · 04:03 22 Apr 2018
Ciclos da vida no reciclo do tempo, transformando, transmutando. Vivificando! Antonio Pereira Apon. No blog Filosofando na vida, a professora Lourdes nos convida a escrever uma frase, ve… Read More
Book Hubbub · 02:48 22 Apr 2018
We got around to seeing the adaptations of High Fidelity, 13 Reasons Why, and Ready Player One. We go through these movies and the TV show and talk about what we did and didn’t like. E… Read More
Bookloving Writer · 05:27 21 Apr 2018
On Tuesday, my sister gave birth to two adorable little girls. So now I'm an aunt as well as a mom. Throughout the pregnancy they've been nicknamed Sunflower and Sesamy and I guess we'll sti… Read More
The Beer Guy
Brooding Scribe · 22:33 20 Apr 2018
I have been beating my head against a wall trying to come up with a reasonable goal for my antagonist in the sequel to Assassin Marked. So much so that I've taken to Google and started resea… Read More
Poems And Poets · 16:52 20 Apr 2018
Different. It is said Whether Destined or Desired, They don’t know But She is Different. It’s a Longing, For something unforeseen, that She hasIt’s A need that cannot be Cu… Read More