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Newman's Cathy's Theme (x2)
Brontëblog · 22:48 19 Aug 2017
Today, August 20 in Malibu, CA:2nd Concert on the BluffsAugust 20, 2017 @5pmMalibu Bluffs ParkLA Philarmonic, Hollywood Bowl, Malibu Coast Chamber Players & NYC BalletOne of the pieces o… Read More
Attachment To Heaven
Writing With Your He… · 16:32 19 Aug 2017
St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption (Covington, KY)All spiritual writers frequently talk about detachment from the world and earthly things, which is the same as saying "attachme… Read More
Story: Ghost Planet
Literary Yard · 15:51 19 Aug 2017
By: Ramprasath In one of those cold snowy midnights, one of the many hundred computers in the Ohio-based space observatory picked up a narrow-band radio signal that was nothing less [&hellip… Read More
Jock Tamson's Surgery.
Johnmckenzie · 15:31 19 Aug 2017
          I had a great meeting with Stephen Greenhorn today. Most enjoyable. We were supposed to be talking about my play, Jock Tamson's Half Hearted Transformation… Read More
Amor Supremo
Textos E Crônicas Do… · 15:16 19 Aug 2017
Tu és o meu mistério mais sublime, corpo e alma, ambos dados a mim, teu homem que te ama como nenhum outro o faria. Os deuses do amor prometeram a tua aquisição a… Read More
Back On The Scene
A Fantasy Reader · 13:30 19 Aug 2017
I have been silent since October 2015. Back then, my second born wasn't even one year old and blogging had become an issue.  I haven't stopped reading but I have to admit that I have sl… Read More
A New Condition
Clásicos Para Aprend… · 10:46 19 Aug 2017
El protagonista es rescatado por un ballenero que se dirige a Japón, intenta hacer que lo vuelvan a tierra, y presencia la crueldad del  capitán. Del clásico de Jac… Read More
Uproar In Parliament
The Diary Review · 10:45 19 Aug 2017
‘Uproar in Parliament and a great demonstration in favour of the blockade. I have quite a rough passage - a most unaccustomed experience in these days - at Question Time.’ This i… Read More
A Farewell To Arms
Jorgealiagacacho.blo… · 08:10 19 Aug 2017
A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway, is a typical love story. A Romeo and his Juliet placed against the odds. In this novel, Romeo is Frederick Henry and Juliet is Catherine Barkley. The… Read More
Superdrug Nail Rescue Remedy
Blooming Fiction · 06:30 19 Aug 2017
After way too many years of cleaning and working without marigolds it isn't exactly hard to work out why my nails have the awful habit of breaking so easily. It doesn't matter how hard I try… Read More
Poemas De Amor- Blog… · 04:31 19 Aug 2017
El amor es un sentimiento puroque nace en el fondo del corazóndespertando en el alma la pasiónaunque no se seas un inmaduro. El amor no tiene nada seguroni dominio mínim… Read More
The Contexts · 04:09 19 Aug 2017
Be a Reader FirstMost of the people who like to refer to themselves as writers, started writing for the same reason. They love books. No matter which genre you choose to write, there's alway… Read More
Nelson Lowhim; Write… · 02:33 19 Aug 2017
A lot of craziness out there. So thoughts to Barcelona. So it goes. So it goes. And not a leader in sight. Note that many of the explanations out there aren't worth a bucket of spit. I have… Read More
The Houdini File · 23:50 18 Aug 2017
Many years ago we were lucky enough to spend a day with Walter Gibson, Houdini's friend and associate. He lamented that he could no longer show us any closeup because arthritis had attacked… Read More
Creative Constellati… · 19:40 18 Aug 2017
The Highway ManAuthor: J AlchemGenre: FictionFormat: Kindle EditionFile Size: 1708KBStar: 4.2/5 (Self)Review: It’s a collection of three short stories with title, “Catherine&rdqu… Read More
Violet Inkwoods · 18:47 18 Aug 2017
You cut the call without a goodbye. She grabs your collar and pushes her lips against yours. You lose the grip and the phone fell. You touch her in places you’ve touched me too. Your b… Read More
25 | Aftermath — Part 2
Literary Artifacts · 14:01 18 Aug 2017
[Image Credit – Allyson Gutchell] If you like it, share it! The only compensation I receive for this blog is reader support, which will hopefully give me the platform to publish a boo… Read More
Alexandra Peel · 10:17 18 Aug 2017
We have all felt pain at some point in our lives, whether it be physical or emotional or psychological. Last night, we had to go to A & E with a family member as she had such bad pains… Read More
The Caller (2011)
The Writer In Me · 22:27 17 Aug 2017
Well, the movie starts as a slow burner, many may give up within 30 minutes of the movie. It only picks up after that and becomes an excellent thriller with wonderful plot twist towards the… Read More
3-2-1 Book Launch
Lone Star Meandering… · 20:58 17 Aug 2017
3-2-1 Book LaunchBook releases have changed over the past ten years or so. What was once the primary responsibility of the publisher’s marketing team has morphed into the author’… Read More
Chez Lo · 16:26 17 Aug 2017
de Sylvain TessonNouvelles - 200 pagesEditions Gallimard - mars 2009Editions poche Folio - octobre 2010Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle - 2009Un florilège de nouvelles sous la plume de Sy… Read More
Lleixes · 16:12 17 Aug 2017
"Hi ha abismes insondables." Mouawad, Wajdi. Ànima. Barcelona: Edicions del Periscopi, 2014. Anima. Traducció d’Anna Casassas.Col·lecció Ant… Read More
Library Mistress · 13:16 17 Aug 2017
Liebe Nasa,die 2 Scheiben Brot in der Umlaufbahn sind von mir.Tschuldigung.*fummelt weiter an der Feinjustierung des Toasters*— pitsidio (@pitsidio5656) August 16, 2017 Read More
Alien Romances · 12:00 17 Aug 2017
Peter Godfrey-Smith, a professor at the University of Sydney and City University of New York, believes the octopus is the closest thing to an alien living on Earth with us. Octopuses "are th… Read More
Poemas · 15:07 16 Aug 2017
Regressado vivo e viúvo das terras de Vera Cruz a este jardim à beira mar plantado, tendo tido tanto para fazer, desde o lazer vivido com quem me quer bem, à necess&aacu… Read More
Writers And Money
The Frugal Chari… · 14:42 16 Aug 2017
Further Notes on Two Years Before the Mast "When Richard Henry Dana completed his immortal Two Years Before the Mast (1840), he was only twenty five, he had no publishing experience, but… Read More