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| In A World Of Chao… · 05:31 25 May 2020
mirth some days i feel normal, or near normal, perhaps new normal. i don’t get out much keep my distance say as little as possible and avoid conversation, if at all possible. some days… Read More
Alien Romances · 19:54 24 May 2020
Which "haste-related" cautionary proverb comes first to your mind?  I thought of "Marry in haste, repent at leisure," which was a socially relevant warning in Britain and Europe for sev… Read More
Where Vs. In Which
Gmat Grammar · 16:50 24 May 2020
Where is used to refer to places only; to refer to events use in whichStars like the sun can continue to shine steadily for billions of years because their light and heat are produced b… Read More
Three Moving Tips
Writing With Your He… · 14:30 24 May 2020
On thinking back the last couple years, I moved in both 2018 and 2019 to two different towns. They weren't as challenging as a move out-of-state, but they were places I hadn't lived before a… Read More
Martyn's Blog · 19:00 23 May 2020
The smashwords Authors Give Back Sale is on until the end of May, currently set to wind down at midnight on the 31st.Don't rule out the possibility that they end date may be rolled out again… Read More
Hongos De Yuggoth - H.P. Lovecraft
Lleixes · 15:35 23 May 2020
"(...) exclusivamente el Caos, sin forma ni lugar.(...)But only Chaos, without form or place."Lovecrefat, H.P. Hongos de Yuggoth. Barcelona: Editorial del Nuevo Extremo, 2018Fungi from Yuggo… Read More
Bárbara Reviews Book… · 19:05 22 May 2020
Relendo uma leitura escolar obrigatória que, à época, não me tinha impressionado particularmente.Ressalva: continuou sem impressionar.Já é mais que… Read More
Leer X Leer · 13:16 22 May 2020
A partir de 3 años. Autora integral: Dahlov IpcarEditorial: Flying Eye Books Año: 2015 (1°ed 1963)ISBN: 978-1-909263-44-4Cant. de páginas: 36 Dos perros amigos: un… Read More
My Version Of You
Listless Dawn - Poet… · 12:22 22 May 2020
I think and thoughts meddle in my thinking when I have visions of you those visions I envisage are uniquely mine you will not relate to those truths So I don't transfer them In your delicate… Read More
Memories From Books · 22:24 21 May 2020
Title:  The Jungle BookAuthor:  Rudyard KiplingPublication Information:  Macmillan. 1894. 174 pages.ISBN:  None for the original. Multiple subsequent editions.Book Source… Read More
Novedades ECC Junio 2020
Blog De Comics · 12:26 20 May 2020
[Nota de Prensa] Hoy nos alegra anunciar el reinicio de los lanzamientos semanales. La primera salida tras el parón se producirá el próximo 26/05/2020. Ser&aac… Read More
Patti's Pages · 10:30 20 May 2020
Now seemed like a good time to read a really long book, and I’m so glad I chose this one.  I laughed, I cried, and I lay in bed thinking about it even after I had put it down for… Read More
Magnificent Octopus · 02:23 20 May 2020
Writing, I'm convinced, is often nothing but revenge — a way of twirling one's mustache, donning buckler and sword and feathery hat, shaking one's gauntleted fist at the gods.I thought… Read More