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Karavansara | East O… · 20:40 12 Dec 2017
I have just delivered a 33.000 unproofed manuscript to all those that last summer supported my crowdfunding for the fist Italian-language outing of BUSCAFUSCO. The book is called La Storia F… Read More
Educación Y Filosofí… · 19:45 12 Dec 2017
Tú o yo Matar es fácil. Pero aun así, aunque matar es fácil, por raro que parezca, no todo el mundo mata. Aun siendo necesario, aunque resulte justo, incluso hast… Read More
Literary Yard · 14:58 12 Dec 2017
By: Zunayet Ahammed Happiness lost Melancholy approaches Lights fade Flowers far away Stopped have the songs of the birds Rivers not flowing Greenness of the green pummels me like a [&hellip… Read More
Christmas Story…
Alexandra Peel · 14:31 12 Dec 2017
Each year, members of Wirral Writers pen a short Christmas themed story each. The only rules are – it has to be between 500 and 600 words, and Christmas orientated. Each year I post my… Read More
Serial Penyadaran Ko… · 13:49 12 Dec 2017
Dua belas tahun yang lalu, seorang karib mengajak saya menemui seseorang yang dia sebut sebagai Abi Rahman. Abi merupakan orang yang sangat berpengaruh dalam kehidupannya. Mulai dari masalah… Read More
The Old Marlovian | … · 12:34 12 Dec 2017
“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep`s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of… Read More
By Candle-light!
Baldock Bard | Verse… · 07:48 12 Dec 2017
Late Sunday morning the lights went out. A tree, with branches laden with snow, brought down a power line in one of our fields with a bang and shower of sparks. This is something that always… Read More
Blooming Fiction · 07:00 12 Dec 2017
Strong-willed Winnie loves being part of the crew at Station Seventy-Five but her parents are less than happy. She has managed to avoid their pleas to join the WRENS so far but when a t… Read More
The Periscope · 04:28 12 Dec 2017
you’re so special more than you know and more than I show. you’re my soul mate, you’re my lover, you’re all that I know it’s your smile and it’s your e… Read More
Teen Author Blog · 00:26 12 Dec 2017
Glacier 7 is coming soon and here are 3 things that you can expect to see:1. We're finally going to get a conclusion to that cliffhanger at the end of Glacier: The Curse and find out what ha… Read More
Un)Masked Author To Mythic Woman
Brontëblog · 23:30 11 Dec 2017
A new scholar book with Brontë-related content:Biographical Misrepresentations of British Women WritersA Hall of Mirrors and the Long Nineteenth CenturyEditors: Ayres, Brenda (Ed.)Palgr… Read More
Far From The Tree
Provo City Library S… · 18:44 11 Dec 2017
Far from the TreeBy Robin BenwayHarper Teen, 2017, 374 pages, Young AdultWhen Grace, an only child who was adopted at birth, ends up having to give up her own daughter to adoption, she begin… Read More
Books For Sale With … · 12:33 11 Dec 2017
Message Sent 11 Dec. 17 To: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ELDRED DAVIS and help @protectlabrador, The Labrador Land P… Read More
Error 404 (Not Found… · 11:34 11 Dec 2017
... palavra sincera, rosa, com ou sem espinhos; flor da alma sem disfarces, aquela que sempre te ofertarei.Antonio Pereira Apon. Sou o meu falar direto,o meu direto calar;explíci… Read More
Proof That You Existed
Magnificent Octopus · 23:03 10 Dec 2017
Little O noticed that boys noticed her. Although she didn't know why they did. She didn't have trouble attracting their attention the way some of the other girls did. When she would sense th… Read More
Survival: ¡Capítulo 5!
Noticias · 21:01 10 Dec 2017
Capítulo 5: LibresNuevo capítulo todos los domingos, a las 22:00 (hora española peninsular). ¡Suscríbete por correo o a través de Facebook y Twitter!… Read More
Great Grief And Distress
The Diary Review · 16:09 10 Dec 2017
Ezra Stiles, an 18th century American pastor who did much to modernise Yale College in its early years, was born 290 years ago today. He had eight children by his first wife who died tragica… Read More
Pilo García, Poemas,… · 10:26 10 Dec 2017
Arden los fuegos las hogueras donde se queman los recuerdos en esas soledades trasnochadas de intensas diatribas con la nada cuando el aire es denso en verano cuando las voces sordas del vac… Read More
Chez Lo · 08:00 10 Dec 2017
de Hanif KureishiRoman - 180 pagesEditions Christian Bourgois - septembre 2017A Londres, Waldo est un vieillard en perte d'autonomie, un homme d'importance, reconnu, cinéaste mais qui… Read More
Pengertian Dan Rumus PH
Artikel Bermanfaat · 03:13 10 Dec 2017
Jika Anda sempat menderngar istilah "pH" namun belum mengerti apa itu pH, maka artikel ini akan menjawab pertanyaan Anda.Secara ringkasnya, pengertian pH adalah derajat keasaman yang di… Read More
The Houdini File · 05:00 09 Dec 2017
The illusive box in the video was the inspiration for our late friend Jerry Andrus' most famous work of art: the Impossible Box, which he built for real in his front yard in Albany, Oregon.A… Read More
Message In Stanza · 23:34 08 Dec 2017
Don’t you just love God’s beautiful creation? Here is a poem inspired by these pictures: The moon is this illumating sphere in the sky Giving off a light to show us the path… Read More
Everybody Dies At Th… · 03:21 08 Dec 2017
Chapter II Rapture I wouldn’t argue that life was completely different; it was merely wearing a different mask. Twenty years ago, I would have never believed the thought would come to… Read More