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Pen And Paper · 15:19 16 Nov 2018
THE HEDGEHOG FEAST by EDITH HOLDEN (With words by ROWENA STOTT.)The Hedgehog Feast is based on Edith Holden's exquisite water-colour illustrations which were painted after 1911 and like the… Read More
The Brown Girl Dilem… · 14:52 16 Nov 2018
The supernatural demonic realm has exploded into our culture bringing with it shamans, gurus, psychic phenomenon and the paranormal in precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, aut… Read More
Vaishali And Ragjir
Johnmckenzie · 14:23 16 Nov 2018
         These hotels being much the same and the journeys by minibus being much the same ... well, it's the same but different and it's kind of hard to remember wha… Read More
Literary Yard · 12:37 16 Nov 2018
By P.A. O’Neil Aggie slumped back into her Queen Anne desk chair, elbows resting on the slender arms, hands on her thighs. She stared at the crisp sheet of white paper rolled […… Read More
Don In His Den As Ra… · 10:24 16 Nov 2018
What is love for love though?A remembrance of past kisson the ashen cheek that glowsand in the pocket lures the rupee To buy some sherry a galore and lie there under the shrubbery in nature… Read More
Consider This
The Decker Edge · 08:09 16 Nov 2018
It's important to realize that NOODOO is programmed into our universe. Newness is natural. We can see this in numerous ways. I have listed but a few below, for your consideration. &raqu… Read More
The November Rose
Baldock Bard | Verse… · 07:22 16 Nov 2018
I had an email from one of my readers asking if I was well, as my poetic postings had suddenly dried up three weeks ago. The cause for the sabbatical was my father’s death at the age o… Read More
Lorenzo Viani - Poesie
Margini In/versi · 01:04 16 Nov 2018
Questa edizione delle misconosciute poesie di Lorenzo Viani, pittore versiliese espressionista di idee anarchiche, al pari di un’erba selvatica non si lascia facilmente classificare n… Read More
Poésie Pour Elle
Phrase D'amour Sms · 22:29 15 Nov 2018
Contre le harcèlement, agissons tant que nous le pouvons ! Bip. Bip. La sonnerie du réveil retentit. Deb sortit doucement du monde des rêves pour revenir à celui… Read More
The First Biospeleologist
The Diary Review · 20:34 15 Nov 2018
Emil Racoviţă, one of the most distinguished of Romanian scientists, was born 150 years ago today. Though he lived in France for much of his life, it was in the Romanian city of Cl… Read More
Alien Romances · 13:30 15 Nov 2018
Let us give thanks that this election cycle has ended, and we'll have a short rest from the acrimonious politicking. (Maybe. It seems that nowadays we hardly get a moment's peace before camp… Read More
Nelson Lowhim; Write… · 08:30 15 Nov 2018
I'm a writer. Still, I sense that art and poetry have more to teach me. How do you remember a vacation you took? Here's one way.  Enjoyed it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or o… Read More
Self Publishing News… · 21:30 14 Nov 2018
Technology has made it easier than ever to reach wider audiences no matter where they are in the world. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box and you can market a self-published… Read More
O Universo Entre Lin… · 10:30 14 Nov 2018
O Primeiro passoTudo começa com o primeiro passo,a vontade e o merecimentonos dirá o resultado.Tenha iniciativa,não tenha medo de errar,tenha medo de nunca ter tentado.S… Read More
The Periscope · 00:58 14 Nov 2018
Why’s that the forest weeps? Is it because a young tree died? Is it that the winter storm last night laid siege to a loving charming girl? Or did it hear about killing of ducks locked… Read More
Joy Is An Admirable Goal
Magnificent Octopus · 23:47 13 Nov 2018
Canadian cover"Joy is an admirable goal." Juliet said. "Completely unobtainable, of course."I was so looking forward to a new Kate Atkinson book! Transcription satisfied. It bears her tradem… Read More
With Each Step
Message In Stanza · 23:19 13 Nov 2018
Beautiful dance Was this love up to chance? With each step We learn more Amidst the peace or war We keep dancing I love you With each secret I kept I feel your gaze And I am amazed I have kn… Read More
Beyond The Fall
You Read It Here Fir… · 18:26 13 Nov 2018
Tamara Ledbetter, dumped by her arrogant husband, travels to Cornwall, England, to research her ancestors. A trip first planned with her soon-to-be ex. While in a neglected cemetery, she sc… Read More
Never Knew
Boricua Beauty · 16:18 13 Nov 2018
Never knew what angels looked like until I met you. Never knew what love was until I felt you. Never imagined I’d be with thee, The loveliest queen in all galaxy. For with thee… Read More
Revista Ema · 15:04 13 Nov 2018
Antes de O Ódio, Mathieu Kassovitz já era considerado um ator e diretor promissor, mas esta obra provavelmente superou expectativas. Além de um prêmio de dire&cced… Read More
The Goldilocks Problem
Fairytale Feminista · 12:00 13 Nov 2018
So, I finally did it. I’ve joined Twitter. I resisted for a long time because deep down I don’t really enjoy social media. Oh, there are bright spots—those rare days when I… Read More