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The Reason Justin Bieber Hates Taylor Swift

As if the Kanye West/Taylor Swift feud wasn't bad enough, a dingle berry from Canada's butt cheek decided that he had to insert himself into the mess. And from the looks of it, the only way to have a celeb feud in these days is to turn to social media, Justin's preferred network is Instagram. So he posted a pic of himself on a FaceTime call with Kanye and captioned it with "Taylor Swift What Up?" Which made me ask the question, why is he still a thing? Then I wondered why he hates Taylor so much.

The simple answer would be that Taylor's best friend is Selena Gomez, who happens to be his ex. Wait are they still off or did they get back together overnight? No, I think they are still exes. They change their minds faster than I drink Mimosas. Selena and Just had a little feud going through song a few months back. Just for the record, and this will upset quite a few millennials, but Biebs and Selena have nothing on Britney and Justin Timberlake. They were a couple that we could all root for.

Why do you guys let me go off on rants about Britney and Justin? You know I should channel those feelings into a book. And more importantly they should not be mentioned in the same post as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. So back to them and their stupid feud. In a series of 3 blinds, Blind Gossip pulled back the curtain on the reasoning. Let me tell you, neither one come out looking very good.

The first reason is pretty standard, and completely reasonable with a twist. Taylor didn't like the fact that Justin uses drugs and had him blackballed from events. Let me let Blind Gossip say what's what: "Yes, it seems a little hypocritical given that there were other people at those gatherings who do drugs, or have done drugs, or have dealt drugs. She just had a particular dislike of HIS messy history with drugs." It makes sense, and for a very long time a lot of people thought that Justin was on his way out. So it makes sense that Taylor would steer clear of that sort of drama. More from BG: "She didn’t want that messy factor anywhere near her reputation… and he didn’t like that she had the power to blackball him." The power issue comes into play a lot with these two. It almost seems like they have a thing for one another but are denying it. 

Which leads us into the second and most interesting part of this story. At an event, Justin tried to seduce Taylor. He went about it in the douchiest way possible, and no there is no word on whether this was before or after he dated Selena. Again in the words of Blind Gossip: 

"This was a few years ago when they were both at [event]. They were friendly at the time. He was talking about doing some sort of collaboration together. Then he started licking his lips and saying something like, ‘I can think of another kind of collaboration that we could do together.’ At first she thought he was just trying to be funny, but he didn’t stop. He was like, ‘Admit it. You know you’ve always secretly wanted me.’ She was like, 'Ummm…. no.' He made her really uncomfortable. After that, she just tried to avoid him."
And Boom goes the dynamite.  Can you imagine how gross that must have been? In this way, it would be understandable if Taylor vomited every time she saw him and that's why she didn't want him around. It also makes sense as to why he hates her and is twisting the knife in, now that she is dealing with the first real backlash of her career. Plus there's the whole Selena of it all....

Earlier in the post, I wasn't joking about not knowing whether Selena and Justin were back together or not. They really are the quintessential on/off celeb couple. When Taylor and Selena first became besties, Ms. Swift warned our favorite Latina singer about Canada's version of Trump. The last bit of info from Blind Gossip “…doesn’t like drugs, and she doesn’t like that [Ex] used to do drugs whenever she got back together with [Male Singer]. She also didn’t like that [Male Singer] was always f*cking other girls behind [Ex’s] back. She told [Ex] that she would be happier if she dated a guy who didn’t treat her so badly.” Sounds like Taylor was just being a good friend but Justin doesn't like when people speak out against him. 

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The Reason Justin Bieber Hates Taylor Swift


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