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2018-05-01 03:21
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the lungs. This is no Rocket Science. Asthmatics already have over-sensitive airways and thus irritants and toxins in cigarette smoke are doubly harmfu… Read More
2018-04-01 06:43
Expectant mothers who have asthma are often anxious. Their anxiety is usually related to following concerns: – Will asthma adversely affect my pregnancy or my baby? – Will pregna… Read More
2018-03-24 14:44
Do you feel like ending your life? Do you suffer from extreme mood swings? Or Do you cry often for no possible reason? Do you have difficulty concentrating? Are you engulfed with negati… Read More
2018-03-21 04:55
Aloe vera, a popular medicinal plant, is used for treating skin injuries such as burns and sores, but may also have several other therapeutic properties. We have put together some such uses… Read More
2018-03-21 04:38
For minor bleeding (small wound/cut/abrasion) -Wash the affected area under running cold water and pat dry. -Cover the area completely with a sterile gauze dressing and apply firm pressure… Read More
2018-03-21 04:37
Here are some essential first aid tips you must follow: -Hold the affected area under running cold water for 10 minutes or till the pain subsides. do not use ice. -Do not use ice. -Do n… Read More
2018-03-21 04:35
If the person is conscious -Make the person comfortable. -Loosen any clothing around the neck, chest and waist. -Place 300 mg aspirin tablet under his/her tongue allowing it to dissolve. -Ca… Read More
2018-03-19 12:50
Here are some essential first aid tips to follow in case of Convulsions: -Stay calm and composed. -Clear the surrounding area around the person.Make a cushion below his/her head with somethi… Read More
2018-03-03 05:04
Here are some essential tips to follow in case of an eye Injury: -Do NOT rub the affected eye/eyes. -Wash hands thoroughly before touching the eyes. -If there is a suspected contact with a c… Read More
2018-03-02 05:59
Holi, as we all know, is the festival of colors. It signifies victory over evil and the arrival of spring. It is a festival celebrated with vibrant colors. But, over a period of time, the us… Read More
2018-03-01 04:02
1. Want to enjoy dinner? Keep phones away The researchers asked more than 300 people to go to dinner with friends and family at a restaurant. Participants were randomly assigned to either ke… Read More
2018-02-26 04:21
1. Watching too much TV can kill you Following recent research which has shown too much time spent sitting down at work is bad for our health, a new US study has now found that hours spent i… Read More
2018-02-24 11:01
Should one avoid khatta, spicy and oily foods prohibited during periods? It is a myth to avoid khatta, oily or spicy foods altogether during periods. But if you are… Read More
2018-02-21 06:56
Checkups are one of the paramount factors leading to good health and when it comes to the health of your baby, you need to be extra cautious in getting regular health-checkups done. Your bab… Read More
2018-02-16 08:14
1) Frequent night shifts may up diabetes risk Working frequent night shifts may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, regardless of genetic predisposition, a study has warned… Read More
2018-02-12 07:07
There no better feeling than digging your teeth in a bar of chocolate or chomping down on your favourite chips to calm down your midnight hunger pangs. Almost everyone is guilty of eating la… Read More
2018-02-09 13:22
Here are some essential tips to follow in case of a nose bleed -Sit upright and tilt your head FORWARD to allow drainage. -Pinch your nose bridge firmly using thumb and index finger till ble… Read More
2018-02-08 08:04
1. Prefer energy drinks over coffee? You may have to think twice Teenagers and adults who consume energy drinks may suffer from rapid heartbeat, nausea and seizures, the study warned. Source… Read More
2018-02-06 04:52
The food we eat plays an important role in the way the drugs we take affect our body. A food-drug interaction can prevent a drug from working the way it should or can cause side effects. Whi… Read More
2018-01-29 13:42
We all know that breast milk is one of the most nutritious forms of milk that is essential for the adequate growth and development of infants, especially premature and sick newborns. Breast… Read More
2018-01-28 08:23
As a parent, you might be familiar with the struggle of making your fussy kid to have a spoon of healthy vegetables in dishes or to gulp down a glass of milk. But, at the end of the day, the… Read More
2018-01-26 09:48
Anjali , a mother of two, shares her worries when she got to know that her daughter had her first period at the age of 9. “It’s like the body is growing while the brain is still… Read More
2018-01-23 08:37
How much do you know about fertility and conception? You must think that you are quite aware but hold on! There are many myths and rumors surrounding fertility based on old wives tales or ju… Read More
2018-01-20 20:50
Here are important tips that you should follow in case of diarrhea: -Rest as much as possible. -Drink lots of fluids in the form of water, ORS , curd, probiotic yoghurt , coconut water… Read More
2017-12-28 07:43
Pre-diabetes– a condition that lurks like a ghost in the corner and traps you the moment it views you as a perfect host. Okay, yes that’s not the technical definition of it but i… Read More
2017-12-24 12:22
Do you know that nearly 1 million Indians die due to diabetes every year? Alarming situation indeed! However timely monitoring can help you and your doctor to develop a treat… Read More
2017-12-18 11:17
Cold, as we all know is one of the most commonly encountered respiratory infections in children as well as in adults. It has been observed that children are likely to suffer from cold 6-10… Read More
2017-12-13 10:38
Take two glasses of water, add a spoon of sugar in one and oil in another. Now give them both a thorough mix. What happens? The sugar dissolves completely in the water making a sugary sweet… Read More
2017-12-11 11:03
Here are some important tips to follow in case of a sprain or strain: -Follow RICE therapy. -Rest- Rest and limit all movements. Use a sling or crutches to support the limb if nec… Read More
2017-12-05 10:57
Here are some important tips to follow in case of fainting: -Make the person lie down. -Assess his/her level of consciousness by asking simple questions like his/her name, age, address. -Lo… Read More
2017-12-02 10:28
Here are important tips to follow in case of a snake bite -Note the snake’s appearance and try to calm the person affected with the bite. -Make the person lie down. If the bite is on… Read More

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