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2023 British Car Show, Sydney
2023-09-17 06:33
The 2023 British car show was finally on in Sydney, the first since 2019.   The 2020 and 2021 shows were lost to Covid and the 2022 show to wet fields.   The 2023 show wa… Read More
560SEC 722.3 Transmission Rebuilt
2023-09-15 09:39
I’ve known the automatic transmission in my 560SEC was weak for a few years now.    It was exhibiting a lot of the symptoms of wear that these 722.3 transmissions do when the… Read More
Auto Brunch St Ives September 2023
2023-09-03 01:07
Today was the Monthly St Ives Auto Brunch cars and coffee event.    The event is held in St Ives showground.    Since I last attended, they have moved from being spread o… Read More
Guest Post:  Victorian German Auto Show 2023
2023-08-29 07:13
The German Auto Show has grown into one of the larger Victorian car shows, showcasing the main German marques, but also some of the lesser-known brands that have ceased manufacturing, such a… Read More
2023 Shannons Eastern Creek Car Show
2023-08-20 06:41
The Shannons Eastern Creek car show is always one of the biggest events in the calendar for the Sydney car scene.    I’ve been going for years, but this is only my second tim… Read More
MBCNSW Bring Your Other Car Day
2023-07-30 12:04
Today I went to a cars and coffee event organized by the Mercedes-Benz club.   It was a bit different to normal, as the theme was ‘Bring your other car’.   Th… Read More
W124 Ignition Tumbler
2023-07-10 14:46
When I purchased my 300TE, I noticed two things that slightly concerned me.   The first was that I only had one key for the car.   The second was that the ignition barrel… Read More
MBCNSW Amazing Rally 2023
2023-07-02 10:32
Today was my first ever observation rally.   After having gone to car events regularly for well over a decade, I had surprisingly never attended one.  The premise is that you… Read More
MBCNSW June 2023 Cars And Coffee
2023-06-25 01:03
This morning I attended the MBCNSW cars and coffee event in Silverwater.   It was held at the Armory café down by the water.    It is quite nice down there, and th… Read More
Auto Brunch St Ives June 2023
2023-06-04 01:02
This morning I attended the monthly Auto Brunch event at St Ives Showground.    This is easily the best cars and coffee event in Sydney, and even eclipses some of the formal shows… Read More
National Motoring Heritage Day 2023
2023-05-22 02:06
National Motoring Heritage Day occurs every year on the last Sunday of May.   The goal is to try and encourage as many classic, vintage and veteran cars out as possible and display… Read More
Auto Brunch St Ives May 2023
2023-05-16 09:17
About a week and a half ago, I attended the May 2023 Auto Brunch event in St Ives.   This is my favorite Sydney cars and coffee event, and I hadn’t had a chance to attend thi… Read More
W124 Gullideckel Wheels
2023-05-07 02:19
I recently bought an additional set of W124 Gullideckel wheels for my 300TE.   The wheels on my car look quite good, but the price was reasonable and its good to have a spare set… Read More
Longroof Long Lunch
2023-04-30 08:18
Today I attended a MBCNSW event dubbed the Longroof Long Lunch.    I wasn’t actually planning to attend a car club event today, but due to the torrential rain forecast for th… Read More
USA Junkyard Visit 2023
2023-04-16 03:35
I’m currently in Las Vegas, USA for a work event.   The event starts tomorrow so I had some time to get acclimatized to the time zone, and a buffer in case of any flight dela… Read More
300TE Tailgate Struts
2023-04-05 01:03
Like a lot of wagons and hatchbacks, the 124 wagon uses gas struts to hold up the tailgate.   Unlike most vehicles, these are completely hidden in the structure of the car.  I… Read More
S124 Tech Day
2023-04-02 12:21
Today I joined an informal group of S124 owners for a technical day.   There was an expert in these cars visiting from Victoria, so it was an opportunity for every to get together… Read More
W124 Becker Radio Install – Part 3
2023-03-30 04:16
I have been in the process of installing a Becker Grand Prix 1402 in my 1990 300TE.   This is the model of radio it came with, although this particular radio is not original to thi… Read More
W124 Becker Radio Install – Part 2
2023-03-26 13:40
Yesterday, I started installing a Becker 1402 in my 1990 300TE.   This was the radio it was sold with, and the same radio I have in my 1987 560SEC.   I had removed the ol… Read More
W124 Becker Radio Install – Part 1
2023-03-25 20:42
I purchased my 1990 Mercedes 300TE with a modern Sony Xplod CD player.   It was a fairly low end model that sounded pretty bad and looks really out of place in the W124 dash. … Read More
300TE Thermostat Change
2023-03-25 10:31
Since purchasing my 300TE, I haven’t been happy with the operating temperature.   It hasn’t overheated, but it was running hotter on days in the mid to high 20s than I… Read More
Machines & Macchiatos March 2023
2023-03-19 05:40
Today I attended the monthly Machines and Macchiatos event in Terrey Hills.   Last time I was able to attend was October 2022, when I took my DS.   Today is a swelteringl… Read More
W111 Alternator Upgrade
2023-03-18 11:12
This last week my 250SE has been at the workshop having an alternator upgrade.   Back in 2020, my alternator gave up, and I replaced it with a rebuilt 35A alternator.   … Read More
W116 Sunroof Switch Repair
2023-03-17 01:21
The sunroof on my 280SE has not worked properly since I bought the car.    It would sometimes move a bit, if I played with the switch, but not often.   Since I didn&rsquo&hell…Read More
Citroen DS Rebuilt Rear Spheres
2023-03-11 22:24
Earlier this year, I had the suspension spheres on my 1970 Citroen DS checked for pressure.  The ride had become pretty terrible, so it was obvious there was a problem.  We were ab… Read More
Fitting S124 Factory Cross Bars
2023-02-25 10:09
Ever since I purchased my 300TE, I had wanted to replace the aftermarket roof racks with the S124 factory cross bars.   The car came with a set of Rhino Sportz roof racks, which lo… Read More
420SEL Parts Car Update
2023-02-16 19:49
I’ve owned my 420SEL parts car for a while now, and not really provided any updates as to how it’s going.   Overall, I’m glad I purchased the car, although it&r&hellip…Read More
Planning 300TE Repairs And Improvements
2023-02-12 20:07
Now I’ve had the 300TE registered for a month or so, and have put about 600km on the car, I have a better idea of some of the improvements I want to make to it.    I was able… Read More
Mercedes W116 280SE Vs W126 300SE
2023-02-05 07:27
For years the W116 has lived in the shadow of the W126.    The W126 is often lauded as one of the best cars Mercedes-Benz ever made.     Under its skin it can trace… Read More
300TE First Improvements
2023-02-02 08:04
I bought my 300TE in generally good condition, but there were a couple of things I wanted to do right away to improve the car.    I find this is pretty typical with a ‘new&rs&hell…Read More
Introducing My 1990 Mercedes 300TE
2023-01-29 05:31
Now I have sold my 1986 Mercedes 300SE, time to introduce its replacement, a 1990 300TE.   I had been keeping my eye out for a good driver quality S124 wagon for a while.  &nb&hell…Read More
Farewell 300SE
2023-01-24 01:14
Today I sold my 1986 300SE W126.   It was the right decision to sell, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss the car.   It wasn’t the nicest 300SE… Read More
Citroen DS Sphere Regassing
2023-01-17 08:03
The Citroen DS is known for the quality of its ride.   The books use epithets such as ‘Magic carpet ride’.    There is a bit of puffery in that statement, but… Read More
For Sale: 1979 280SE W116
2023-01-07 09:04
For sale:  1979 Mercedes-Benz 280SE. Australian Delivered. Update model with the nicer velour carpet and full wood trim. Original Becker Mexico radio. Well optioned including alloy whee… Read More
For Sale: 1986 300SE W126
2023-01-07 08:57
For Sale: Australian delivered W126 300SE in striking signal red and cream MB-Tex interior. Both interior and exterior in nice shape. Car was repainted by the previous owner. I’ve owne… Read More
W126 Hirschmann Antenna
2023-01-07 08:30
A couple of months ago an eagle eyed viewer of my Instagram feed asked my why my 560SEL doesn’t have a Hirschmann Antenna.    Given how original the car is, it was a good que… Read More
Auto Vintage Bangkok
2023-01-02 09:03
I recently spent two weeks in Surat Thani, Thailand.   On the way back, the flights from Surat Thani to Bangkok do not line up with the flight back to Sydney.   Therefore… Read More
2022 Fleet Update
2022-12-19 04:37
With yet another year almost finished, time for an update on the Classic Jalopy fleet.   Similar to last year, I will go over what I did with each car, any issues, and future plans… Read More
MBCNSW November Night Drive To Bilpin
2022-11-25 02:24
Last night was the now annual night drive to Bilpin.    On this drive, we start in Windsor and then up Bells Line of road to the Bilpin Apple Pie Cottage.    The owner is… Read More
MBCNSW 60’s Models Photoshoot
2022-11-20 05:28
The Mercedes club is planning a feature in the magazine for models of the late 60s and early 70s.   They have previously done features on the 107 series and 124 series.  &nbsp&hell…Read More
Auto Brunch St Ives November 2022
2022-11-07 09:35
Yesterday I attended the Auto Brunch event at St Ives Showground again.   It’s still far and away the best cars and coffee event in Sydney.   This month was no exce… Read More
MBCNSW October 2022 Cars And Coffee
2022-10-30 03:35
Today was supposed to be the annual Sydney German car show.   It would have been the first one held since 2019 due to Covid.   I missed the 2019 event due  to work t… Read More
W126 Becker Radio Install – Part 4
2022-10-25 12:06
Previously, I had installed a Becker Mexico 1402 Cassette in my 1987 560SEC.    This is a very similar model to what it left the factory with.     My setup looked fa… Read More
W126 Guide Rod Mount Bushes
2022-10-21 11:32
Back in September, my 560SEC was at the mechanics to fix a sticking brake caliper and fix the A/C.   At the same time, I asked for the source of two oil leaks to be investigated.&n&hell…Read More
Machines & Macchiatos October 2022
2022-10-16 07:23
It didn’t seem very long ago that I was at the September Machines & Macchiatos event.   In a blink of an eye it was mid October and time for another one.   This… Read More
2022 ACT German Car Show
2022-09-26 01:18
Yesterday was the 2022 ACT German car show.   It was the first since 2019, with the 2020 and 2021 events unfortunately cancelled due to COVID.     The ACT show alway… Read More
W126 Becker Radio Install – Part 3
2022-09-20 07:30
I am currently in the process of installing a period correct Becker Radio in my 560SEC.   In part 2, I had the system up and running.   The final task was to tidy up the… Read More
W126 Becker Radio Install – Part 2
2022-09-18 23:11
In part 1 of this series, I had begun installing a Becker Mexico 1402 in my 560SEC.   I had planned out my install and done the core wiring for the Becker itself.   Today… Read More
Machines & Macchiatos September 2022
2022-09-18 11:34
Today I attended the September 2022 Machines and Macchiatos event.   This is my second time to this event, I managed to attend the December 2021 event last year.  Since my las… Read More
W126 Becker Radio Install – Part 1
2022-09-14 11:38
My 1987 UK Market 560SEC was originally sold with Becker Mexico Cassette player (option 251).   I’ve been planning for a while to re-install a period Becker radio, with a few… Read More
2022 JDCA Cars And Coffee
2022-09-11 04:13
Today I was supposed to be attending the All British Day at the Kings School.    Unfortunately the event was cancelled after the weeks of torrential rain here in Sydney.  &nbs&hell…Read More
2022-09-05 03:48
The Becker 374 Mexico Cassette Vollstereo Reverse was the standard radio installed in the S-Class from 1979-1981 models in Australia.  It was seen on the last of the W116s and I believe… Read More
Stuck W116 Ignition Barrel – Part 3
2022-09-01 23:21
I’ve ben grappling with a stuck ignition key on my 280SE W116 for some time.   In part 1 I finally managed to move the key to position 1, but could not unscrew the collar to… Read More
Uprated W126 A/C Condenser
2022-09-01 05:18
When I purchased my 560SEC, the A/C was not working.   It hadn’t even been converted to R134A.   I suspect it had never worked while in Australia.   The c… Read More
2022-08-27 07:03
In Australia, the 560 models were standard with a Becker 868 Mexico CD Player.   This doesn’t sound like much of a deal in 2022, but back in the mid 80s this was a huge deal… Read More
2022-08-23 08:52
I am currently installing a Becker 1402 Grand Prix electronic in my 560SEC.   I don’t have the original owners manual packet for the car, so I didn’t have an instructio… Read More
Stuck W116 Ignition Barrel – Part 2
2022-08-22 13:15
Previously I had a stuck ignition barrel in my 280SE.   After 5 hours of trying, I finally got it to move, allowing me to get the car out of the way.   At the time, I was… Read More
2022 Shannons Eastern Creek Car Show
2022-08-14 11:05
Today was the 2022 Shannons Eastern Creek Car Show.   This is the biggest car show that I know of in Sydney, and is held at Eastern Creek Raceway.   I’ve been going… Read More
2022-08-09 11:03
It was back in April 2018 when I got a call from Greg at Gullwing Motors, telling me to come in as he had a car that I might be interested in. Oooh, this sounded exciting, what was it?! I co… Read More
Auto Brunch St Ives August 2022
2022-08-07 07:10
Today I attended the monthly Auto Brunch event at St Ives Showground.   This is easily the best cars and coffee event in Sydney.   There is always a huge variety on displ… Read More
Stuck W116 Ignition Barrel – Part 1
2022-07-25 00:50
I was quite keen to start using the 280SE more now I have sorted out the steering, exhaust and drivers seat.    I don’t have a modern car, so I rotate the various historic re… Read More
W116 Seat Repair
2022-07-24 00:54
Now I had the 280SE at the point where I could drive it more, I wanted to attend to the drivers seat.   Like most of these cars, years of driving had caused at least some of the sp… Read More

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