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Coping With Negative Emotions
Ekarshe · 16:15 28 Mar 2017
Mind is man, as the mind so the individual. It is the glory of the human mind that it can rationally think and analyze the world and come to very intelligent conclusions – hence, we se… Read More
Un Día, Una Reflexió… · 06:29 28 Mar 2017
No hay monstruos en la oscuridad pero sí mucha oscuridad en los monstruos. (Anónimo)Se dice del monstruo que es un ser diferente a los demás de su especie pero ¿q… Read More
Frostbite · 11:08 27 Mar 2017
"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." (Aldous Huxley, English author)          … Read More
Inkmyfreedom · 05:00 27 Mar 2017
By Emmanuel Kyama I still remember the first time I heard that definition. “Truth,” He said “is the highest form of reality”. “Truth,” He said “is t… Read More
Daily Thoughts And P… · 11:31 26 Mar 2017
A way of thinking. Recently I reveal that everything depends on our relation with God. This may not be a great discovery, but the meaning of the relation, changing the way of my thinking. Fo… Read More
Typerella · 19:04 25 Mar 2017
Apps can serve as a tool that we can use to dive into the Word of God. We can use technology to be encouraged, to find joy and seek God on a deeper level. There are many apps out there that… Read More
Control And Spirituality
Spiritual Spew · 16:43 25 Mar 2017
A friend was disappointed and deeply hurt with the way someone close to them had behaved. The advise that I shared with them was the following:You cannot control the way that others behave… Read More
Dream On . . . – Yo… · 07:00 25 Mar 2017
This is a passage from the KJV, it’s taken out of Romans 18-32, that famous few verses where God pretty much includes everything and everybody into His wrath because of their idolatrou… Read More
Prosperity To Do Lis… · 17:59 24 Mar 2017
Happiness quote: “You must try to generate happiness within yourself. If you aren’t happy in one place, chances are you won’t be happy anyplace” ~ Ernie Banks That is… Read More
Dust Off, Truth In
At The Master's Call · 18:23 22 Mar 2017
Dust and more dust ate up my fingers as I retrieved this book that has Life in it. A look at the days and love paints itself in ever corner for He has remained the same, faithful to the core… Read More