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Reflections From The… · 21:54 22 Feb 2017
There's something odd about the expectancy of a storm . Doris is due to hit at 10 p.m. ish tonight in Britain and [in voice hearing] there is a strange sense of uncertainty amongst the voice… Read More
Un Día, Una Reflexió… · 10:19 22 Feb 2017
En este mundo, la muerte es lo que da sentido a la vida aunque la vida no le devuelva el favor. (Anónimo)Se dice que los mitos son inmortales. Es una paradoja cínica, pues debe… Read More
The Stick
Frostbite · 12:47 20 Feb 2017
            I try my best to be a kind person. Tolerance and compassion are the two things I strive to maintain in my life. I have much… Read More