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Todd On Sign Language
2010-06-18 19:44
Todd is pictured with his tortoise, Lightning. "Special education has always fascinated me. When I got into this work, they were still institutionalizing many people with special needs… Read More
Dinah On Settling Herself Down
2010-06-17 13:38
"I have been around kids my whole life, so I knew that being a bus attendant was the right job for me. I used to do manager stuff over at Blockbuster Video, but I needed a change. Three year… Read More
Arnold On Spreading The Joy
2010-06-16 13:32
"I grew up on a farm in Foster, Rhode Island, or 'Fostah' as we call it. I dropped out of high school at 18 to work and was drafted to be in the war that same year. I was trained as Mil… Read More
Josh On Magic
2010-06-14 15:08
"I don't have a specific memory of when I first got into magic, but I remember seeing magicians as a kid growing up in Maryland and loving them. My brother and I would get magic books from t… Read More
Reshell On Going To College
2010-06-13 13:00
"My family goes back three generations in D.C. We have always been in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. I really love it here and am going to miss D.C. a lot when I leave in August to… Read More
Jahi On Listening
2010-06-10 23:34
"My parents moved down to Atlanta, Georgia from the D.C. area a few years before I was born. We spent a few years there and then came back up to the area. My Mom is a health practitioner and… Read More
Roberto On Coming To Terms With Himself
2010-06-09 13:15
"I am fifth generation born in El Paso, Texas. I grew up with my Mom and three sisters, as my Dad was not around. My Mom owned a hair salon and I spent a lot of time there. Ba… Read More

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