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Jump Start Your Christmas List
2016-09-16 03:14
This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.I can't believe it's almost time for Christmas shopping!! At this point in my life, I certainly don't have time to be going from store to stor… Read More
15% Off Promo Code For Photobooks!
2016-09-01 01:58
Recently a friend and I were discussing how hard it is to stay caught up with scrapbooking all of our kids pictures . . . sometimes it feels like every year, I just get further and further b… Read More
2016-05-08 15:35
A mom . . . a dad . . . approximately 2.5 children. Married, for life. Isn't that what we think a family is? Isn't that what the church has taught for decades, maybe centuries, at this… Read More
GREAT Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Order Now!
2015-12-13 18:04
A Rain Poncho - In Texas, we can use a rain poncho anytime of year. We have gotten lots of rain recently and it probably isn't over unless it gets cold enough to freeze all of the preci… Read More

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