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2010-12-28 16:35
Hello my loves. I have been so busy lately making some lifestyle changes. I have been working my tushy off at the gym and more importantly reading up on the human body and nutrient. So wi… Read More
2010-12-19 20:27
Hey-ya. Check out my new blog, The Big Fat Bet. Follow me as I continue my weight-loss journey. Read More
2010-12-18 19:40
I go through phases of obsessions. These obsessions are usually educational obsessions such as: reading as many books from the library as possible, learning how to knit, crochet and loom, p… Read More
The Kiss List . Volume 2
2010-11-30 02:37
Hello my lovely readers. Today I bring you, seriously the second hottest geek I have ever seen (Matt being the first, of course!). He literally has the perfect balance of awesomeness and gee… Read More
My Crib
2010-11-26 20:32
Feeling good today. Matt and I got up extra early to search for a couch. We never planned on staying in Vegas for more the 2 years, but 3 1/2 years later, here we still are. Since we thou… Read More
Rachel-Sarah Inspiration
2010-11-17 18:10
So, I finally found a way to MacGyver my images off of my camera. Very exciting because some real jems have been stuck on there, and no way of getting on my computer since I lost the stupid… Read More
Adventures Of A Cheap Foodie
2010-11-08 07:15
So, as some of you know, I love me some food. Ever since having my surgery, I find myself more in love with food. Since my intake is limited, I like to eat only the "essence" of food, making… Read More
The Kiss List . Volume 1
2010-11-05 06:14
I would like to introduce The Kiss List, which is pretty much a list of guys I would love to make out with at some point before I kick the bucket. Yes, I know, I am married, but can't a girl… Read More
2010-11-04 19:48
This song haunts me. Please leave and evacuate my brain. Thanks! Read More

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