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2016-09-16 03:59
Thin scratched black lines weave their wayaround my silhouette inside my head an itching sensationthreatens everything I thought I knewI waitand tracing the line from breastbone to wombmy fi… Read More
2016-09-16 03:56
Written in my body(i)Woman,Narrow your hips and your horizonsfor you are too wideQuieten your voice and your lookingfor you are is too loudkneel and weep and dress yourselfin fragilityfor yo… Read More
2016-09-16 03:50
It is Immovableunchangingunaffected by any hurricaneor teardropIt does not wantIt is full and emptyalways moving and stillits action is wisdomits silence is beautyits intention is loveI can… Read More
2016-06-26 15:24
SpoutDon't tell meit's a mental pursuit,all in my head, whenthe word spoutwas right there, in the bedwith me this morning.sibilant, sensuous S, sine wave,uncoiling energy into… Read More
2016-06-25 18:57
Allotment : ( uh-lot-muh-nt )definitions: a share granted: a plot of land rented to a gardenerpenny poor and joyexpectant, stumblinginto your arms I greetthumb thick tangled bramblestwo… Read More
From A Meadowsweet Mouth...
2016-06-25 18:46
From a meadowsweet mouth a spill of promises…Old soldiers are mustering at my borders,muttering fork tongued manoeuvres, brandishingtheir certainties in my direction.But I tell you no… Read More
2016-06-25 18:08
DriftwoodPeppered earth and wood smokeherald your presencebehind me,so slight the turn and tilt of my head. An invitation. An offering.Your hair redolent with sea salt ta… Read More
A Sigh And A Feather
2016-06-25 17:47
A Sigh and a FeatherA long time ago, in a faraway placean angel fell to earth                  &nbsp&hell…Read More
2016-01-15 09:54
We drove out to Kingsclere, parking right outside the tumbledown cottage where I was born.We crossed the road and headed up a track through the trees, hello to man trimming his hedge… Read More
Reasons For Blogging No. 4
2016-01-15 09:53
I'm a cat person.I'm a mid range introvert that why..I love their containment, intuition ,mystery, their sensuality. and the fact they love sleeping in the warmest, cosiest place… Read More

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