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I swear to God, a team of newborn MONKEYS could come up with better blog titles.
2012-10-02 20:36
Lately I am suffering from a wicked case of “wah-my-life-didn’t-turn-out-like-I-thought-it-would-itis,” which I think we can all agree is a rather useless and obnoxious con… Read More
Press And Hold To Hard Reset
2012-06-22 18:10
Our pets' heads are literally falling off.  Is how it's going. He was a good buddy.  We will miss him.  The last couple of weeks, not so much Read More
2012-06-13 14:58
So, things are wicked bad with Carlos.   Summer is basically a complete disaster.  You know, usually I am very happy with our custody and financial arrangement… Read More
2012-01-12 21:42
I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that my office is directly adjacent to the IT suite. On the one hand, we share a wall, and those fuckers conduct 99% of their calls, 100% of whi… Read More
2012-01-09 15:26
Holy hell, am I ever foul today. I'm getting over a fucking COLD, FTLOG. I haven't been sick in YEARS. I never get sick! This is some bullshit! Yeah, I've been stressed out for like 9 months… Read More
2012-01-03 17:08
First Monday just WOULD NOT DO this year, what with it being a vacation day/bank holiday. Plus, I was home alone with Ava up my ass all day long and so posting was totally laughable. I could… Read More
2011-12-29 16:23
First, the executive summary: 2011 was a hard, stressful year for me. I'd say it was the hardest year I've had since I got divorced. I had a lot of work stress, as I lost a trusted employee… Read More
Year End Checklist
2011-12-28 15:18
Why have I not seen any year-end memes yet? It's December 28th, FTLOG! Are we all hedging to be sure nothing of material effect happens this week? Just get on with it, I'll write you a subse… Read More
2011-11-02 20:55
I like how Jane talks so openly about money. No one does that. I guess as a CPA, I don't see what the big deal is. People sure as hell don't seem to mind going around squawking about their d… Read More
2011-10-19 19:26
Man, I was a straight DICK to Tosc last night. Uch. I literally bitched at him, shrew-style, for like a solid hour. What was the occasion, you ask? Oh, just the last evening we have alone to… Read More

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