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2010-05-28 15:14
I haven't blogged in ages, and I decided to re-kindle the love between me and the internet after I realised my mind was becoming boggled with stupid thoughts and ideas that needed to be writ… Read More
2010-01-02 17:11
So this is the new year,And I don't feel any different.Yes, Death Cab, I agree completely. I am feeling pretty average right now, but my mind has been blown to smithereens (heh Smithers) bec… Read More
2009-12-19 16:19
Work again tomorrow *sigh*, I hope it's not busy. I enjoy fucking around and doing nothing except picking the carrots out of the jalapeno bain, not sweating up a storm in my unwashed Sub shi… Read More
2009-12-17 10:29
So over everything.I would love to curl up into the fetal position and sleep for a week right about now.Have been working so much and have had no sleep and no time to do anything.The money I… Read More
2009-12-16 15:51
Spun. says: I love wasabiDiego says: i love wasabi too i love chilliesSpun. says: me too I love spicy thingsDiego says: WEIRD!!!!!!!!Spun. says: NO! NORMAL!Diego says: YOUR NOT NORMAL, WHEN… Read More
2009-12-14 16:26
Today, ladies and beetle-lovers, I beat Ryan in a game of pool.It was an epic game. Let me just say, I was winning from the beginning and there was no stopping me. LIKE LIGHTNINGGGGGGGGGGGGG… Read More
2009-12-06 17:44
Last night I watched Paranormal Activity. It did not help that the main protagonist was named "Micah" and that the fake name that I use (i.e. whip it out when Transperth catches me without m… Read More
Shut Up
2009-12-03 20:23
It's 4.12am, and I am wide awake. Dammit.And I'd just like to say, if you're going to fucking complain about how pointless blogs are, then don't read them. If you're going to say "Oh, why do… Read More

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