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2022-08-06 21:24
Oliver Niño, also known as “The Spiritual Activator,” is a Sacred Geometry and Energy Activation expert, thought leader, and celebrity spiritual advisor to stars such as D… Read More
2022-08-06 14:52
Cats are mysterious animals with a powerful spirituality that we can identify and understand through their body language. The Spirituality of Cats Through Their Body Language     I… Read More
2022-08-06 09:08
The narrative of your Life Script determines your life’s quality and the legacy you leave behind. Are you writing your Life Script or living someone else’s story? Learn How To Re… Read More
2022-08-05 21:08
Journey with Beebe Bahrami on her path along the Camino de Santiago in her book, The Way of the Wild Goose. The Way of the Wild Goose: Three Pilgrimages Following Geese, Stars, and Hunches o… Read More
2022-08-04 11:34
Your soul is a fundamental part of you, constantly feeling and listening to everything happening in and around your life. It’s almost like a best friend standing by your side. If your… Read More
2022-08-04 00:35
Editor’s Note: This is a documentary and a Love Story. Beyond a chronicle of the Pandemic, “A Hundred days with Tata” is a tale of universal love and devotion that transcen… Read More
2022-08-01 20:47
Consciousness is all there is. It is every person’s true Self and the ultimate reality of everyone and everything. Consciousness: A New Paradigm by William T. Hathaway     As… Read More
2022-08-01 00:47
Learn how the power of laughter can nourish our emotional, mental, and physical health while fueling our self-care in our busy lives! Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine by Ginger McBride … Read More
2022-07-30 22:06
The Astrology Forecast August 2022 shows August sets events in motion that will keep going and going and going. They begin with an explosion and receive one follow-up shove every month. Astr… Read More
2022-07-30 20:29
Stargazing August 2022 shows the month begins with the turbulent conjunction of Mars with Uranus that will make essential movements. First, Venus enters Leo on the day of the Full Moon, and… Read More
2022-07-29 16:46
There is assistance from our guides and loved ones in the afterlife through the consciousness that brings us abundant love and energy. The Blessings of Afterlife Assistance By Judi Lynch &nb&hell…Read More
2022-07-22 00:33
2022 Leo New Moon – July 28, 2022 10:54 AM PDT / 1:54 PM EDT / 5:54 PM GMT 5 Leo 38 2022 Leo New Moon     To listen to Astrologer Kathy Biehl discuss the 2022 Leo New Moon, c… Read More
2022-07-16 19:34
Equanimity is a state of psychological stability and composure undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of the… Read More
2022-07-16 19:03
To the World’s astonishment,  in 2004 – geneticist Dean Hamer released his scientific finding unveiling a gene that he called the God Gene. His research suggests that spirit… Read More
2022-07-02 15:13
Jerry Sargeant is known as ‘The Facilitator’, He is world regarded for his healing abilities. Likened to some of the most influential healers in history, Jerry accesses deep into… Read More
2022-07-01 14:58
The Astrology Forecast July 2022 shows that July comes in with a bang and goes out with a bang or three. The weeks between moments of stabilizing, atmospheric shifts, and stretches of mind… Read More
2022-07-01 14:34
The Death Card is represented by a skeleton that seems to sail, in a sea of bodies, but it does not represent physical death as much as transformation. The Death Card of the Month: The Arcan… Read More
2022-06-22 23:32
Intuitive IQ, or the skill of intuitive insight has been part of the human experience for millennia. How high does your Intuitive IQ rank? Your Intuitive IQ By Wendie Colter, MCWC, CMIP &nbs&hell…Read More
2022-06-19 02:26
2022 Cancer New Moon – June 28-29, 2022 7:52 PM PDT / 10:52 PM EDT / 2:52 AM GMT 7 Cancer 23 2022 Cancer New Moon     To listen to Astrologer Kathy Biehl discuss the 2022 Can… Read More
2022-06-16 23:54
Figuring out your life path is a matter of starting at the end and working your way back to your current point. Do You Know Your Life Path? by Brooke Chaplan     While some people… Read More
2022-06-04 19:27
In the Eastern tradition, when we talk about Healing, three different disease-causing instances are taken into account.  They have categorized and named them as the external factors, th… Read More
2022-06-04 15:28
Humor allows us to open new doors, forge new friendships and find our light. We come alive inside when we have the ability to see the funny side of life on Earth. The Healing Power of Humor… Read More
2022-06-04 14:30
Surfing is a metaphor for life. “Surfing through life” gives the impression that everything is easy and ok. The Life Lessons Surfing Taught Me     If you are a surfer… Read More
2022-06-02 20:35
Golden Milk — also known as saffron milk — is an ancient drink of Indian origin. Widely used by Ayurveda for its health benefits, it has been gaining popularity in Western cultur… Read More
2022-05-31 23:35
Quantum Updates are a necessary step to our spiritual and evolutionary progress. Creation is not done; everything is a process. Quantum Updates Are On The Way     Lightworkers, vol… Read More
2022-05-28 14:33
The June 2022 Astrology Forecast shows that June has us continuing to dredge up information and answers, but with a difference. The relentless, pummeling intensity of the past few months is… Read More
2022-05-28 00:33
The Stargazing Overview June 2022 is everything you wanted to know about the astrological configuration for June 2022 but were afraid to ask. Stargazing Overview June 2022 – Astro… Read More
2022-05-28 00:15
2022 Gemini New Moon – May 30, 2022 4:30 AM PDT / 7:30 AM EDT / 11:30 AM GMT 9 Gemini 3 2022 Gemini New Moon – Time for Big, Bold Action     To listen to Astrologer Kat… Read More
2022-05-14 16:36
In working with the energies of eclipses, some caution is needed, but it is an opportunity for heavy-duty personal Karma cleansing. Working with the Energy of Eclipses     Since th… Read More
2022-04-30 23:24
Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor, environmentalist, Artivist, professional underwater photographer, and creator of the Underwater Museums. An Interview with Jason deCaires Taylor: The Art… Read More
2022-04-30 21:40
The Strength Card represents power, intensity, passion, persuasion, and compassion. It reminds you that your inner Strength can overcome any obstacle you encounter. The Strenght Card –… Read More
2022-04-30 21:18
The May 2022 Astrology Forecast shows that May is a month of revelations, rethinking resources and values, crossed wires and do-overs, and not being able to let things slide. Going with the… Read More
2022-04-30 20:59
Every zodiac sign has its qualities, its peculiarities, and virtues. Each one is special in its own way. But each zodiac sign also has a dark side. The Secret and (Dark) Side of The Zodiac S… Read More
2022-04-30 17:02
What if you had the power to self-heal? Whole Body Prayer: The Life-Changing Power of Self-Healing encourages you to look inside yourself and discover a gift that is innate to us all. Book S… Read More
2022-04-28 17:11
World-renowned devotional singer, musician, teacher, and author, Snatam Kaur is known for her stirring, luminous voice and insightful Kundalini Yoga teachings. Snatam Kaur Launches New Album… Read More
2022-04-16 17:04
One of people’s greatest desires is to find their twin flame, but some obstacles can be faced even when you finally find it. The Obstacles Twin Flames Often Face     When fac… Read More
2022-04-16 16:20
The cherubim are an important Angelic choir to the divine world, ranking second in the hierarchy of angels. According to biblical texts, the Cherubim Angels are responsible for protecting th… Read More
2022-04-13 22:59
Now more than ever, join me in prayer. Close your eyes. Breathe. Let’s set the intention together for peace and healing in our world. How We Can Help Heal the World? By Lorena Junco Ma… Read More
2022-04-12 11:50
Obstacles and roadblocks are some of the most unwelcomed occurrences that happen in daily lives. But they can be a Blessing. From Blocked To Blessed: Receiving The Lessons From Life’s… Read More
2022-04-11 11:02
Kleshas are the forms of suffering that make us live this wheel of Samsara. There are five, and when you are stuck with one of them, you cannot reach Moksha (liberation), which is the goal o… Read More
2022-04-09 21:21
Wakame Seaweed is very common. Many people have this Seaweed in their seaweed salad at sushi bars.  Wakame Seaweed contains lots of iodine for hormonal balance, protects against cancer… Read More
2022-04-09 19:50
The true spirit of gratitude must not be related to what is happening around us. Gratitude is more than a feeling. It is an attitude. It is a Way of Living. Gratitude as a Tool of Deep and I… Read More
2022-04-09 19:29
The world needs “universal individuals” who can think globally. Calling Universal Individuals – It’s Time to Arise! by Barbara Ann Briggs     Universal indi… Read More
2022-04-02 22:06
Tara Brach is an American psychologist, a proponent of Buddhist meditation, and an international bestselling author. An Interview with Tara Brach: Trusting the Gold     To listen t… Read More
2022-04-02 21:31
Learn the step-by-step technique to improve your Lucid Dreaming capability through the Rausis Technique developed by Swiss Therapist Jean Rausis. The Rausis Technique     After ded… Read More
2022-04-02 20:45
Many people explore shamanic practices to discover how they can change your life and your perceptions and bring healing to your life. Shamans and the Shamanic Practice     Shamans… Read More

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