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Samuel Adams Coffee Stout Review
October 10th, 2012 05:59
It’s been out on the market a while, but recently I got around to having my first taste of the Samuel Adams coffee stout. It’s always sounded like an interesting combination to me, as it manages to combine two of my favorite drinks in one. I’ve long been a coffee lover, and every day is [...]
Schlafly has received label approval for the second beer to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Hop Toddy Ale.  This beer should be hitting shelves in March in very limited quantities.  As with the first Anniversary Beer, Schafly has brought together brewers past and present to create this experimental beer.  This time they brought together brewer James “Otto” Ottolini, [...]
Chocolate Ale from Boulevard Brewing is a collaboration from the fine chocolatier Christopher Elbow, and it will be available to buy at some point in the near future.  As the label has now been approved the only thing now required if that this exciting product is state registered to allow for distribution. From the label: “One [...]
It is all but official, Stone Brewing is coming to Missouri. KC Beer Blog reported that a couple of Stone sales reps were in the Missouri scouting distributors and warehouse locations in St Louis and Kansas City. Once Stone does go live, which should be sooner than later, I’m expecting some pretty amazing beer events [...]