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Take A Glimpse of the Evil Ghosts and Good Ghosts

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Whether you believe in the presence of ghosts or not, it is impossible not to freak out when you hear a voice at the wee hours of the night or feel the presence of something ominous around you! Over the past few decades, legions of English authors have provided us with a large number of spine-chilling literary pieces. The horror ghost stories, as any bona fida dead person knows, are one of the most popular devices by which we can confront the uncomfortable certainty – death. However, not every ghost is evil-hearted though! The English literature has gifted us an array of kind-hearted, good ghosts as well. Unlike their evil companions, these good ghosts are soft in nature and love vesting their gifted superpower to better the human lives. Below in this blog, we are presenting a mixture of both the kinds – the evils and the benevolent – to bring a slight tweak to your archaic conception about the paranormal creatures –

A List of the Creepiest Ghosts:-

The ghost of Jacob Marley

The discussion of evil Ghosts would be incomplete without the reference to Jacob Marley’s specter in A Christmas Carol. Coined by Charles Dickens, the Ghost of Marley wanted, in death, urged his ex-partner, Scrooge, to change his ways or otherwise come across an afterlife of terror and misery. In its appearance in the novel, the ghost’s terrifying face has a strange “dismal light about it, like a bad lobster in a dark cellar,” and a bandage right under its chin, which we can discover for holding its jaw to the head. The spooky ghost of Marley will remain with us, pleading with our conscience to lead to a life of compassion, kindness, and generosity, or confront a permanent afterlife crisis.

The specter of ‘The Shining

You have to put your limbs close to your chest as the ghastly specter of ‘The Shining.’ This Stephen King creation presents the apparition conjured by a little boy Danny, whose father ultimately falls prey to the terror of the hotel. As the Torrance family moves to the deserted Overlook Hotel, Danny, the protagonist begins to see terrific images of the gruesome past of the hotel.

The ghost of Hamlet’s father

The ghost of Hamlet’s father had played a crucial role in ending the story with a tragic spin. Killed by his own brother and wife, the king’s ghost manipulated his son Hamlet to avenge the act. Even though, the story predominantly revolves around the fatal flaws of Hamlet, the readers know where the seeds of revenge were actually sown at!

The spirit of “The Upper Birth”

Brisbane of “The Upper Berth” by Sir F. Marion Crawford brags of a ghostly encounter. He sheds a light on the eerie experiences that haunt him on a boat. He came to discover some of the rooms of the boat were haunted. This spooky story will certainly make you nestle to the edge of your seat and freak out in terror.

Malevolent woman in Black

The Woman in Black, written by Susan Hill hinges around the revenge tragedy of a mother, who mourns the loss of her only child in a carriage accident and becomes ruthlessly vengeful. Beware of her rage, because would begin to seek revenge for the death of her son.

The ghost of Banquo

The abrupt appearance of Banquo’s specter at a banquet astonished the already-afraid Macbeth, who began to behave frantically post the incident. Despite the efforts of Lady Macbeth to calm him down, Macbeth failed to get over the scary illusion of Banquo’s ghost and started talking to him projecting his sin of saying, Duncan. Some critics had defied the existence of Banquo’s ghost, acknowledging Macbeth a sufferer of hallucination. While many other critics have acknowledged the existence of Banquo’s revenge-seeking ghost, that, they believe, had appeared to avenge Macbeth’s unforgiving betrayal.

Meet the Friendly Ghosts:-

The funny Ghost of the Christmas Past

Ae we have spoken enough about the creepy ghosts, now it’s time to shed a light on some kind ghosties, that will make you get an instant giggle fit. Let’s begin the list with the funny Ghost of the Christmas Past. This fictitious angelic ghost character appears in the Scrooge scenes from his past, which took place during the Christmas. Known for his benevolent activities, this ghost has won billions of hearts all across the world.

The friendly ghost of Casper

Casper is known as the Friendly Ghost in the gamut of English ghost fictions. The protagonist of the eminent studio theatrical had animated a cartoon series using the same character. As his name suggests, it is a ghost but yet he’s quite personable.

Ghostly Trio

The Ghostly Trio comprises of three funny ghosts naming, Fatso, Stretch, and Stinkle. These fictional characters are found in the famous series of Casper the Friendly Ghost. The very first appearance of these ghosts was in Fright from the Wrong, an animated char6acter of Paramount Picture’s theatrical series from the year 1950. Known for their fun-filled activities, these ghosts have successfully made a special mark in people’ hearts undoubtedly.

Timmy the timid ghost

Gawkiness is that character attribute you cannot really equate with the ghosts. But, Timmy is somewhat an exceptional specter, that engages in a lot of fun adventurous activities, which will make you roll down in laughter.

To conclude:-

Fear is not the only emotion sought by the readers of the ghost stories. A reader can even experience a great deal of fun when exploring the specters of benevolent kinds. Reading this blog, you can get acquainted with a mixture of both the kinds – the good and bad!

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Take A Glimpse of the Evil Ghosts and Good Ghosts


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