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What Is a Marketing Campaign Calendar?

As part of your company’s digital Marketing team, you’ve got objectives to meet and prospective customers to convert. Depending on how many goals and efforts you have in progress, however, managing your campaigns can quickly become overwhelming.

A Marketing Campaign Calendar is an easy-to-read and -use map for each marketing operation. When done well, you and the rest of your marketing department can visualize every effort, plan content and track your success, all in one place.

The Benefits of Leveraging a Marketing Campaign Calendar

As you’re well aware, effective marketing strategies include many moving parts, from content creation to social media posting to ad targeting. A calendar of this type makes it easy to document your marketing efforts and plan each step towards success. Some benefits include:

  • Simplified visualization: Your calendar enables you to view daily, monthly and yearly views of your campaign quickly. As a result, you can prioritize marketing tasks and visualize goal progress.
  • Improved collaboration: Marketing calendar tools offer so much more than dates and tasks. Your calendar can be the hub where your digital marketing team goes to understand their responsibilities and what needs to happen next to move a campaign forward. A calendar keeps everyone on the same page, which is especially important in remote work environments.
  • Adaptable to the ever-changing marketing environment: The best marketing campaigns remain fluid to adapt to the evolving marketing environment. Marketing calendar tools help you to pivot and plan to meet the needs of your audience without derailing your process.
  • Better content quality: Sure, you can post quick content on the fly. Unfortunately, doing so consistently can result in subpar content that does little for your audience. Using a calendar to plan your content development efforts ahead of time will help you create higher-quality assets.

How to Use a Marketing Campaign Calendar Effectively

It’s important to highlight that this calendar isn’t a complete view of every single marketing activity. Instead, this type of calendar drills down into each campaign. For example, brands may choose to create a specific campaign to push a new product before the holidays.

Focusing on each campaign enables you and your team to pay closer attention to the details. Let’s dive into how you can tie your marketing planning efforts and a campaign calendar together for the greatest impact.

1. Choose a Marketing Calendar Solution

Using a project management (PM) tool or a simple Excel spreadsheet isn’t an adequate way to track your marketing strategy. PM tools are too task-specific and can quickly turn muddy with the number of projects and tasks associated with each campaign. And a spreadsheet is often cumbersome to manage, resulting in tasks falling through the cracks.

Digital marketing departments with multiple teams, agencies and channels require one multi-channel solution. This is the best way to ensure campaigns are effectively planned and executed. 

The first step in using a calendar effectively is selecting a new campaign planning tool for your martech stack.

CrossCap’s Marketing Calendar

With CrossCap, you can visualize all of your marketing campaigns in one place simply. It enables you to create a complete marketing plan and outline each task associated with reaching your goals. 

Plus, your marketing team can check their progress using the day to year views and receive notification of any plan changes.

2. Outline Your Goals

After selecting a tool, it’s time to put your marketing planning to work by using your new calendar. First, ensure you’ve clearly defined your overarching goal. Do you want to boost sales? Increase leads? Drive more traffic to your website? From there, drill further down into that goal and develop smaller goals you can achieve over time.

3. Define Your Campaign Strategy & Plan

Now it’s time to further define a campaign strategy that supports your business in reaching its goals. With objectives already in place, start by digging deeper into your target campaign audience. Some questions to consider include:

  • Where does your target audience get their information?
  • How does your target audience prefer to consume content?
  •  What kind of problems can I solve for my target audience?

You’ll also need to pinpoint where your campaign audience is in the buyer’s journey. This will impact the type of marketing collateral you create. Although you may have multiple customer segments, you’ll want to choose which one to target for each campaign.

4. Plan Your Tactics to Support Each Campaign

After defining your target campaign audience segment, you must plan the marketing tactics you’ll use to share your message with them. This includes defining which marketing channels you’ll use and when.

For example, if your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, you might write blog posts and share them to your social accounts. You might even pay to boost those social posts.

By entering all of your tactics into a marketing campaign calendar, you can visualize your strategy from start to finish.

5. Track Your Results

With your calendar in action, it’s time to watch as your marketing planning comes to life. Keep an eye on your performance as you go so you can make changes quickly and efficiently. 

CrossCap’s solution allows you to see your key performance metrics in real-time and adjust your campaigns as needed to maximize their potential. Plus, the historical archive gives you a year-over-year comparison so you can glean even more actionable insights from your data.

Need a Marketing Campaign Calendar Solution?

When a spreadsheet or outdated PM tool just won’t do, CrossCap is here to support you. With our marketing campaign calendar, you’ll have an invaluable tool for your digital marketing team to take your efforts to the next level.Learn more about CrossCap’s Marketing Calendar or send us an email at [email protected].

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What Is a Marketing Campaign Calendar?


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