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How to Start a Poultry Farm in Nigeria (Comprehensive Guide)

How To Start A Poultry Farm In Nigeria (Comprehensive Guide)

How to Start a Poultry Farm in Nigeria:

Why should you find out about how to start a Poultry farm in Nigeria? Who does not love eating chicken or turkey? Maybe not the ones we personally cook at home but the ones from eateries where they are grilled and baked…..yummy right? Some folks do not. I have a friend who dislikes them with a passion because of the odor but eats fish instead. Personally, I think she is weird. She is probably one of the 10% of the Nigerian population that does not consume poultry products.

If you are one of the remaining 90%, who loves them, then I love you, not just because you love consuming them but because you could turn what you love into what you do. You wanna know how to start a Poultry Farm in Nigeria? Be my guest!

Poultry farming is simply the raising of domesticated birds; chickens, turkeys and ducks, for commercial purposes. I have to say at this point that if you are actually considering this as a business you could venture into, you are in the right place. Sit, brace up and get ready to take off!

Poultry farming is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative and successful businesses in Nigeria. A friend of mine told me about a woman that makes millions of naira just from supplying Shoprite chicken products! Reports have shown that poultry farming in Nigeria has made folks millionaires, so yes, I completely agree with that fact. This business can only benefit you if you really understand how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria that will be properly managed.

The economy of Nigeria is largely dependent on the Agricultural sector. If you are very conversant with what goes on in the market, you will realize that we need more poultry farms in Nigeria. The reason is because about 90% of the Nigerian populace buys and consumes poultry products every day! Sometimes, you get to the market to purchase these products and they probably tell you there is none.

A report states that over 160 million consumers in the country buy these products every day and we are about 200 million in Nigeria. Another rather unsatisfying report also states that Nigeria still imports chickens from other countries because the one produced here cannot meet the demand of about 200 million citizens.

So, if you are willing to learn how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria, then I must say that you are making one of the best decisions ever but you need to learn the steps before commencing it. Action without guidance and understanding is useless.

Why do you need to start a poultry farm in Nigeria? There are quite a number of reasons but I am going to highlight a few.

  • The business will never go into extinction. I am quite sure you are aware of some businesses that fail simply because the society is not in “agreement.” The society is pretty much the most important part of your business. You will agree with me that you need people to grow.
  • Poultry products are an essential part of our diet.
  • It provides job opportunities for job seekers.
  • Another amazing thing about learning how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria is that it is for anyone but not for everyone. You do not need a degree or certificate to start.
  • Also I have seen about this business is the fact that while other domestic animals like pigs and goats mature within a number of years (between two to three years), the eggs of chickens are hatched in 21 days and are ready for the market in about 28 weeks from birth.

The practical knowledge of how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria profitably is what this piece is about. This article is going to cover the things you need to take cognizance of and what you have to do. I want to assure you that this is going to lead you step by step, it will guide you on how you can start very little and build it gradually. This is especially for those who do not mind starting from anywhere. The most vital things that any business requires are your interest and zeal.

Whip out Your Pen, Paper and Calculator.

Let us look at the financial aspect for this business. If you get this right, I almost said you already know how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria. I want you to study this very carefully.

  • A very good layer for example, will lay about 6 eggs in a week, at least 4. Let us assume you have 200 layers of the same breed laying 5 eggs each in a week. In a month, they are capable of producing about 4000 chicks which would have reached full size in about 25 weeks. Imagine if you borrowed money from any financial institution to start your business, you could actually begin to pay back in about 30 weeks after setting up your farm.
  • The price of a healthy layer in Nigeria for example is about 1700 naira. If you produce about 500 chickens in your farm, you should make 9.5 million naira after they have been sold. Amazing right?
  • Eggs are proteins and are of great need in Nigeria. There are 30 eggs in a crate. For large eggs, a crate costs 1500 naira and small ones, 1200 naira. If you have 200 layers that produce 4000 chicks in a month, you will make 160,000 to 200,000 if you decide to sell all.

I think these are enough proofs for you that there is money to be made in poultry business.

First things first – Draw out a Business plan

You have not begun any business of your choice if you do not have a business plan. Your business plan is simply a blue print or a road map that guides you through till you realize your goal – a fully established and successful poultry farm in Nigeria. Typically, a business plan contains the name of your company, its concept, description, vision and mission statements, strategy, business model, market analysis, advertising, and so on. LivePlan business plan writing software will assist you a great deal in this phase. Also, put into consideration, the following when starting out:

The type of bird you want to focus on

For a beginner, I strongly recommend you start with just one type of bird. It might not be chicken, it can be turkeys. If it is chicken you want to begin with, I will advise you stick to a particular breed; layers, broilers, breeders or cockerels. Once you have been in the business for a while and have gained a vast amount of knowledge on how to maintain a poultry farm in Nigeria, then you can launch another poultry line. I am going to concentrate more on chicken in this article because along with its products, it is the most consumed bird in Nigeria.

Layers are largely known for their eggs and broilers, their meet. The broilers grow very fast and are ready for sale at 12 weeks from hatch. Layers require a minimum of 19 weeks and cockerels which have very slow growth require about 24 weeks to reach full maturity stage but the advantage of these over other breeds is that they can withstand bad weather conditions.

Land and location

Getting a land is probably the most expensive part of the business. You need to be realistic about where you want your farm to be. You do not want to upset residents of an area with the smell from your poultry. It is desirable you look for a land in a remote rural area. Lands are cheaper compared to those in urban areas. The number of birds you want to begin with will determine the size of land you want. I will strongly recommend you get your own personal land. You know how Nigerian landlords or property owners can be. However, when choosing a land, you have consider some needs like water and good transport systems.

Capital investment

When you have sorted out the number of birds you want to start with and the size of the land, then the starting out capital should not be much of a headache. Document the capital you need and begin sourcing for it. Starting at a very small scale is cheap – just a little space in the backyard of your home is suitable. You will require about 50,000 naira say you are beginning with 50 chicks.  I would not recommend this but if it is what you can afford, then go for it.

Starting on a large scale is very good. It is capital intensive, requires long term experience and careful planning. The starting capital should be about 10 million and above.

For a good start, the medium scale poultry farming is not a bad idea. A plot of land is suitable for this kind of farm set up. This should take between 500,000 and 5 million which includes housing and other materials. You could consider Ijebu-ode in Ogun state or Imota in Ikorodu for cheap lands.

The good thing is that if your business plan is detailed enough, it will not be difficult to get sponsors or investors in your business.

Building your poultry house

Once the land is purchased, you can begin building a house for your birds. The poultry house should be secured with fences and have good cross-ventilation system. These determine the growth of your poultry and also have a great effect on the quality of the feed. Your poultry will battle with stunted growth or even die if the temperature is too high due to the fact that they might be able to eat. According to experts, you should disinfect the area days prior to the arrival of your birds. This will drive away rodents. They are known to transmit diseases that could kill birds, they can consume chicken feeds, damage cages and can harm chickens directly. You do not want your investment thrown into a ditch! It is expedient you get an expert to construct the housing and you can also check out other typical but prosperous poultry farms in Nigeria to know how it is done.

In learning how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria, spacing is also important to prevent your birds from stifling. It should also be free from noise and environmental pollution. Your farm should also have constant power supply. This is necessary especially when the temperature is low. How well you maintain your poultry farm in Nigeria will determine the health of your birds.

Buying your chicks

You will need to get your birds, usually day old chicks from a healthy hatchery, preferably one that specializes in the supply of different species. Good hatcheries produce healthy chicks in good quantities because of the use of incubators. The cost of a day old chick in Nigeria is about 300 naira. You could obtain them at cheaper prices if you are buying at least 500 chicks. Remember, how healthy they are will determine how useful they will be. Are you learning something? Do you think you know how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria already? As you can see, it’s no big deal.


If you want highly productive birds, the quality of their feeds should be high. Broilers, layers, turkeys consume different kinds of feeds. When purchasing feeds from the market, ensure you buy the one that carries the label for the kind of birds or breeds you have.

Let me chip this in. if you want to live expensive, then you have got to spend expensively. Treat your chicks the same way. Most times, cheap feeds contain less than the required nutritional content. Buy feeds with extremely good nutritional value. Also avoid feeding your chicks with grains until they are about 8 weeks old.


This is also very important to do on a regular basis to protect your birds from bird flu and other diseases. Poultry birds are known to be very prone to diseases. They are mostly infected by fungal, viral, bacterial diseases from the environment and nutritional diseases too.  All these can be prevented when they are properly vaccinated. Upon vaccination, if the diseases linger, speak with a Veterinary Doctor.

Overall cost

On the whole, to start a poultry farm in Nigeria, you will need between 650,000 to 5.15 million naira assuming you begin with 500 chicks.Do your own furrther research


The people into poultry farming in Nigeria are myriad. You should expect a high level of competition. To stand out, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to invest in quality. You have to be strategic in building your business. You style should be unique. If your chickens come out really big and healthy, you will be patronized by many. Generally, folks get upset if they do not get good value for their money. Take a walk to other poultry farms and find out what is deficient.

Rules and Regulations

There are no regulatory bodies responsible for registering any poultry farm in Nigeria but the National Environmental Standard Regulation (NESR) have laid down rules, cleanliness and hygienic guidelines that all poultry farmers should adhere to.

Financial records

I hope you know at this point that you are not just operating a farm but a business so you have to be business minded. It is important you document and keep all financial records. This way, you can determine if you are gaining or losing,

Marketing / Advertisement

There is already an established market for the sales of poultry products so marketing should not be difficult. You can either sell in local markets or big stores. To expand your customer base, you can advertise your business by letting others know. This can be done in newspapers, though it will cost you more money. You can create a website, take advantage of the social media, use fliers also but do not deface the walls of Nigeria or you will be arrested when caught.

Seek knowledge and learn from other people’s experiences!

If you desire to grow in this business, then you should desire knowledge. Knowledge is power! They can take everything you own but not what you know. Knowledge is the key to move from small to medium to large scale. The knowledge you are acquiring is to build a poultry business in Nigeria that could go beyond her shores. Knowledge is still theoretical if it is not applied. You should validate everything you hear, read and learn and see what exactly works for you. Your knowledge of how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria will not benefit you if you don’t step out. Nothing works until you work.

I bet you already know how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria now. So, what are you waiting for? If people can make millions out of this, I strongly believe you can. Foreign investors make money in this business. The fact that there are a few poultry farms in Nigeria should give you a reason why you can dive in and be the best, if you are not willing to be complacent. I assure you that your poultry farm in Nigeria can be the best but you have to start now. Until you start, you have not started!

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How to Start a Poultry Farm in Nigeria (Comprehensive Guide)


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