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5 Ways You Can Utilize SAP in your Business

SAP in your business

SAP in the Philippines is becoming more and more popular as the provider of ERP or enterprise resource planning systems. If you are not aware of what enterprise resource planning is, it is basically a system that simplifies the processes of your company.  When used as the main management network for your business, it has the potential to integrate all the core processes needed to run your company. SAP in your business That being said, if you are not familiar with SAP and ERP systems then you are in for a treat because there are many ways for you to utilize it in your business. Doing so can help you make your operations more efficient, effective, transparent, and ultimately more profitable.

Automate your business processes

At its core, SAP and its ERP system are comprised of different applications that communicate with each other and share a single database. These applications, which are also called software modules, focus on one aspect of your business. From finances, logistics, sales, and human resources, ERP can do it all — the kicker here is that it is done with little-to-no human input. Thit is to say that it automizes most, if not all, of your business processes in one fell swoop. Even industry-specific modules are available ranging from wholesale trading to e-commerce.

Manage your inventory better

Going into more specific ways you can utilize SAP in your business, managing your inventory can be easier and more effective. Using SAP’s materials management module, you can leave much of the heavy lifting to your computer. From managing internal and external procurement, to invoice verification and processing, all the tools will be at your disposal. One of the best things about this module is that you can keep track of everything as it happens. Synchronize goods receipts and inventory levels in real-time, so that managers will know when to take action and order when the stock that is running low. The module even has built-in analytical tools so that you can react and make adjustments to your consumption and spending patterns.

Use it to improve productivity

One thing that comes with a more effective and efficient system is an increase in productivity. This is especially true for a comprehensively integrated system such as SAP ERP. When you apply your business processes to the modules provided by the system, much of the useless and time-consuming tasks are eliminated. This will inevitably take your company’s productivity to a new level. For example, sales modules will allow your customers to make orders, pay for them, and track their orders themselves afterward. This would eliminate the classic, time-consuming method of contacting customer support repeatedly. With that process removed, your employees can do other value-adding things that help your business in ways you can choose.

Make accurate reports

As alluded to above, SAP ERP has analytical capabilities that deliver and process information on the fly. This means your reports, whether they are sales reports or financial statements, can be created quickly and accurately. The reports you will be coming up with will inevitably be comprehensive as well since the database that your modules are going to be using is shared. The presentation of your reports will also be understandable and not over-complicated as many analytical endeavors tend to be. This is thanks to the software’s intuitive design that features interactive dashboards and tools. Aside from that, familiar Microsoft Excel functionalities are integrated with SAP, which makes navigation and accessibility less of a headache.

Manage Your Marketing Campaigns

One feature or capability that is not apparent with SAP ERP is that it can also be integrated into your marketing campaigns from its concepcion to post-campaign analysis. Based on information from your database, the marketing module can help create and manage optimized campaigns for you. It can also analyze the effectiveness of said campaign afterwards in order to improve the next one.

Key Takeaway

SAP’s ERP is a technological product and innovation that has proven to be useful for all levels of business. Many Fortune 500 companies utilize this software in order to optimize their operations, and medium to small scale businesses are starting to follow suit. SAP in the Philippines is also starting to become a real movement in terms of adopting new management systems that help take businesses and enterprises to the next level. If you are looking for a tool, improvement, or a generally better way to operate your business, then look no further than SAP ERP and implement some (or all) of the ways listed above.

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5 Ways You Can Utilize SAP in your Business


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