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Little Lady Plays is all about making education fun. This can be through toys, games and free printables. Whatever the case may be, we are here for your kids.
Where To Buy Weed In Rotterdam As A Tourist
2022-08-24 05:01
Smoking weed in Rotterdam Image Source: FreeImages The city of Rotterdam might be slightly smaller than other cities in the Netherlands, but it is definitely making a name for itself. Known… Read More
2022-08-16 23:21
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2022-08-16 22:02
Nulla nemo cumque architecto et qui laboriosam dolores. Cum ut laboriosam officia sunt esse deleniti sit quisquam. Quibusdam blanditiis vel nihil impedit omnis. Vel id quod quod dicta magnam… Read More
2022-08-16 20:34
Nemo nemo consequatur provident. Voluptatem dolor deleniti dolorem et voluptates atque nemo. Amet vero velit illum magnam occaecati. Ratione maxime sapiente non enim. Fugiat consequuntur mol… Read More
2022-08-16 19:58
Sint veniam autem officiis adipisci perferendis praesentium est. Et provident et vitae. Et natus mollitia aliquam odit quasi. Et neque dolorum et nostrum laboriosam dolores dolore. Pariatur… Read More
2022-08-16 11:10
Est molestiae earum qui ut optio facere omnis. Maxime illum consequatur aut voluptas et. Ut dolores assumenda doloremque cumque laboriosam aut quos. Aperiam laboriosam vel omnis qui architec… Read More
2022-08-16 09:54
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2022-08-16 04:37
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2022-08-16 04:28
Voluptatem molestiae optio ex quis qui est temporibus. Et veniam cum quibusdam rem voluptatem quibusdam dolores aut. Esse ab nemo non voluptatem et enim. Repellat voluptas nobis beatae asper… Read More
2022-08-16 02:39
Consequatur non officiis repudiandae. Soluta dolore voluptas ea a. Expedita cum velit perspiciatis doloribus labore atque. Temporibus doloremque repellendus doloribus perferendis. Exercitati… Read More
2021-12-20 21:34
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! The post Hello world! appeared first on Eurograsbuds Read More
How To Buy Bitcoin With A Bitcoin ATM
2021-10-29 16:55
What is a Bitcoin ATM? A Bitcoin ATM is a gateway through which consumers may engage in a financial transaction, similar to regular ATMs. Traditional ATMs enable customers to withdraw and… Read More
2021-08-27 23:38
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Buy Weed Online With Bitcoin
2021-08-05 02:20
Did you know, right now bitcoin is slowly taking over the billing systems? That’s right – bitcoin is very popular with people flocking from all areas of life because cryptocurren… Read More
How To Buy Bitcoin Without Verification
2021-06-23 03:30
Introduction One thing we can both agree on is that buying bitcoins is quite perplexing! Fortunately, the information provided below will make the procedure lot easier for you! I’ll… Read More
Buy Marijuana Online In Europe
2021-05-18 11:30
Wouldn’t it be brilliant to buy marijuana online in Europe? have it delivered to your house, particularly on those days when you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your own h… Read More
2019-08-15 03:03
I often look for new ways to engage my students, build relationships, and create friendships. Unzip It is a great way to get started. Amazing Classroom Conversation Starters Pros: cut… Read More
Circle Time Successful Flexible Seating
2019-08-14 02:41
When it comes to circle time, some of my students are just all over the place. With this wobble cushion, my students can see their boundaries and remain engaged. Pros: looks great, easy… Read More
2019-07-08 11:59
Last year I taught Geography to my students. Looking to make it all fun and games, I wish I had these dry erase boards on hand. They are a great way to interact with students while building… Read More
2019-07-04 13:42
I am amazed. I do not have enough time or words to share with you how amazing this telling time set it. It literally is a whole unit study on telling time in a box. You will not need any oth… Read More
Math Assessment Tools For Teachers
2019-07-02 16:03
I enjoy teaching my students, playing games with them, and finding test free way to access their knowledge. With these answer paddles, I have the ability to focus on one child at a time whil… Read More
2019-06-27 14:41
I seriously cannot explain it, but there is something so comforting and relaxing when you play with magnetic beads. The best I can say is that they are soothing and comforting. Kind of like… Read More
Family Friendly Responsibility Chart
2019-06-25 12:23
Helping children learn independance and responsibility can be an interesting challenge. It turns out with some visuals and a time managing chart, this goal can be acheived with ease. Fam… Read More
Kids Analog Clock – Owlconic
2019-06-20 13:09
Telling time can be a difficult skill for many children to master. The hands are always moving, there is a lot of terminology involved, and they need to count by tens and ones. However, this… Read More
Vehicle Board Book Roundup
2019-06-19 11:10
Vehicle board books are a lot of fun. For some kids, they are a reminder of cars, trucks, busses, anything they love. Here is my opinion of a few books published by Nick Ackland. Vehicle Boa… Read More
Fun Colorful Magnetic Bead Review
2019-06-17 03:13
When I was younger, I had a set of plain magnetic beads. They were okay, but nothing like this set of magnetic beads. Fun Colorful Magnetic Bead Review Have you ever had magnetic beads, what… Read More
2019-05-27 01:14
With the warm weather here, I am looking for fun ways to encourage the kids to remain active while enjoying the great outdoors. I think Spikeball is one of our new favorites. Introducing Spi… Read More
Summer Inspired Books For Children
2019-05-16 04:08
A while back I wrote a blog post on Summer Reading Tips and Games. While all of the tips are great for children, I though I would do a follow up post with some of my favorite books. Summer I… Read More
Some Days Book Review And Giveaway
2019-05-01 03:33
Children need to talk about feelings more often then they do. Some Days Book Summary Some Days is a book for children and their days. In a rhyming manner, this books talks about some things… Read More
2019-04-25 13:11
Just Read! is a one of a kind book every teacher and parent should be reading to kids of all ages. Just Read! Book Review and Giveaway Book Summary Learning to read is half the battler. The… Read More
Holy Squawkamole! Book Review And Giveaway
2019-04-24 04:32
I would like to warn you, this review of Holy Squawkamole! does contain a spoiler alert. Holy Squawkamole! Book Review and Giveaway Book Summary The book Holy Squawkamole! is a cute take on… Read More
2019-04-23 02:00
If your little one is learning to read and can use some vocabulary review over vacation, instead of giving them worksheets, check out this fun game. Spring Break Vocabulary Review What skill… Read More
2019-04-19 04:45
If your family loves art and family game night, this is just the game to check out. Googly Eyes: The Wacky Family Drawing Game Are your children into art and drawing? Pros: fun for kids… Read More
2019-03-14 03:07
If you are looking for a fun indoor game that will keep your kids busy, check out Hydro Strike. This game was fun and engaging. We had a lot of good laughs together. The kids have been askin… Read More
2019-03-05 10:00
I think Keys to the Capitals is my new favorite geography game. I currently have a few learners who are learning the States and Capitals. This game is great. It allows us to review important… Read More
2019-03-01 10:00
Contrary to what people thought, Hedy Lamarr was more then just an actress. In the comfort of her home, she was an inventor and engineer. Hedy Lamarr’s Double Life Summary The people s… Read More
How To Play Wizards And Witches
2019-02-26 10:00
There is something magical and mystical about wizards and witches. If you teen likes a nice magical fantasy, they will enjoy this game during their next gathering. How to Play Wizards and Wi… Read More
2019-02-14 10:00
I love kids. When it comes to giving them a little extra something, I like to give gifts that will us more then once. This Bracelet Making Kit is a great option. Activity Gifts for Her… Read More
Thunder Pug Book Review And Giveaway
2019-02-04 10:00
If you are looking for a real heartwarming story that will teach your children about the power of friendship, Thunder Pug is a great choice. Thunder Pug Book Review and Giveaway Do your chil… Read More
Water Fight For Family Game Night
2019-01-21 10:00
It may be to cold to head outside, but having a water fight has never been more fun. Just gather a large group of friends and try to get your opponent out before they get you. Water Fight fo… Read More
2019-01-15 10:00
Oral care is super important. With new toddlers and young children learning how to bruth their teeth, haveing a good toothbrush can be key. This toothbrush has a lot to offer young learners… Read More
Pirates Family Card Game
2019-01-08 10:00
If your family is into pirates and fun, check out this cute card game. Pirates Family Card Game Is your family into pirate games? Review I received Pirates in exchange for an… Read More
Battle The Vikings Card Game
2018-12-24 10:00
If you are into Viking and video games, this card game might be up your alley. Battle the Vikings Card Game After you watch my video review, please share your opinion with me on this game?… Read More
Make Sentences Like Never Before
2018-12-20 10:00
I love word games. Anything to make learning English fun is perfect. This game puts a whole new twist on sentence building. Make Sentences Like Never Before What word games do your learner e… Read More
Dodgeball Card Game Review
2018-12-19 10:00
Dodgeball is a fun game to play outside. However, this card game brings a whole new meaning to the game. Dodgeball Card Game Review Do you enjoy a nice game of dodgeball? Pros: fun game, eas… Read More
Eco-Friendly Outdoor Toy Pet
2018-12-18 10:00
Take your kids out doors and have fun with nature in a whole new way. Locomo toys are designed to be fun and outside. Great for families who want more nature fun. Eco-Friendly Outdoor Toy Pe… Read More
2018-12-12 10:00
If you are looking for a game that is both fun and different from what you have played in the past, Blam! is the game to check out. Blam! A Different Sort of Card Game Have you ever played B… Read More
Snowball Fight Card Game
2018-12-10 10:00
Playing card games are something we enjoy on a cold winter evening. How appropriate is this game Snowball Fight? Snowball Fight Card Game Does your family enjoy a nice card game on a cold ni… Read More
Oregon Trail Game Review
2018-12-04 10:00
I grew up playing the game. It was fun. My friends and I have such fond memories of Oregon Trail so having the ability to test this game out was so much fun for us. Oregon Trail Game Review… Read More
Crazy Food Fight Card Game
2018-12-03 10:00
Food Fight Card Game is one of those games you never know what is going to happen. One second you are protected, and the next turn two pies are thrown at you. A fun crazy game where the more… Read More
Showing High School Students How To Budget
2018-11-27 10:00
Teaching older children all about money management and how to stick to a budget can be really difficult. I know because I am working with two students now. However, with Key to the Front Doo… Read More
2018-11-26 10:00
If you have a little dinosaur fan on hand, you have to check out this dinosaur game. This game is not only fun, but it sneaks in important skills like planning, probability, and basic math… Read More
10 Top Math Games Holiday Gift List 2018
2018-11-22 10:00
Math can be fun. With these 10 top math games, your learners will have so much fun trying to win, they will forget they are playing through math. 10 Top Math Games Holiday Gift List 2018 Whi… Read More
7 Gift Ideas For Your Preschooler 2018
2018-11-21 10:00
Finding a good gift for your preschooler can be difficult. For us, we try to find a balance of fun and play. After all the more your child is having fun, they more they are learning. Here ar… Read More
Teaching Kids To Think Book Review
2018-11-18 10:00
Teaching Kids to Think is one of those self-reflection books that can really change the way you parent. Teaching Kids to Think Book Review Book Summary Teaching Kids to Think is a book… Read More
2018-11-15 10:00
I am always on the lookout for unique gifts for teens. This Action Camera is not only fun and easy for them to use, I love the idea we can turn into an educational tool. Cool Camera Gift Ide… Read More
2018-11-14 10:00
If you love math and would enjoy this fun game, check out Double Down. Very easy to play, yet difficult to win. Fast Math Family Game Dose your family enjoy some nice math games? Pros: … Read More
Speed Race Memory Game
2018-11-13 10:00
Check out this speed race memory game. Connect the Thoughts will make memory look like a simple game. Speed Race Memory Game Do you think your family can keep up to Connect the Tho… Read More
Fast Fruit Visual Race Game
2018-11-12 11:00
Visual race games can be just as important as learning reading, writing, and math. Believe it or not, it will help you make better choices when you are in a fight or flight mode. I am gratef… Read More
Fun Toddler Bead Activity Bag
2018-11-12 10:00
Lacing beads can be such a fun toddler activity. The best part of this set, it comes with everything a child needs including a carry bag. Fun Toddler Bead Activity Bag What do you and your c… Read More
Polar Bear Island Book Review
2018-11-11 11:00
Polar Bear Island is a pretty well run place when all of a sudden a new visitor arrives. Polar Bear Island Book Review Book Summary Polar Bear Island is a great place to be. Parker is i… Read More
Cards To Help Manage Stress
2018-11-09 10:00
Sometimes we can all use some help decompressing. These stress less cards are a great way to help manage stress in a whole new way. Cards to Help Manage Stress What are some unique tips you… Read More
2018-11-08 10:00
If you love adding games to your math review, you should check out Mighty Pig Pug. Pig Themed Small Math Group Game What is your favorite math center game? Pros: easy to learn, fun to p… Read More
2018-11-07 10:00
If you have a little superhero at home, it is okay to make a mistake. Better yet, the best way to deal with a mistakes, is to correct it. Even Superheroes Make Mistakes Book Review Book Summ… Read More
Comprehension Obstacle Course
2018-10-30 09:00
If you are looking to help your learners with comprehension skills, these are amazing. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of movement and your students will reach ultimate success. Compr… Read More
All Inclusive Preschool Work Box
2018-10-29 09:00
We are so loving this set of Counting Bears. There are so many skills involved, this one box really has it all. All-Inclusive Preschool Work Box What is one way your family can use these Cou… Read More
Mindful Empowering Question Cards
2018-10-24 09:00
If you are looking to put a positive twist on your life, check out these fun empowering questions cards. Mindful Empowering Question Cards If you are a mom, please share your mindful activit… Read More
Story Prompt Card Game
2018-10-23 09:00
Telling stories does not have to be boring. With this game, your kids will not only have fun practicing creative storytelling, but you can bring this to your classroom and continue the fun… Read More
2018-10-22 09:00
So many kids love writing with mechanical pencils. When the move on to high school, I often am at a loss as to what to gift a teen. However, after using this pencils set, it seems to be a fi… Read More
Natural Resources Toys For Kids
2018-10-19 09:00
It is amazing how many natural resources there are. This open-ended toy makes playing with natural resources both fun and educational.natural resources both fun and educational. Natural Reso… Read More
Brain Freeze Game Review
2018-10-18 09:00
Brain Freeze is a one of a kind game. Your kids will love seeing if they can guess what you are thinking before you do. Brain Freeze Game Review What do you think of this race between brains… Read More
June Gold Dry Erase Marker Review
2018-10-17 09:00
As a teacher, I am always running out of dry erase markers. I was so happy to have tested this set. They come in bulk and make a great classroom addition. June Gold Dry Erase Marker Review W… Read More
Assorted Wrapping Paper Book
2018-10-15 09:00
I am honestly amazed at this quality of this wrapping paper book. Not only do I love the designs of the wrapping paper, but the quality will make wrapping small gifts super easy this holiday… Read More
Colored Mechanical Pencils From June Gold
2018-10-12 09:00
Colored mechanical pencils have been something I have seen often in stores. I loved the idea but had some reservations including quality, places to purchase more lead, and durability. Here i… Read More
Baby Grand Piano Video Review
2018-10-11 09:00
A Baby Grand Piano can be a very nice introduction to music for your kids. This one is no exception. It is so cute and has some amazing details, the kids cannot get enough of it. Baby Grand… Read More
Stencils For Creative Writing
2018-10-10 09:00
One way we found engaged our students with writing, was to provide with stencils. This set of stencils has turned out to be amazing when it came to creative writing. Stencils for Creative Wr… Read More
Telepathy Mind Game For Teens
2018-10-09 09:00
Telepathy is one of those fun games that’s easy to learn and difficult to win. This game will challenge your teen to focus and look for clues in order to win. Telepathy Mind Game for T… Read More
2018-10-08 09:00
You can make a fast princess tiara hairstyle. All you need is a beautiful tiara and you are good to go. Fast Princess Tiara Hairstyle What are some tips you can share when it comes to making… Read More
Look At Me! Wild Animal Show-Offs
2018-10-07 09:00
Look at Me! Wild Animal Show-Offs is a great book to introduce your kids to interesting animals. Look at Me! Wild Animal Show-Offs Book Summary Look at Me! Wild Animal Show-Offs is a bo… Read More
DIY Build And Play Activity
2018-10-05 09:00
There is nothing like a DIY build and play with your kids. For this activity, all you need is some doll furniture and a nice assortment of blocks. DIY Build and Play Activity What other open… Read More
2018-10-04 09:00
Learning Analog Clock can be both scary and fun for kids. The Time Telling Game makes if fun and easy for kids to master. Learning Analog Clock Through Games What do you think of using the&n&hell…Read More
Telling Time Game Unboxing
2018-10-03 09:00
Telling Time Game is more than just a game. Check out why we love it so much based on just the contents alone. Telling Time Game Unboxing What do you think of this as a manipulative? Pros:&n&hell…Read More

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