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Efteling Theme park, Netherlands

During our trip to Amsterdam, we spent a day at Efteling, the largest theme park in Netherlands. The experience was both uplifting and disappointing in the same time, as while it did take us intro a world of fairy tales and wonders, the thrill rides weren’t that impressive.

Getting there

If you are planning a visit using public transport from Amsterdam you will need to take the Intercity train heading to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The round trip train ticket price is about 50 euros per person.

After arriving at ‘s-Hertogenbosch go to the bus station right next to the train station. You will need to get on the no. 300 bus heading towards Tilburg and get off at Kaatsheuvel, Efteling. The roundtrip bus ticket will cost you 6eur.

The lcd screens in the bus will keep you updated of the upcoming stations, so don’t worry about missing Efteling.

First impressions

Upon entrance, you are greeted by the billboard showing the detailed map of the theme park. I shit you not; – the theme park is HUGE, so expect a good cardio workout while walking from one ride to an other.

The theme park is open 365 days a year, all day every day for at least 8 hours. Designed as a fairytale forest filled with mythical creatures, ready to take embark you on a feel trip back to childhood. If you’re visiting during colder months, make sure to take warm clothes with you as it’s gonna get very cold, very fast after getting on the thrill rides.

Sadly for us thrill seekers, most of the park is oriented towards children, with fun activities happening all day long, while the extreme rides are mediocre due to the short duration of the rides.

Thrill rides

To keep everything straight forward I’ll post up POV videos of the rides and rate them based on Adrenaline rush / Ride length / Wow Factor.

Baron 1898

Baron 1898 is undoubtedly the gem of Efteling. Imagine yourself hanging face down and looking at the smokey hole in the asphalt below and BAM!, the brakes release and you’re rushing towards the ground at 80km/h. By the time you figure out what happened, the ride is already over and you have no idea what the fuck just happened, but you know you need to do it again!

  • Adrenaline rush: 8/10
  • RIDE LENGTH: 3/10
  • WOW FACTOR: 8/10


The awesomest part about this water coaster is the indoor scenery. The embarking room is built like a small town, with stars projected on the artificial sky. Expect spooky surprises while being driven to the top through a dark scenery. Unfortunately, after getting to the top, the whole water experience is shit. The short duration and minimal splash will diminish your amazement. It’s like a hurricane, it comes with a big bang and ends in disappointment.

  • RIDE LENGTH: 7/10
  • WOW FACTOR: 3/10


Python is a speedcoaster with loops and swirls, where you can really hold your hands up and enjoy the experience. It’s about 30 meters high, and goes with ~75km/h. Unfortunately it’s sooooo short it spoils the experience.

  • RIDE LENGTH: 3/10
  • WOW FACTOR: 6/10

Joris en de Draak

I FUCKING LOVE wood coasters. The feeling you get when you are rolling at 75km/h and hear the coaster wheels squeaking on the track and the wooden frame creaking on every turn is indescribable. I just can’t get enough of it! The added feature for Joris en drakk is that two coasters depart side by side at the same time, and from there on it’s a race to the finish.

  • RIDE LENGTH: 8/10
  • WOW FACTOR: 9/10

Vogel Rok

This is a full indoor coaster. While the building exterior gives you the feeling that you’re getting on a children’s ride, you’re in for a surprise! Prepare for a swirly ride in darkness.

  • RIDE LENGTH: 5/10
  • WOW FACTOR: 7/10

Villa Volta

Prepare to get your world turned upside down. Literally. Villa volta offers a fantastic experience in a cylindrical room which will make you question your position and reality. It’s a must visit while visiting Efteling!

  • WOW FACTOR: 8/10

Bobsleigh ride

Can’t say I expected much from this ride, after going on a similar one in Germany. The amount of people waiting in line)avg wait time of 30mins) doesn’t justificate the awesomeness of the ride. While it’s a fun family experience, if you’re expecting to get a kick out of it, expect disappointment.

  • RIDE LENGTH: 4/10
  • WOW FACTOR: 3/10

Halve Maen

The swinging ship attraction is pretty standard for all theme parks, yet this doesn’t mean that the experience is less fun and entertaining. This big ass ship will make your stomach go from top to bottom. Prepare to raise your hands and yell eeeeeeeeeeeee-ooooooooooooooooo!

  • RIDE LENGTH: 6/10
  • WOW FACTOR: 3/10


The dumbest fucking decision we’ve made was getting on this shit ride. Efteling markets it as a “river rapids ride” where you need to go extra lengths to stay dry. Let’s just keep this at staying dry. The ride is boring as fuck, but don’t worry, expect gallons of water splashing you from all sides, while you sit in the same fucking position (it’s not like you could stand up and run around).

  • ADRENALINE RUSH: try STAYING dry motherfucker

takehome message

If you are in Holland just for a couple of days I recommend skipping Efteling and visiting Walibi Theme park instead, as it will offer much more thrilling experiences. If you have time to spend, or you’re visiting with children, it’s definitely worth a visit. Make sure you download the Efteling app for your smart phone, so you can stay up to date with real time wait times at rides. Trust me, it’s a major time saver.

Thanks for making it this far!

Comment below and let me know about your experience at Efteling. I’d love to hear about what you liked more, and what felt disappointing!

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Efteling Theme park, Netherlands


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