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Improving your Position Description to Attract Quality Candidates

Are you guilty of regurgitating the same old PD from 2014, and as the turnover goes along it’s merry (although it never is merry) way, you dust off the generic list of skills and hoops for a candidate to jump through?

Look, no judgement. Seriously, recruitment can be a huge chore, and often it’s just a tiny part of anyone’s job title, and yet it can take up so much time and energy.

So how about a few tips on how best to improve that Position Description?

Candidate’s, in fact, humans in general have a ‘What’s in it for me?’ mentality, and a world full of opportunities, unfortunately for you hiring managers, candidates can afford to be picky, so set yourself front and center.

What do you do?

Now, in an ideal world, a candidate will look you up and have a read themselves, but when there are 50 other jobs to apply for and trawl through, the laziness can kick in, so sell yourself, give a snappy enough intro that makes them want to consider your company further.

Keep it brief, they don’t need the history from when it was founded to the coffee you made at 9am, but a couple of short sentences explaining your place in the market.

Outline the Benefits

It’s a candidates market a lot of the time, so the benefits could well set your job apart from another. You’re thinking, ‘I don’t want a candidate to join the company if it’s just for the benefits alone’ and that is a valid point, however, your competitors are already offering juicy perks, so to be blunt, you either keep up or get left behind!

These don’t have to be outlandish, they can be as simple as:

  • Career Progression Opportunities
  • Flexibility with hours (Start early, Leave Early etc.)
  • Parking onsite

You may take these things for granted, however, there are key points to some jobseekers.

State the Salary

Candidates are far more likely to apply for a role knowing the Salary. It saves the awkward toing and froing, and if a candidate wants $10,000 more than you’re offering, then great, it rules them out and saves wasting anyone’s time.

Stating the salary in your PD doesn’t mean that it becomes legally binding. Should you wish to offer a candidate that is slightly more junior at a lower salary, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that. Hopefully some of those company benefits might even fill in the gaps that will be missing with salary.

Be Honest

One of the worst things you can do is oversell it. With tools like Glassdoor, that openly allow people to read up on the good the bad and the ugly with your company, it’ll be clear very quickly if you’re overcompensating.

Alternatively, if you oversell it in the recruitment process, and a candidate starts and very quickly realizes they’ve been miss-sold, you bet that they’re not only going to quit, but they’ll be sharing their bad experience with friends and family, and that will do huge damage to your brand.

Talk about the team

Who are they reporting to? Do they have any direct reports? How many are in their team?

You want to build a picture so that this potential candidate can picture themselves within that team. This can be elaborated on at interview stage, but it’s worth a mention in the PD.

Be Realistic

Do they really need 10+ years of experience, a background in brain surgery, and two recite the national anthem in 12 languages?

Listing endless requirements will be off putting to candidates. State 3-5 key requirements, narrow it down, let the resumes roll n, and you can then narrow it down with the ‘nice to have’s’ at this point.


This is a huge factor. Are you a heavily corporate company? If not, why are you writing your PD’s in this way? What type of people are you looking to attract? Write directly to them.

Long gone are the days of rigid structure, and now, being different, innovative and real are the new trends.

Taking an extra 10-15 minutes to put together a more inclusive position description can save hours of trawling through candidates who just aren’t right for the job.

Dust off the old PD, give if a 21st century re-vamp, and see what a difference it makes!

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Improving your Position Description to Attract Quality Candidates


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