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Tips on How to Loose Belly Fat – See How to Reduce Excessive Belly Fat

Tips on how to loose Belly Fat – Our body stores excess energy in the form of Fat. Too much accumulation of fat is not good for the health. Fats are stored in different parts of the body, but this article is interested only on Belly Fats and how to eliminate them.

Belly Fats is also known as Visceral Fats. It leads to bad body shapes and posture. It could make a man look like a pregnant old Lady. You can no longer wear body fitting clothes because you tummy will bulge out. Having a big belly Fat does not mean you are healthy. It is actually unhealthy and should be removed.

In this article “Tips on how to loose excess Fat“, you will see what you should do and not do to loose Belly Fat.

Tips on How to Loose Belly Fat

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What increases Belly Fat?

I will tell you things or Foods that leads to you developing Belly Fat. In other to loose your Belly Fat, you have to reduce the level of intake of Fruit Juice, Paper Soup, Alcohol, Trans Fat, Carbohydrates and your level of sugar intake. Also try as much as you can to reduce Stress.

Fruit Juice – These are beverages made from pressing out the natural liquid contained in Fruits and vegetables. They are good to the body when they are taking in the required amount. Too much intake of Fruit juice have been linked to Weight gain. Fruits contains natural acids which attacks the enamel of the tooth, thereby causing tooth decay. So reduce your Belly Fat by reducing Fruit Juice intake. Take clean water instead.

Paper Soup – Excessive intake of Paper Soup causes belly fat. You should limit or reduce your level of intake of this particular food. If you want to get rid of your belly fat quickly, then stop taking Paper Soup.

Alcohol – Excessive alcohol increases the risk of Central Obesity. This is caused by excess Fat storage around the waist. Reduce the alcohol you take by taking low alcoholic beverages. Always read off their alcoholic level before you consume them. For a faster result, take soda drinks instead of beers.

Trans Fat – These are Unsaturated fats with carbon double bonding. They can be found in Soybean oil, shortenings, Margarine, animal fat, ground beef and so on. This type of fat when consumed in excess can lead to weight gain, inflammation and Heart diseases. They are commonly found in Fast foods, Snack foods, fried foods and baked goods. Reduce the intake of such foods. Replace Trans Fat with saturated Fat like Coconut oil. Take creams, Pizza, cheese and butter instead.

Carbohydrates – Replace your refined carbs with the unprocessed starchy carbs. Increased carbohydrate intake leads to belly fats.

Sugar Intake – High blood sugar level can lead to weight gain. Sugars especially Fructose can lead to belly Fats. Fructose are fruit sugars and are sweet. They are responsible for the sweet tastes of fruits. Refined sugars also causes belly Fats. The advice is to go for the natural sweeteners like Honey.

Stress – Stress triggers the adrenal gland to produce cortisol. This hormone increases your appetite and your abdominal Fat storage. This make you to eat more and more fats are stored in your abdomen causing belly Fat. You can control stress by adequate rest when tired. Activities like Yoga and pleasure reading should be engaged more often.

Now that you have seen what increases belly Fats. It is now time to know what decreases it. That is the things you should do more to reduce belly Fats.

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What reduces Belly Fat?

Things that can help reduce belly fats are: Soluble Fiber, Protein diets, Aerobic Exercise, Resistance training/weight lifting, Proper rest, Green Tea, Intermittent Fasting, Fatty Fish, Viscous Fiber and drinking water half an hour before eating.

After you must have gone through this write up on Tips on how to loose Belly Fat, make use of the comment box to ask questions.

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Tips on How to Loose Belly Fat – See How to Reduce Excessive Belly Fat


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