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Live With Flair · 17:11 21 May 2022
My neighbor calls out a hearty hello and informs me that she planted a plum tree in her side yard, inspired by my own growing orchard. But alas, I report: I tell her that my second plum tree… Read More
Stillsam · 05:59 21 May 2022
 Klädseln för de som vid altaret leder kyrkans mässfirande vacklar här och där. Det är inte alldeles ovanligt att någon tar på sig en stola p&a… Read More
Strong Man
Contentment Acres · 04:00 21 May 2022
He is in his mid-50s and is still very strong.It's because he stays very active and is not afraid to work.The Sovereign Lord is my strength;    he makes my feet… Read More
Paganesimo · 18:09 20 May 2022
 L’uomo antico che va incontro alla divinità si trova di fronte a un mondo di dèi. Questo non è un altro mondo, bensì quello stesso in cui egli vive e… Read More
New YouTube Channel
El Despertar Sai · 16:02 20 May 2022
  We welcome everyone to enjoy the divine discourses and coverage of various events and projects undertaken in India and around the world. Announcement… Read More
The Freethinker - Th… · 15:23 20 May 2022
Professor Russell Sandberg at CArdiff University. Photo Credit: R. SandbergReform of human rights law is coming. Although the rationale behind the proposed new Bill of Rights does not direct… Read More
Escrevinhando · 13:54 20 May 2022
 ENNEA, A OVELHA – o pior cenário O Mestre Jesus era contador de histórias.  Numa delas, um homem que tem cem ovelhas percebe a falta de uma delas.  Na pa… Read More
Ahmed's World Of Isl… · 07:43 20 May 2022
When your smartphone is low on power you frantically search for a charger and power point to recharge your phone.Our imaan is low, so frantically search for ways to recharge your soul each w… Read More
Out Here Hope Remain… · 18:37 18 May 2022
When we are traveling and encounter a sign that says ‘road work ahead’, we know we are in for a slowdown. That can be frustrating, especially on a long trip. While it can cause u… Read More
Where Are You Now?
Home Church Of God P… · 17:38 15 May 2022
Children of Israel journey in the wilderness (CC-attrib by Vridar)Let me ask you: Where are you now? Have you taken your bearings lately? A man in a hot air balloon realized he was lost.H… Read More
Why Do Kids Rebel?
Thoughts About God · 13:04 15 May 2022
Even with the best and most loving environment (and parents) we could ever possibly ¹grow up with, all of us still are ²in pain. It is inevitable we go through some kind of pain no… Read More