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Big Changes + A Cosmic Shift
2011-03-07 19:05
Hello all! I have some great big, wonderful news. In Limbo → Life In Limbo. That’s right, folks. I picked up and made the move to my own domain! I’d been thinking of making… Read More
The Happiness Project
2011-03-02 03:07
Note: a condensed version of this post has also been posted over at my other blog, The Book Club, which I am trying to get back into action. If you’re interested in contributing book r… Read More
Lovely Things
2011-02-20 19:12
{a single red rose from my beau for Valentine’s} These past few weeks have been a hullabaloo of ups and downs. Writing exams, getting chocolates. Stuffy noses and ferris wheel rides… Read More
Wishes & Wants
2011-02-17 18:53
Since I’ve been struggling with midterms lately, my thoughts have turned to happier days: days when reading 100 pages a night is a mere whisper of memory, days when it’s sunny… Read More
Happy Valentine’s Day!
2011-02-14 18:20
Photo thanks to Neal Today, love. Appreciate, pamper, coddle, cuddle, hug, smile, reach out, embrace, accept. Be kind, patient, happy, honest, caring. Write that letter. Pick up that phone… Read More
Ignore Your But(t)
2011-02-10 16:57
This time of year makes it incredibly easy to be negative. Think about it, we’re totally in limbo. Past the good parts of Winter – namely Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/awesome time… Read More
Favourite Food Standbys
2011-02-07 01:00
Okay, it’s time for me to fess up. You know how I always post photos of the delicious food I make, and make it seem like it’s no big thang. In fact, it is kinda a big thang, and… Read More
Crazy About Kindle!
2011-02-04 19:19
Here it is: the long-awaited Kindle review post! Before I start, you should know that I am in no way being endorsed or rewarded for the sentiments expressed here and I am not affiliated with… Read More
Super Bowl Salsa!
2011-01-30 21:00
Okay, no. It’s really not like I celebrate The Super Bowl (it is a holiday, right?), but I will admit to having a soft spot in my heart for Super Bowl food. All the greasy, cheesy good… Read More
Is It Worth It?
2011-01-29 18:15
I had a big fight with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t anything major, but tempers ran high and we were upset. In the subsequent days, when I had time to think, I realized… Read More

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