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2010-06-19 14:21
I like how this dish is so simple to make. Me and my sis cooked it over the weekend and it's delicious. It's typical asian dish that will surly satisfy your hunger. Recipe Adapted from chi… Read More
2010-06-11 15:05
So much for trying to live a healthier life and getting a good physique , I've been searching for foods that are low in calorie and easy to prepare. This morning I settled for an instant ce… Read More
2010-06-04 02:25
I feel bad not having to updated this blog much since last week. Maybe because I'm thinking that I'm into this whole diet thing that some foods I eat may not be interesting. But then it's s… Read More
2010-05-29 02:24
Okey, enough excuses. I have to do this. I really have to do this. It's already mid year and my physique looks the same as it was a year ago. Not very good. I've tried dieting but I always… Read More
2010-05-22 04:28
Oh my gosh! This recipe is so good, you have to try it! Okey, so I have frozen shrimp laying around in the freezer for quite sometime now but I didn't know what to do with it. I don't feel… Read More
2010-05-14 13:58
During Saturdays, after a busy week at work, I would usually go to Orchard Road to relax, unwind, shop and do a little leg workout. It's my way of spending sometime with myself and just rea… Read More
2010-05-09 07:12
I've been staying in Singapore for 1 year now. Woohoo! I survived!... So what's a better way to celebrate it? I'd say a glorious slice of Cedele's carrot cake.This is one of the best cakes… Read More
2010-05-06 03:19
I know this is not a Singaporean food for me to review on but I just love this popcorn so much that I have to feature it here. It's been awhile since I've eaten this baby. It was… Read More
2010-05-06 02:14
“The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook ”Julia Child Read More

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