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Amphorae were pottery vessels created to hold and transport goods in the Greek and Roman world; some were even highly decorative and given as prizes, or used to hold the ashes of the dead. Join me as I delve into the vessels of history...
The De Berry Project- The Fabric And Shoes
2014-06-16 19:13
As I mentioned last time I am working on a version of the outfit to the left for an event coming up soon in July. I wanted something with a hat to shade my face, and not too hot since we are… Read More
Regency Society Of Virginia Weekend Event
2014-06-04 16:49
Looking for something to do this weekend in Virginia... Second Sunday Sewing Circle1pm - Bacon's Castle, Sunday June 8th465 Bacon's Castle Trail, Surry, VAGrab your latest Regency project an… Read More
The Duc De Berry Gown Project
2014-06-02 19:21
I live!I have not abandoned this blog, though it certainly must seem like it, I've just been horrendously busy. Nor have I forgotten about that Tudor Transitional project, but, like so much… Read More
Pompeian Bread
2014-03-26 16:51
The level of detail still visible is pretty remarkable on this piece of bread which was preserved in that fateful eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.Intrigued? Read more here Read More
Castle For Sale
2014-03-13 17:46
In case anyone was looking for a nice little house...Caverswall Castle should fit the bill Read More
How Our Ancestors Slept
2013-08-24 18:13
As someone who wakes up during the night feeling frustratingly refreshed...and then struggles to rise in the morning, I found this article to be a kind of vindication. Apparently the way we… Read More
2013-08-05 16:33
The Court of Phillip the Good (I love the variety of styles within the same color-scheme) Read More
Next Project...The Tudor Transitional
2013-07-31 16:59
What on earth could that title mean? Well, everyone is very familiar with the iconic Tudor style; bell sleeves, triangular skirt with forepart, square neckline, gable or french hood, puffed… Read More
2013-07-22 17:35
I admit to having a morbid fascination with historical deaths, as any long time reader of this blog knows, so this video from the producers of Mental Floss was right up my alley. Enjoy! Read More
Finished Italian Gown Project
2013-07-15 20:36
It's done! I ask your indulgence for the fact that the outfit does not entirely fit the form, as I myself am very small and still need to carve it down a bit to make the form me-sized. Until… Read More

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