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2015-06-09 04:47
The Wachowskis have a penchant for creating works of art that resonate with me deeply. It's been some time since a TV show has had as profound an effect on me on an emotional and visual leve… Read More
2011-05-24 21:29
We laid in the bushes. My heart was beating like a steel drum. Bum. Bum. I knew we couldn't go on like this. The constant hiding. The sneaky letters hidden on the bottom of beer soaked coast… Read More
2011-05-16 22:03
He was a hermit. Jason, that is. The rooms of his apartment were mish-mosh warehouse of computer parts, rusted tools and well-thumbed books. It was hazardous trying to maneuver throw the pil… Read More
2011-05-15 19:07
And this is one other vinyette I found from summer '09:I sit in the shade of a big oak and listen to the birds chirping. I listen to the sound of my heart, pounding loud against my chest lik… Read More
2011-05-15 18:48
This is something I stumbled upon that I'd written in the summer of 2009:I'm lucid, but only for a second. It's a nice refresher from the shiftless dreams and waving to the big bye bye of no… Read More
2011-05-14 21:35
There was this guy, Nell. He had sweet smelling skin, like cinnabuns and Christmas. And this sexy little abs that made me want to throw him down fuck him like I only had a day left to live.B… Read More
2011-05-09 20:58
Our skin touched. His body was so beautiful, like touching a chiselled statue. He was my David, my statue carved in the mound of Michelangelo's thoughts.I caressed his skin, and slid my tong… Read More

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