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Herbal Face Mask
2016-09-09 00:31
What is your favorite face mask? What do you know about it? What is your current skin condition? Do you read ingredient before you buy it? The skin should be cleansed morning and night with… Read More
Rose And Aloe Vera Hydrating Mist
2016-09-08 21:05
I’ve been trying to avoid chemical products of my home care regimen for a while. It started when my hair fallen like crazy and I changed to a new shampoo. After a few used, I had hive… Read More
I Did It! 
2015-07-13 05:33
Today is the biggest day in my life in the US. I graduated from Evergreen Beauty College in Esthetic Program. I’m now studying to get my license. I’m so happy. I have been worki… Read More
Why Is Sunscreen So Important? 
2015-04-23 15:40
   Alright, it’s time to talk about sunscreen. Why is sunscreen so important? As I’m studying to become a Professional Esthetician, during my client consultation, I alw… Read More
Corn Exfoliating Foot Scrub
2011-05-12 01:34
These are Corn Exfoliating Foot Scrub that I made. I used corn cob with menthol and eucalyptus oil in glycerin soap. First, I made several small heart soaps and unmold. Then, I placed those… Read More
Thai Ice Dessert Soap (Imitation)
2011-04-18 06:18
I’m making this soap just want to finish my oils and prevent those oils from rancidity. I have some other batches, too. I will give them to monk and nun when I go meditation next tim… Read More
Give My Student A Chance
2011-03-29 02:35
Khun poo is one of my customer who wants to become a soap making teacher. A while ago, I had a chance to give her a try. There was a dancing competition at the mall and the owner would like… Read More
I Found You “Lush”
2011-03-27 14:50
When I was in Hong Kong with my husband, we were looking for some exit to get out of the subway train area. I acidentally found “Lush” As you know, we don’t have this… Read More

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Suwannee Thai Spa (Duffin's Soap Bakery) | A Thai blog to practice my English with my hobbies


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