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2013-06-26 17:39
It's been a while since I came to this place. It's familiar and it's scary. It's a welcoming distraction with a whispered promise for change and freshness and renewal.So here I am again: pen… Read More
2010-02-03 03:48
I can't believe this is turning into a poetry blog. I guess it's just the easiest way for me to exercise my craft without getting so sucked in that I neglect school. But after Wednesday, les… Read More
2010-02-03 01:21
I just wanted to let you know that you have a lot to live up to.2009 was the year I fell in love with life. It was the year I grew into myself. I learned to take risks and face danger with a… Read More
2010-02-03 01:21
I hate the pre-packaged North American notion of "love" that's spewed through the media and perpetuated in conversations I have with my female friends.I think the Silverchair lyrics describe… Read More
2010-02-01 22:30
Be on the lookout for this piece in the first Winter edition of the Medium. It's been submitted and confirmed for printing already but I'm too hyped up about it to wait three weeks to post i… Read More
2010-02-01 22:29
This is one of the six pieces I produced this semester in my Writing about Community course. This is my third and final revised version.My brother Eden and I walk along the marl[1] road to J… Read More
2010-01-29 17:55
Dream-weaver, weave a dreamA single thread, a silver beamThrough the needle of my mindLike silver thread through needle's eyeThe cursed star, its golden beamShakes the fabric, rips the seamN… Read More
2010-01-11 00:46
Chase, chase, barkBut there's nothing up that tree.Swim, swim, sailBut there's nothing 'cross that seaSearch, search, lookBut there's nothing there to seeCry, cry, weepCause there's nothing… Read More

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