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New Illustration:  Autumn Woodland Bunny
2016-10-19 06:55
Here’s the first in a set of three woodland cuties! ^_^ When I was growing up, I filled sketchbook after sketchbook with animal doodles. I was obsessed with Lisa Frank’s Baller… Read More
New Illustration:  Dandelion Field
2016-10-06 19:00
Here’s another one that’s been lingering on my desktop for months. I kept putting it off because I loved the lineart and was so worried I’d ruin it in the coloring stage&h&helli…Read More
New Illustration:  Strawberry Fairy
2016-10-02 22:21
She’s finally done! Whoo! I say ‘finally’ not because this one was particularly time-consuming but because the last few months have been so busy and hectic that I haven… Read More
WIP:  Strawberry Fairy
2016-07-27 04:54
Sorry for the lack of content lately. I’ve been keeping busy with commissions and other illustration projects but haven’t found a way to squeeze in time for consistent blogging… Read More
New Illustration:  Sunflower Seeds
2016-05-12 23:43
All five of the seed packet fairies are finished– whoohoo! This project was inspired by vintage seed catalog advertisements; I wanted to create some of my own with a somewhat weather… Read More
WIP:  Lots Of Lineart…
2016-04-24 23:36
Sorry it’s been so quiet, lately. I’ve actually been really productive and in the zone over the last month but I can’t post most of my work, yet, because it’s time s… Read More
Back To Basics…
2016-03-02 01:01
A few weeks ago my Wacom tablet started glitching pretty frequently so I’m saving up for a new one. In the meantime, I’m praying it won’t die on me in the middle of a comm… Read More
New Illustration:  Autumn
2016-02-01 06:41
I was planning to share some work-in-progress posts of the four seasons illustrations I started late last year but this month’s to-do list has been so full that I couldn’t even… Read More
2016-01-01 16:40
Happy 2016! I love January 1st more than any other day of the year. Even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense– I mean, I know it’s just a man-made date on the calendar&n&hell…Read More
A Slow December…
2015-12-27 01:23
I had big art plans for this month– I was going to finish and post all four Seasons illustrations, get a couple pages done for Sink, and do a bit of sketching for some upcoming project… Read More

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