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What I’ve Learned From Crutches
2012-12-05 20:36
(This was written and supposed to be posted on Tuesday, so let’s just pretend shall we?) 1. One must get creative when trasferring hot beverages and food. From the coffee counter&helli&hell…Read More
Body Test
2012-12-02 00:14
I took off early yesterday morning to make it across the bay for a work-related appointment. The normal commute is about 60-90 minutes depending on time of day/traffic. Because of yesterday… Read More
Old Vs. New
2012-11-30 04:15
OLD hospital job was quite a bit more active, what with running around for 5-8 hours getting people’s food orders, delivering food, restocking food etc. NEW Stanford job consists of si… Read More
2012-11-29 17:12
Day 2 back in action :-D First, I thought I’d start off my catching you up on what injury I’m dealing with right now. Well, I should say ONE of the injuries I’m dealing w… Read More
Forgive Me
2012-11-29 02:01
HI! Okay okay. I don’t even know where to begin in the fact that I ditched you all. Not only that, but I missed blog-world! (I honestly doubt anyone is reading this since I was mos… Read More
2012-11-28 20:01
Friends (who are still out there)!  This is a quick post just to let you know I am alive and well! I am soooo sorry to have left you all, but this is a teaser to let you know I’m… Read More
Campbells To The Rescue!
2011-06-03 21:58
I’ve never been a HUGE soup person.  It’s delicious, but I find it fills you up for the time being, but leaves me hungry soon after.  That said, I don’t think I&r&hell…Read More
2011-05-24 04:33
Yo!!!  Missed me?  I hope so A few things I’ve noticed as of late. 1. Family Time > Blog Time We traveled to Washington last weekend for my sister Paige’s graduati… Read More
New Obsession
2011-05-07 06:40
I’m obsessed.  Frozen blueberries.  Topped with peanut sauce (mixture of peanut flour, almond milk, dash of salt, and a bit of cream cheese.  I’ve also mixed in… Read More
Back In Action
2011-05-03 04:26
Dayumnnn weather – you be lookin’ GOR-geous today!!  Keep it up Today started out with some gym time.  I usually go do weights for about 30-40 minutes, but I felt pret… Read More

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Taydor Tott | Mid-20s working gal with a passion for being and living healthy…in a yummy way!


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