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10 Key Things That Makes Your Website Google Searchable

Do you have any doubt that the Google is world famous search engine? For almost all the computers and smart devices, it is a home page used to search everything. The Google is well known to provide quality content and sites to its users. Google offer new as well as old but relevant information on different topics. Various websites get listed when someone searches it through Google. The search result goes on and on for several pages. But how to make your site enlist into search results? How to get your website content to appear in Google, Bing or any popular search engine? Let's check out. Top Things Google Requires To See On Your Blog You Need To Consider For Making Your Site Search Engine Friendly
Most of the users are busy in searching about; How to make your website Google searchable? How to get your content on Google? Well, the SEO-friendly websites usually get listed on the top and so; to get Google Ranking in the top position, the Google needs the internet site of excellent quality content articles. Over the years, Google has changed tremendously. Moreover, it is regularly refining and improving its search algorithm for ranking the web pages [Google Panda]. For any website or blogger, the quality of the web page is always on top priority. In addition to the quality of the website, there are several things Google wants to see on the blog post. The Google has a large manual search team to crawl and index the pages and blogs after passing its algorithm. In the last few years, the Google has made incredible strides. There was a big Google Penguin update that turned shifting of ranking. No doubt, Google changes its core SEO algorithm and keep improving it all the time. If you are a blogger and want to get listed on the top ranking on the Google’s search engine result, here are the quick tips for you. Follow these ways to create the content that can rank you top in Google. Learn how to get indexed instantly on Google. Create the best damn content that satisfies Google’s ranking algorithm. This will take your blog post or website top of all the websites and blog posts. Take your existing content to the next level and drive huge organic search traffic to make money blogging. Learn to make sure your brand business and website is found on the Google.

Makes Your Website Google Searchable
In the previous article, we have seen, On-Page SEO Checklist That’ll Rank You TOP in SERP and today we are going to see, how to build a proper blog and its content that Google loves more to index it quickly in search results.

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How to Make Your Website Google Searchable?

Building a blog is one thing, promoting a blog is another thing, but grabbing a top position and get higher ranking in search engine require hard work. And today we are here to know the thing that every search engine wants to see on your blog. While making money blogging, you also need to check and follow these smart ways to grab the attention of your readers and Google too.

10 Things, Makes Your Website Google Searchable

1. Write full & long articles.

The Google loves long descriptive contents. When you are looking to drive organic traffic, then writing lengthy blogs is always beneficial. For example, ‘A list of 20 tips... ...’ will get top ranking as compared to a blog post ‘A list of five tips... ...' People definitely click on the blog post that offers extra and in-depth information adds additional value to it furthermore. No doubt, bigger and extended blogs are more useful than shorter one for any newbies or master. You always tend to write full and long descriptive articles for your blog niche.

2. Publish content with images.

The Google likes the content that has pictures & images. Try to include related but high-quality images to your content. One picture is nothing but 100 words. These post images will make the blog post rich. To add more value to the blog, you can even add the short caption to the images. The image caption makes your post searchable in Google's image search. You must always tend to present the data and information in the picture form to make your blog more appealing.

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3. Your content must be easy to understand.

Content is king, if your content is easy to understand, your blog post deserves the top rank. Always write the content in easy language with simple sentences. Avoid writing tricks or hard, High-English words or phrases. Make your content simple to understand in one time read with simple words. Whenever possible provide in-depth information about the topic. This will make the content accessible to the reader. Keep the sentences short and sweet. Long tail sentences are hard to understand, and quickly understanding pages turns your visitor into a regular reader.

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4. Trustworthiness.

Google values trust! Only trustworthy blog post get top ranking on Google. This means to put extra efforts for building a trustworthy blog, there are different ways you can actually make your blog trusted by people.

For this you need to focus on the following points:
  • You need to personalize your blog post. By posting your own experience you can offer a personal touch to your blog. You can also share your achievement or the reasons for all your related activity from buying the products to selling the services for your brand.
  • You can also add the information about yourself and your company in the blog post. The blog post with a personal contact number, address, and other details is a much more personalized post. [Personalization is not mandatory]
  • Google also needs you to display your social media profile. In search results, you may also see the social data of that particular brand along with its recent social activities. With the Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles, you can add value to your blog post.

5. Improve website's Domain Authority (DA).

Trust & Authority go with each other. Make your blog post more authoritative to get ranked first on Google quickly.

  • For your blogging niche, you should actually be an authority. Your experience and knowledge help to create great blogs, and that assists your readers.
  • Share your content to social media for better SEO and link building.
  • Link other quality content to you blog post to become a recognized authority.
  • Do guest posting on authoritative websites but related to your niche sites. Choose great sites to post your great content. This will help you go drive traffic & additional views and get top ranking on the Google.
  • To make the blog Google searchable, include the list of sites and media related to your blog post.

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6. Publish a high-quality post with targeted keywords.

Google algorithm looks for the targeted keyword rich article. For better SEO, the concept is slightly changed; the popular search engines including Google wants to see long tail quality keywords and phrases on your blog. This will help the user to find quickly a better content he is searching about. The quality content and keywords make your site more searchable on Google as well as on other search engines.

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7. Publish original substantial content.

Google prefer ranking the blog post with considerable value. This means the content should be high-quality, original and useful. For this, you need to focus on your audience first. Create a best-experiencing blog post not only according to the search but also for the readers who are interested in your topic. The content needs to be engaging and attention grabbing. The data or information discussed needs to be original and after a thorough research. Again, start writing long and experimental content. Also as discussed above, add high-quality pictures to your content. And then see how your site becomes more search-friendly!

8. Follow geographically targeted elements.

People used to search their queries and happenings near to them. The Google search engine already grabbed your IP while you search something on it. Google wants the blog post with addresses and location of the blog post you are publishing. So, add your address to your blog post along with the detailed information about your company. Always be active on Google Maps. You can use different tools for specifying your locations for your blog like in blogger platform there is location option for each post.

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9. Avoid duplication.

No copy-paste, no duplication, no tricks. The Google always rank original quality content. So, always tends to write an original blog post. Before you upload the same, you can check it with the plagiarism tools online.

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10. Provide problem-solving/how-to/tuts/guides contents.

Every search engine and Google too wants to see the blog which has problem-solving material. The more comprehensively your blog solve the problem of the users, the top ranking will be achieved. Publishing is the guides is not that much easy, for this your content needs to be very informative, with full of research, and also it should be unique & original one. You may also publish how-to pages, indetailed tutorials or beginners guides that not only grab the attention of the readers but also make your site more Google searchable.

Bottom Line

The art of Search Engine Optimization has now changed. It is not only framed in between the writing things and publishing, but it is creative writing and providing quality content. And to get good but higher search ranking on the Google, it is necessary to include everything in the blog, that Google wants to see on your website. There are several things Google algorithm check the things on the blog accordingly, and then the blog gets ranking.

In short, to get top ranking, write quality Google-friendly, easy to understand blogs for your targeted audience in your blogging niche. Always keep adding super fresh content to receive the top ranking on Google search engine. Most importantly, keep your blog interesting, appealing with full of pictures and images and don't forget that the Google wants to see quality information on your blog.

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10 Key Things That Makes Your Website Google Searchable


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