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Material Science and Engineering Notes for Amie Exam

Material science and engineering notes
Material Science and engineering notes

Introduction to material science and engineering

I will give you introduction about material science and engineering which is a very exciting field in today's context. Let's jump into some discussion about this field, some history and the relevance of this field. All of you might have a idea about what the SIPP is this, is one of the most iconic sips. 

I think you have guess it right. It's Titanic and this was taking when it was living in Southampton for its maiden journey. The journey which ultimately led to the sinking of the Titanic. Initially, it was thought that Titanic is unsinkable why was it so. It was one of the best ships build on all different varieties by the existing standards. But what exactly happened that led to the failure. There were actually several factors which led to the failure. But one of the most important factor quality of steel used which was not conducive for sub-zero temperature operations. Steel has something or rather all materials which is known as ductile to brittle transition temperature. 

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Material Science and Engineering Temperature

The temperature above which the material is ductile. Hence it can transform elastically and it does not feel easily that's the bottom line. But we know that temperature it fails easily. The testings w done above the ductile to brittle turn transition temperature. The Titanic when it hit the iceberg was actually below. It would not take the impact and that led to the sinking of the Titanic among other factors. So this is just to give you an idea about the importance of understanding the material. What are the analysis you need to do for putting it into applications. So as I said that I'll hide the title brittle transition temperature. There for the Titanic and brittle fracture took place at lower temperature which was not predicted. 

Hence it thought to unsinkable with this brief and a dot. What are the uses of material science and engineering notes? Where do we see it in our day to day activity. This is a aircraft, this signifies the transportation sector. The complete transportation sector requires something lightweight and engines, which can be more efficient. So these are the things where a material scientists come into play.  So transportation sector affected by material science and engineering. The knowledge of it, housing sector still reinforcement bars cement everything. Our everything is materials and the better material we have the metal better material. 

Material Science and Engineering in Communication Sector

We can develop the more strong. Our buildings will be the higher the skyscrapers. We can build that telecommunication sector, which have optic fibers now. Nowadays the internet speed is ranging in gigabytes per second. So the development in material science and engineering and physics has led to high-speed communication. Then again, we have the agriculture sector. 

Food is the most important thing along with house. So material science and engineering notes has provided us with different materials and different equipments. Which helps us enhance our capabilities in the agricultural sector. You yourself can think of many more fields where you apply your material science knowledge. Either to improve the human living quality or to increase the amount of luxuries, we can afford. 

Classification of materials

Material Science and engineering history

Now let's take a dive into the history of human civilization. Thereby of materials engineering Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Now see the whole history, prehistoric human civilization is actually divided by the names of certain materials which was present. Which actually led to the development of human self civilization slowly. But certainly the impact of material was so dominant. That today humans named those ages after the materials rather than anything else find now. 

These are some of the things which was used in the prehistoric era. When the science and technology was not really developed. What are these wooden logs, so these were basically the things which were freely available in the nature. Human did not have to innovate or invent. So logs used to build houses or to build a raft to get through the water bodies. Stones used as tools and devices. Animals fur and stuff used to make clothings to protect yourself against the harshness of the weather. Then clay pottery used to contain water or cooking things like that. 

What we see is that, even in the prehistoric civilization conditions, materials where of most importance. The only difference was that humans did not invent new materials. Rather than they use the materials which were given by nature. But nonetheless, they were there and they were one of the most important constituent in living relatively decent life. Now to present situation, we build our house using steel reinforcement bars. So the day to day research is going in this field is leading to stronger bars. Which whereby we can build much more stronger to all our houses. Which are more resistant to natural calamities like earthquakes or we can reduce the cost. So a lot of research goes in this field, then the silicon revolution as you can call it. 

Material Science and Engineering in Present 

The present generation is basically the silicon age. So the whole integrated chip, the whole IT sector is based on the knowledge of material science and engineering. Along with physics in combats a lot of more lives would be lost if there were no Kevlar present. So that it is so strong that it can even restrict a bullet to get through you. Some research and that is the power of material science and engineering. The materials used to make the spaceship that's the epidemic of material science research. 

When the spaceship is re-entering the atmosphere. The temperature goes in the range of two thousand twelve years and you need to have materials. Which can restrict, which can withstand such harsh conditions. Huge friction, high temperature materials are those kind of un-human conditions. Thereby protect the astronauts and help us get into space and come back safely. Finally this represents a graphene sheet, one of the more talked about materials in present civilization. Present material science community, you can google and study a lot more about it. If you are interested, so these are just glimpses of different aspects, which material science and engineering is affecting us.

This was just to give you an idea about a brief history about material science and engineering. How much impact it is having on us on a day to day activity. 

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Material Science and Engineering Notes for Amie Exam


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